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TTIP Will Be “Living Agreements”

Senator Warns TPP/TTIP Will Be “Living Agreements”

Globalist trade agreements will enslave native farmers to poverty

Senator Warns TPP/TTIP Will Be “Living Agreements”

by | May 5, 2015

As thousands of Indian farmers rise up against open-air GM crops, the looming “trade” agreements (TPP & TTIP) would shut them out of having a say about their farming or their food supply.



This ´free-trade´agreement is very dangerous as it will be a ´living agreement´,which means it can be changed any time after signature.

Testing of gene modified crops are already under way in several parts of the world to the loud protest from the farmers who are afraid of contamination and worry that their crops will be rejected from buyers.

The growing number of military ´exersises´in a great number of US states in preparation for public riots are also very concerning,considering the imminent threath of the dollars collapse.


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