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MEPs accused of ‘betraying the European people’ in TTIP vote

MEPs accused of ‘betraying the European people’ in TTIP vote

epThe voice of the European people was ignored today when members of the European Parliament’s trade committee agreed a resolution backing the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) for the full parliament to vote on next month.
The vote flies in the face of European public opinion, with almost two million people signing a European Citizens’ Initiative opposing the secretive EU-US trade deal.
The full European Parliament will now vote on the compromise text at its next plenary in Strasbourg during the week of 8 June.
War on Want Executive Director John Hilary said: “Millions of people across Europe have said no to TTIP, in the strongest trade campaign we have ever seen. Yet MEPs have turned their backs on their own constituents, choosing instead to side with the business lobbyists of Brussels. This is an outright betrayal of the European people, and we shall not forget it.”
MEPs also backed the European Commission's controversial proposal for an ‘investor-state dispute settlement’ (ISDS) system, which grants privileged powers to foreign corporations.
The text presented by committee chairperson Bernd Lange at the eleventh hour dropped a key phrase rejecting the use of ISDS, and supported instead the new proposals for ISDS in TTIP introduced by EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström earlier this month.
Lange was publicly criticised by other MEPs for the procedure adopted in pushing through his support for ISDS.
There have been a slew of publicised ISDS cases highlighting how corporations have sued states for laws protecting public health and the environment, among others.
ISDS was removed from TTIP negotiations in January 2014. The European Commission later conducted a public consultation which received a record 150,000 responses, over 97% of which were against ISDS.


The Commission's environment directorate (DG ENV) had initially planned to propose a definition of endocrine disruptors by December 2013, paving the way for regulating the substances. But in July that year, the Commission's Secretariat-General decided to undertake an impact assessment, delaying the long-awaited strategy.
This led Sweden to sue the Commission for breaching a bargaining agreement.
However, Andriukaitis reiterated the fact that decisions at the Commission are "collegial", meaning all departmnents need to be involved. "I undertake to deliver on this important file as quickly as possible. But we cannot put the cart before the horse," he said, adding "Without deep and rigorous assessment we are all prisoners of our emotions."
The scientific criteria to define the hormone affecting chemicals is now not likely to be ready before 2017, four years after the initial deadline set by the European Parliament.
Known examples of endocrine disrupting chemicals include phthalates (a plastic-softener), brominated flame retardants (often used in household textile or furniture) and metals like lead and mercury. Some endocrine disrupting chemicals occur naturally, while synthetic varieties can be found in pesticides, electronics, personal care products and cosmetics. They can also be found as additives or contaminants in food.

For further information and interviews, contact John Hilary on +44 7983 550727 or Mark Dearn on +44 7804 289680.
Over 1.94 million people from across Europe have signed the European Citizens’ Initiative against TTIP and CETA, including more than a quarter of a million from the UK; see here.
The European Commission’s consultation on TTIP was completed in July 2014; to see the results, visit here.


The problem is that TTIP ´sleepers´ have already been maneuvered into the most important positions in Europe over many years,and now,just a question of signatures from pre-converted TTIP followers.
The prime minister of the UK,his Chancellor of the Exchequer,a board member of the infamous Bilderberg Group/Illuminati for 10 years are both set for membership.
Cameron´s red herring promise of a public referendum on EU membership in 2017, possibly all of two years AFTER signing the TTIP agreement,which forbids the UK to make ANY changes detrimental to their businesses or intentions,is an unbelievable ploy to fool his people.
The same is happening all over Europe,even the EU Trade Commissioner is ALL GO for membership.
ONLY the people can now stop this monstrosity from happening by refusing to accept the TTIP concept,and do a total boycott on the new TTIP business ventures and all their goods,should it,against my belief,become a reality in Europe,including non-EU member Norway.

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