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Furious Leave voters to boycott Virgin as Branson 'funds Brexit blocking group'

Furious Leave voters to boycott Virgin as Branson 'funds Brexit blocking group'

SIR Richard Branson faces a boycott of Virgin products and services as furious Leave voters react to the businessman’s plans to bankroll a plan to block Brexit.

PUBLISHED: 14:30, Thu, Nov 24, 2016 | UPDATED: 17:57, Thu, Nov 24, 2016

Leave supporters have threatened to boycott Remainer Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group
Angry Leave voters said they would never buy Virgin again after it emerged Sir Richard’s Virgin Group is offering to finance a secret Blairite campaign to keep Britain in the EU. 

A leaked email revealed the founder and president of the Virgin Group has already offered at least £25,000 to the anti-Brexit group but Sir Richard's team insists no payment has been made. 

The secret bid to block Brexit by Blairite former Cabinet ministers has been met with outrage as a range of major business and communications organisations step forward to back the group, with leading PR firm Freuds advising on the group's marketing.

EU's Brexit negotiator threatens MP Davis with HELL of a conversation.
SECRET campaign group 'backed by Richard Branson' plots to stop Brexit
Boycott Virgin- a total disgrace Richard Branson thinks he can use his money to overrule the democratic vote of the British people

 Social media has been flooded with plans to boycott Sir Richard’s brand by those in favour of Prime Minister Theresa May triggering Article 50 as soon as possible. 

On Twitter David Jones said: “BOYCOTT VIRGIN- a total disgrace Richard Branson thinks he can use his money to overrule the democratic vote of the British people”.

@viesvies1 said: “Anyone with alternative service providers for broadband and TV feel free to list them. Boycott Virgin and Branson.”

Vern Hughes was quick to mock the pickle Sir Richard now finds himself in, tweeting: “Let’s get Branson & Blair & May in a pickle we need thousands of your letters to hit number 10 to invoke Article 50. Boycott Virgin now.” 

The Brexit-block group has funding or more than £1 million in pledged donations, according to the report, and is backed by Blairite former ministers John Hutton and Douglas Alexander, and former Tory health secretary Stephen Dorrell.

Former deputy PM Nick Clegg, leading Labour Remain campaigner Chuka Umunna, and celebrities, such as Bob Geldof, are believed been in contact with the group, according to the report.

Social media has been flooded with plans to boycott Sir Richard’s brand.
A memo written by ex-health secretary Alan Milburn, a key ally of former prime minister Tony Blair, says: "We have been beavering away over the last few months to get a Europe campaign up and running. I'm pleased to say that substantial progress has been made.

"I have met the Freuds team several times and we are making good progress. I have been in discussions with an excellent potential CEO to lead the campaign.

"Virgin ... are keen to help. Since we last spoke [they] have offered a further £25k, plus bigger office space, help with legal advice and a possible secondment.

"I have held discussions with Stronger In, Chuka Umunna, a new organisation called Common Ground, Bob Geldof and a number of senior politicians across the party spectrum."

The group will launch in the New Year and hopes to force a second referendum, according to the report.

A Virgin spokesman said: "Since the EU referendum, Virgin has not made any payments to any Brexit campaign or organisation.

"It is well known that Richard supported the Remain campaign before the referendum, and as a result people involved in all sides of the debate are interested in Virgin's views on Brexit and its impact on business. Virgin is interested in engaging with different organisations to understand the impact Brexit will have on the UK."




And I´d like to remind you that Blair is a top Bilderberger/Illuminati member,all part of the ´global elite´ who are now dead scared of the people´s uprising around the world,ending their hope of their fantasy ´New World Order´.  It would be a GREAT mistake to ´piss off ´the British.......
And I´d like to remind you that Blair is a top Bilderberger/Illuminati member,all part of the ´global elite´ who are now dead scared of the people´s uprising around the world,ending their hope of their fantasy ´New World Order´.  It would be a GREAT mistake to ´piss off ´the British.......

Richard Branson is a member of IHS Freemason and the Synagogue of Satan and supports the Illuminati dogmas.  He is also involved in a lot more fiendish activites as the videos above will show.

Illuminati has always been hiding behind some society or other and it has totally infiltrated the top echelons of the world´s Fremasonry and also contains ´the Global Elite´.

Several MP as well as the previous Chancellor of the Exchequer are staunch Bilderberg supporters.   ( The German Finance Minister is also a Bilderberg member)

If you do´nt believe me, do a ´google´ on Richard Branson or Tony Blair, Illuminati, Mason,Synagogue of Satan, and you will find more than enough to convince you. 

We live in a VERY evil world,where those who could help the most,have turned their back on the people in favor of serving Satan.

Now you KNOW WHO and What we are fighting... 



Forget Article 50! Britain can IGNORE Lisbon Treaty and quit the EU NOW, top lawyer claims

Forget Article 50! Britain can IGNORE Lisbon Treaty and quit the EU NOW, top lawyer claims

BRITAIN can ignore the Lisbon Treaty and quit the EU immediately without even activating Article 50, an international law expert has claimed.


Ingrid Detter de Frankopan has called for Britain to leave the EU without activating Article 50.  Ingrid Detter de Frankopan said Theresa May and her Brexit ministers were wasting time getting bogged down on Article 50 details - and claimed the UK could leave the 28-country bloc today if it wanted to. 

The veteran Swedish lawyer told MoneyWeek she was becoming increasingly frustrated at the unnecessary delays in formalizing Britain’s European divorce. 

She said: “Despite my best attempts, everyone has been deaf to the painstakingly simple course for the United Kingdom to take: don’t trigger Article 50 at all.

“It is, however, absolute nonsense.”

The lawyer has urged Theresa May to quit the EU as soon as possible
She claimed Article 50 itself made no mention of the requirement to trigger it to leave, and said the technical aspects could be interpreted by the country’s own constitution. 

Ms de Frankopan said: “Since the United Kingdom is singularly fortunate in this situation that there is no written constitution, the UK is clearly free to act in any way it sees fit and proper. 

“It is important to stress that there is no need for any agreement at all with the EU.”

52 per cent of British voters chose to leave the EU last summer
She said the UK held all the power in exit negotiations and claimed Brussels was attempting to bluff its way to a good deal. 

She said: “Immediately after the UK referendum on 23 June 2016, the president of the European Parliament, Martin Schultz, insisted, the UK government should contact the EU by Tuesday 28 June to indicate its intention to leave. 

Ms de Frankopan said Britain did not need to activate Article 50 to leave the EU.  “Why this haste? I should have thought the EU would be pleased to receive a massive sum every week from the UK.

“The EU needs the UK far more than the UK needs the EU and we have nothing to gain from ‘discussion’ or further ‘agreements’ – unless such agreements are with non-EU states such as the United States, India, Brazil and China. There is the future."


European Union knowingly deceiving and betraying the British people into European rule




The EU claims setting up a European joint army will help protecting their borders etc.

Don´t like the ´etc´ which also includes martial law and abuse of individual democracy and freedom. Ironically,Angela Merkel was the one to hold the doors open to unlimited immigration from ANYWHERE. Now she has realized the consequences and the danger threatening both Germany and Europe as a whole.

With ISIL being chased out of their illusionary ´Arab Kalifat´ they could easily train and arm the millions of immigrants already in Europe. We will end up with either Angela Merkel´s illusionary FOURTH REICH or we will have EURABIA.

P L E A S E Theresa May, RESCIND the treaty of 1972 NOW and DO NOT trigger Art. 50 which will impose in-numerable new laws and traps locking us in to the EU for years to come.
The above article substantiates my earlier claims, as do similar comments from the new possible leader of UKIP, as well as a comment made by one of the 11 High Court Judges who in December will rule on the appeal against the right of the Government to decide the method of leaving the EU.

The High Court Judge expressed that the Government have the right to MAKE treaties as well as BREAK treaties without authorization from the House of Commons,House of Lords, or our High Court.

Triggering Art. 50 on the other hand,will ensnare the UK in legal processes in both the UK as well as the EU.



EU votes to create Super Army as defence plan scrapes through parliament

BREAKING: EU votes to create Super Army as defense plan scrapes through parliament

MEPs have today voted for the creation of an EU super army that will roll into being in less than a year amid fears of more terror outbreaks across the continent.

PUBLISHED: 12:40, Tue, Nov 22, 2016 | UPDATED: 12:50, Tue, Nov 22, 201

The EU has narrowly won a vote to create an EU army GETTY

The EU has narrowly won a vote to create an EU army. The vote was not supported by everyone in the Parliament after it narrowly passed by 369 votes to 255, with 70 abstentions.

The EU is celebrating this victory claiming the security situation in and around Europe has worsened significantly in recent years, due to challenges like terrorism, hybrid threats or cyber and energy insecurity.

It says that no country is able to tackle defense alone and that “Solidarity and resilience require the EU to stand and act together.”

The EU has taken steps that will override NATO

They say that duplication, overcapacity and barriers to defense procurement result currently in annual waste of €26.4 billion and they now want to pool resources meaning they will be able to action a plan to access defense strategies in individual countries.

MEPs call on member states to pursue joint purchases of defense resources, and to pool or share non-lethal material such as transport vehicles or aircraft.

They suggested introducing a “European Defense Semester, whereby member states would consult each other’s planning and cycles and procurement plans” and advocate strengthening the European Defense Agency’s coordination role.

The resolution also called upon the European Council to lead the creation of “common Union defence policy and to provide additional financial resources ensuring its implementation.”

The EU's craziest decisions - Thu, February 18, 2016

THE European Union (EU) bureaucrats have come up with some bonkers directives. Here are the top eleven unusual rules proposed by Brussels that seem too barmy to be true.
MEPs back the proposed EU investment in deference-related research projects “of at least £76m (90 million euro) during next three years”, suggesting that this should be followed up by a separate European Defense Research Program with an annual budget of €500 million.

The politicians believe that the EU and NATO should cooperate more, particularly in the east and the south, to countering hybrid and cyber threats, improve maritime security and develop defence capabilities.

MEPs will also debate a separate resolution on the Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP) on Tuesday evening, and vote on it on Wednesday.

The draft text suggests radically overhauling the CSDP and launching a training operation in Iraq to support member states involved in the coalition against Daesh.

 Mike Hookem said it was "Terrible news for democracy and sovereignty in the EU.

"Whilst our government is hamstrung by anti democratic MPs and the bloated House of Lords determined to railroad the referendum result the EU has pushed ahead with their dream of an EU military. 

"We cannot delay any longer or we risk being caught up in this federalist nightmare.

"Our service personnel take an oath to Her Majesty not the President of the EU but if we don't extract ourselves soon not only will we be paying for it but we could be caught up in it."




So, what will it be?   A new Fourth Reich or Eurabia ??


I told you to BEWARE... What do we do now? 
The Fourth Reich or EURABIA?

France boasts of a bigger army than the UK, I wonder how many German soldiers are enlisted? Smart trick of Angela as Germany are prohibited from setting up an army.

How does Theresa May, not to forget Trump, react to this stunning news?

The Government is by law empowered to create and abolish treaties but can not without the consent of the House of Parliament trigger Article 50.

As the contender for UKIP leader also suggested, Abandon the treaty of 1972 with the EU immediately,without triggering Article 50,or we shall face dire consequences in time to come.

The same was covertly suggested by a lady High Court Judge recently,but I do´nt think many people reacted or noticed it.

TEAR UP THE TREATY NOW and send a notice to that effect to the EU.



Soros’s think-tank aims to use migrant crisis to influence immigration policies worldwide.

Soros’s think-tank aims to use migrant crisis to influence immigration policies worldwide.

Plans of George Soros's think-tank are revealed in leaked memo
The leaked document is from the Open Society Foundations (OSF) 
It's a left-wing think tank based in New York and founded by Soros
The memo says that the refugee crisis is an 'opportunity' for influence
It says that it's a chance to collaborate with other wealthy donors 

DAILY MAIL - PUBLISHED: 16:09 GMT, 16 August 2016

Left-wing billionaire financier George Soros recently accused Angela Merkel of bringing 'chaos' to Europe through her open-door immigration policy.

But it’s emerged through leaked documents that his think-tank Open Society Foundations (OSF) sees Europe’s refugee crisis as an opportunity - a chance to influence immigration policies worldwide and collaborate with other wealthy donors.

In a memo called ‘Migration Governance and Enforcement Portfolio Review’, OSF states that the immigration crisis in Europe is the ‘new normal’.

It's emerged through leaked documents that George Soros's think-tank Open Society Foundations sees Europe's refugee crisis as an opportunity to collaborate with other wealthy donors

It's emerged through leaked documents that George Soros's think-tank Open Society Foundations sees Europe's refugee crisis as an opportunity to collaborate with other wealthy donors.

It has ‘created space to reconsider the governance of migration and the international refugee regime’.

It presents, the Foundation argues, ‘new opportunities for reforming migration governance at the global level, whether through the existing multi-lateral system, or by bringing together a range of actors to think more innovatively’.

How mass migration 'made skilled workers £440 a year worse...

The Foundation says that its ‘investment in global work’ means that it has the ‘right partners’ and is in a position to ‘help others navigate this space’.

The memo adds that 'the refugee crisis is opening new opportunities... for coordination and collaboration' with other rich organisations.

It was only recently that Soros, who ‘broke the Bank of England’ in 1992, said that the German Chancellor’s decision to 'open her country's doors wide to refugees' was 'not properly thought out'.

The OSF claims on its website that it works ‘to build vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people’

The OSF claims on its website that it works ‘to build vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people’

Soros rose to fame and fortune two decades ago on a now-historic trade, in which he took on the Bank of England and shrewdly wagered on a devaluation of the British pound. 
This led to his moniker - The Man Who Broke the Bank of England,the move made him $1billion. 

He was born in Budapest, studied at the London School of Economics and holds dual Hungarian-American citizenship. 

After selling seaside souvenirs he managed to get a foot on the financial ladder with a job at Singer & Friedlander in London in 1954, before settling in the US.

He went on to become one of the richest people in the world through fund management.
He's worth around $24.9billion. 

Soros, 85, said a 'lack of adequate controls sparked panic across the continent' and that the European migration crisis and Brexit debate then 'fed on each other'.

He said: 'German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open her country’s doors wide to refugees was an inspiring gesture, but it was not properly thought out, because it ignored the pull factor.

'A sudden influx of asylum-seekers disrupted people in their everyday lives across the EU.
'The lack of adequate controls, moreover, created panic, affecting everyone: the local population, the authorities in charge of public safety, and the refugees themselves.'

He said the Leave campaign in Britain exploited the deteriorating refugee situation to stoke fears of 'uncontrolled immigration' from other EU member states. 

Soros - one of the wealthiest men in the world - famously 'broke the Bank of England' after his bets against the pound were instrumental in ejecting it from the Exchange Rate Mechanism. 

The OSF claims on its website that it works ‘to build vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people’. It says: ‘We seek to strengthen the rule of law; respect for human rights, minorities, and a diversity of opinions; democratically elected governments; and a civil society that helps keep government power in check. ‘We help to shape public policies that assure greater fairness in political, legal, and economic systems and safeguard fundamental rights.’ 

The OSF told MailOnline: 'We are committed to making sure that anyone who chooses to migrate—regardless of motivation—is able to do so safely and with dignity. The ongoing crises in the Mediterranean, Asia, and at the U.S./Mexico border have exposed the failure of institutions and societies to respond effectively to the plight of migrants.
'In the face of rising xenophobia and hostility toward migrants, we support local organizations and policymakers who are working to ensure vulnerable populations are protected, that migrants are empowered to contribute to host societies and home countries, and that migrant voices are heard.'








Soros gave "global grants" to fund Muslim migrants

Wayne Madsen | - AUGUST 18, 2016 229 Comments 

A leaked internal report from international hedge fund financial manipulator George Soros’s Open Society Foundations and its International Migration Initiative (IMI) describes how Soros bankrolled the opening of global routes for illegal migration. 

The report is titled “Migration Governance and Enforcement Portfolio Review” and is dated May 12, 2016.

The use of economic and political refugees as “weapons of mass migration” was described in the editor’s recent book, “Soros: Quantum of Chaos.”

The term “weapon of mass migration” was, when it was first proposed, derided by Soros-linked media outlets as “racist.”

However, the Soros report proves that mass illegal migration was advocated by Soros, who profits handsomely from political and financial instability, including that which has arisen from mass illegal migration.

Wayne Madsen is an investigative journalist who consistently exposes cover-ups from deep within government. Want to be the first to learn the latest scandal? Click on the banner above and subscribe today!

Soros’s IMI began in 2010, the same year that the Soros-influenced Arab Spring resulted in turbulent civil wars in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq, resulting in wave after wave of migrants pouring into Europe from affected countries.

These political and economic refugees, joined by others from Afghanistan and sub-Saharan Africa, were welcomed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Ignorant of her role in bringing jihadist terrorism to Europe, Merkel recently denied that mass migration of mainly Muslims into Europe was linked in any way to increased acts of terrorism on European soil.

Merkel and Soros are promoters of globalization and unchecked mass movements of peoples around the world.

The IMI, according to the leaked report, organized “migration corridors” beginning in 2010.
These corridors began with Asia, the Middle East, Central America, and Mexico. In mid-2013, Russia and Central Asia were added to the list of migration corridors. One of the report’s co-authors, Soros Program Officer Anna Crowley, was hired by Soros to “manage” the Eurasia corridor.

The Soros report, for the first time, links the issues of Muslim refugees entering the United States to that of undocumented migrants from Mexico and Central America streaming across the border. The existence of an organized Soros conspiracy to populate the United States with Muslim and Hispanic migrants lends some weight to GOP candidate Donald Trump’s contention that illegal immigration by Muslims and Hispanics is out of control and that “extreme vetting” must be introduced by the federal government to stem the flow.

So far in his campaign, Trump has not been articulate in expressing the threat posed by such immigration to the United States. The existence of a heretofore secret “weapon of migration” plan by Soros, who is a major funder of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, should provide significant political fodder for the Trump campaign.

In 2010, Soros gave “global grants” to various organization behind the opening of the floodgates for illegal mass migration.
The report states that grantees covered “multiple geographies and a range of thematic issues relevant to IMI’s overarching mission.”
The “mission” was to ensure that border controls at various migration corridors were either overwhelmed by migrants or purposely weakened by border control authorities.

The report states that from 2014 to 2016, “IMI provided 40 grants to 22 organizations. Of these, 18 grants totaling $4,350,705 went to 11 organizations working at the global level or cutting across a range of geographies. An additional 22 grants totaling $3,792,697 went to 11 organizations working on governance and enforcement issues at the corridor level.”
Weakening existing border controls is a stated goal of the IMI.

The report states: “we aimed to prevent the violation of migrants’ rights by minimizing harsh border controls and decreasing the widespread use of detention and deportation.” Merkel followed this advice by permitting some one million, mainly Muslim, migrants to live in any German city or town of their choosing without any physical restrictions.

The Soros report recommended the promotion of “alternative solutions to immigration detention.”

Wayne Madsen is an investigative journalist who consistently exposes cover-ups from deep within the government.



Soros and company intent on crushing populist uprising across West

Margaret Howell | - NOVEMBER 18

Globalists say they are not letting the EU go, and the German finance minister threatens Britain.






Soros Argues Case For Global Slavery

Soros Argues Case For Global Slavery 

TOPICS:George SorosGlobalismNewsPoliticsSorosSoveriegntyTake Our Country BackUnited NationsWorld Government


Imagine you were one of the elite ruling class who felt entitled and destined to rule the world and was covetousness of the collective wealth of the middle and upper lower classes of the world’s societies. You would instinctively justify and rationalize your lustful acts to pillage others as your elitist rights. After all, they’re only peasants by your standards and aren’t worthy. They don’t know how to create wealth and would only mess it up. Most don’t even know which fork is for salad. It’s your mission and duty to systematically pillage and confiscate their wealth, to consolidate it into your hands. But how would you go about it?

It’s a matter of transferring the wealth rather than destroying it, of moving it from a location, both physical and in ownership, that is supportive of the middle class to one where it is maintained by slave or very low-wage labor. The slaves are compensated in a manner consistent with their low status, the former middle class moves increasingly towards the lower social positions and the “savings,” the money that would have been “wasted” in supporting the middle class transfers to the elites.

There are two main methods of creating the social change needed to eliminate the middle class, by dictate and by economic manipulation and both are intertwined in the globalist plot. Taxes, a central bank and mandated wealth redistribution are critical pieces of the puzzle. Forced global compensation and restrictions in the name dirt and water worship and sacrifices to the sun and wind gods, the climate hoax, are helpful in that regard as well.

But society has to be broken down in order to rebuild it in the globalist model. The United States and Europe in their present forms must cease to exist. In order to achieve that component to their plot, the social fabric of our society and culture must be destroyed. The easiest way to achieve that objective is through the large influx of a replacement population. In America, Latinos have provided the numbers, but they are less prone to being socially disruptive. A true agitating force must be imported that is non-assimilating, adversarial and dogmatic in their beliefs and hatred of America. Islam fits that bill perfectly.

George Soros is a key player behind that drive to destroy America and Europe. He took his message of deception and misdirection, the self-denial of the obvious that is critical for his and the globalists’ success in destroying our Western society to the public. It’s similar to an outreach he made in November of last year in which he published a five point argument for supporting his global invasion.

This year Soros has the same goal, but presents it in a “seven pillars” format. Soros addressed what he described as the tragedy of nationalism, of people rising up in defense of their nations in the face of his orchestrated invasion. He decried the “tragedy” of Brexit and similar movements he labels as being xenophobic nationalist movements.

He warns against the threat of  “selfish immigration” policies, where individuals of each nation place their national interests first. His global takeover doesn’t happen if sufficient numbers of people don’t agree to commit national suicide. The “selfish people” of France, the Netherlands, and Germany could destroy all of his hard, sinister work.

Soros laid out his “seven pillars,” a good roadmap of what to be on the watch for as we face his anti-middle class, anti-freedom, anti-Western and anti-American onslaught.

On October 10th Soros wrote in the online publication

Firstly, the EU must take up a considerable number of refugees directly from the front-line states, namely in a safe and orderly manner. Secondly, the EU needs to regain control of their borders. There is hardly anything that alienated public awareness and frightened as scenes of chaos.

Thirdly, the EU must open up sufficient funds to finance a comprehensive migration policy. It is estimated that at least 30 billion Euros are needed annually for this purpose for a number of years.

Fourthly, the EU needs common mechanisms for the protection of the borders, the decision of asylum applications develop and to resettle refugees. A single European asylum procedure would reduce the incentives for asylum tourism and restore trust between Member States.

Fifthly, it requires a voluntary coordination mechanism for the resettlement of refugees . The EU cannot force Member States to accept refugees, they do not want, and they cannot force the refugees to go to places where they are undesirable.

Sixth, the EU needs countries hosting refugees to provide stronger support, and they must be more generous in their approach to Africa. Instead of development aid in a way that they benefit from their own needs, the EU should offer a real “big solution”, which focuses on the needs of the recipient countries.

The last column is the long-term creation of a welcoming environment for economic migrants. Given the aging population in Europe outweigh the problems associated with migration benefits the cost of integration of migrants significantly.

Soros outlines what is a totally unjustified destruction of the European nations, a template that will be adopted by the United States under a Hillary Clinton takeover. There is no legitimacy to this invasion. It is a conspiracy among the globalists and their puppet regimes to destroy the nation states and the middle class of the West, to turn the world into a society of elites and those who serve them.

This may be the solution in the eyes of the anti-America global manipulators, but we patriots in the civilized world see things differently, more clearly. The solution involves the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States and the subsequent arrest and prosecution of the most vile criminals on earth. They’re familiar names such as Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Jeh Johnson, Valerie Jarrett and George Soros.