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BREXIT - Making Britain Great again !! (update)


Vera Lynn sings "There´ll always be an England"

Taking Britain  OUT - Nigel Farage

Making Britain Great again


George Soros,the evil ´Mr. Bilderberg´, destroyer of the world economy.

 Soros epitomizes  "Thesis + Anti-thesis = Synthesis"


Quote from  NEW AMERICAN:

Friday, 17 June 2016

Bilderberg Elites: Stop Trump, Boost Hillary; Stop Brexit, Boost Migration

Written by  William F. Jasper

"In 2002, Rockefeller expounded further in his autobiographical Memoirs. Describing himself as a “proud internationalist” who is working for “one world,” he labeled as “ideological extremists” those critics who “believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will.” But Rockefeller went on to say: “If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

The problem is the “peace and prosperity” Rockefeller and his Bilderberg comrades claim they are planning for the planet requires that they have unimpeded, unchecked, plenary power. And, well, a few of us lesser beings are not so sure that’s such a grand idea. The Bilderbergers were a prime moving force behind the launching of the European Union and they have guided each step of its development toward a tyrannical superstate. That’s not turning out so well — for freedom-minded folks, that is. Which is why the British are stampeding to the Brexit, and all across Europe people are rebelling against the EU-imposed migration, regulation, and taxation policies. Undoubtedly, these matters were of great concern at Bilderberg 2016, as the group’s sparse press release listed “Europe: migration, growth, reform, vision, unity” among its “key topics for discussion.”

With hardcore one-worlders such as Henry Kissinger, IMF Director Christine Lagarde, former EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso, Carnegie Endowment President William J. Burns, and Google/Alphabet chief Eric Schmidt as a representative sampling, it’s not out of place to surmise that the Bilderberg confrères discussed the means at their disposal to thwart a British vote to exit their prized EU “Project.” And they do have considerable, frightful means at their disposal.

As we have noted in previous reports, many of these internationalists have already publicly exploited their political offices and media empires in exteme efforts to stop the surging British support for the Brexit referendum (see here and here). These types of efforts will intensify and escalate in the coming days leading up to the Brexit vote and in the coming weeks and months, as the November Trump-Clinton matchup draws nearer. They're going to get very dirty, very ugly — and very dangerous."


Greek tragedy in the search for a new prime minister.
Boris Johnson stabbed in both the back and front by earlier ´clan-destined allies´
Michael Gove not popular but will cross corpses to be elected.
Theresa May,safe and popular but belong to the NO side.
The other female contestant is popular and belong to the Brexit side.
The labor leader is hanging on for dear life although his party no longer wants him.

An election for the new prime minister should be made soonest possible in order to start staking the way for the UK´s  future relationship with the EU.

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Donald Trump: Teaching America ‘The Art of the Deal’

Donald Trump: Teaching America ‘The Art of the Deal’

Karen Cacy - May 11, 2016
Posted with permission from Communities Digital News

House Speaker Paul Ryan and conservatives like George Will aren't on the Trump train yet, but that train is moving fast and building steam; Trump's on a roll.

Donald Trump and his book 

Donald Trump likes his own advice. The author of "Trump: The Art of the Deal," and presumptive Republican nominee for the presidency is applying his rules for successful living and business to his outsider campaign.

Yet many political insiders and members of the media have made sport of his campaign.

Trump, the tea party's revenge on the GOP

"Trump is an immigrant bashing carnival barker," said former presidential candidate Martin O'Malley.

"A plague has descended on the party in the form of the most successful demagogue-charlatan in the history of U.S. politics," said Robert Kagan, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, and contributing columnist, in The Washington Post.

"We've got a debate inside the other party that is fantasy and schoolyard taunts and selling stuff like it's the Home Shopping Network," said President Barack Obama.

To the left, anyone of Trump's wealth and stature is a perfect target for driving home their "life oughta be fair message." As Obama likes to sermonize,

"There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own-nobody. You built a factory out there? Good for you. But I want to be clear. You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for. You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You were safe in your factory because of police-forces and fire-forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn't have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory-and hire someone to protect against this-because of the work the rest of us did."

Even many inside of Trump's political party, including Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and conservative savants Charles Krauthammer and George Will, still suffer from Trump derangement syndrome. There's no telling whether they'll come around.

But there's one thing prognosticators, critics and conservative purists haven't figured into their defeatist calculus: Nothing succeeds like success. Say what you will about Donald Trump, the man is a huge success. And he wrote the book on it 30 years ago.

In "The Art of the Deal," Trump enumerates his key elements for achieving success. He advises readers to "think big, protect the downside and the upside will take care of itself, maximize your options, know your market, use your leverage, get the word out, fight back, deliver the goods, contain the costs, and have fun."

It's still early to predict ultimate success, but there are early indications that the man who, to many, is the hapless outsider and reality TV star may be cagier than imagined. After the fracas with Fox news commentator Megan Kelly, it was she who called him and went to his office to smoke the peace pipe. She told Kelly Ripa on air,

"After months of him being very unhappy with me, I reached out to him. I had always wanted to reach out to him from the beginning, from the August 6th debate, because I'm a journalist. I want to be on the sidelines. I don't want to be on the playing field. He kept putting me on the playing field and I just wanted to get past that. But he was so angry for so long, and I didn't want to reach out to him while he was angry."

Trump's immigration position spectacularly offended former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, who famously told Ben Mathis, host of a Kickass Politics podcast in a much quoted remark, "I'm not going to pay for that fucking wall. And please don't take out the 'fucking' full word."

According to Trump, "A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border; A nation without laws is not a nation. Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced; and, A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans."

A central premise of Trump's campaign is that he will build a wall between the United States and Mexico to control illegal immigration, and make Mexico pay for it. He cites the extraordinary costs to American taxpayers of uncontrolled immigration, including billions in healthcare, housing, education and welfare, and reminds us the annual cost of free tax credits being paid to illegal immigrants quadrupled to $4.2 billion in 2011.

In the early interview, Fox called Trump an ugly American. "He is the hated gringo because, he's attacking all of us. He's offending all of us."

Republican establishment working for Clinton and against Trump

But that was then, and this is now. With Trump's recent electoral success, Fox, too, is seeing the light. He walked it back a bit, apologizing for his earlier harsh remarks. Trump responded to the Fox apology to a crowd of 12,000 supporters in Charleston, West Virginia. "I thought it was very nice that he apologized. We're going to have a great relationship with Mexico, but we need a border."

In the pantheon of harsh remarks made by Trump on the campaign trail, none perhaps can hold a candle to what he said about Arizona Senator and Hanoi Hilton survivor and war hero John McCain. Politico Magazine's Jack Shafer reported that Trump "took his running feud to a new level, when he said, 'He's not a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured.'"

Most Americans would have said that by those remarks, Trump finally went too far. Once again, they'd be mistaken. Because some 10 months later Senator McCain is actually supporting Trump. According to Shafer, "With his senate seat all of a sudden seeming vulnerable, he needs Republican voters to vote for him. With Trump, he hopes to tap into the wave of excitement that seems to follow the Trump campaign everywhere he goes."

Then why is Trump where he is today? He may be the most controversial presidential candidate of modern times. His persona remains a mystery, but he fascinates us and continues to surprise.

Will Trump unify the GOP?

Remarks on his book jacket give us a clue to this shooting star:

The Chicago Tribune said, "Donald Trump is a deal maker. He is a deal maker the way lions are carnivores and water is wet."

The New York Post calls the book, "A chatty, generous, chutzpah-filled autobiography."

But the candidate gave the best assessment of himself in words that today seem eerily prescient:

"I like thinking big. I always have. To me it's very simple. If you're going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big. In my life, there are two things I've found I'm very good at: overcoming obstacles and motivating good people to do their best work. One of the challenges ahead is how to use those skills as successfully in the service of others as I've done, up to now, on my own behalf. Don't get me wrong. I also plan to keep making deals, big deals, and right around the clock."



I just HAD to post this article about Trump, he fascinates me, and represent to me so typically,the loud and boisterous American you would like to have by your side in a sticky spot.  He is the American I remember when I first sailed into New York harbor as young deck-boy in the 50´s.

60 years later,the average American politicians and businessmen have become too smooth and slippery,changing sides whenever, rather than sticking to his OWN beliefs, and ALWAYS thinking about themselves exclusively.

I MAY be wrong,but my gut feeling tells me: ´Stick with Donald´!!

(link to Illuminati revelations)

Brexit: Poking the EU rattlesnake - Bilderberg update

Brexit: Poking the EU rattlesnake; Will ‘MIGS’ get the message?

by Karen Cacy - Jun 27, 2016 0 177

Will George Will, that ineffably effete Member In Good Standing (MIGS) of the Establishment and his friends get the Brexit message?

This may not end well. The people in Britain and the supporters of Donald J. Trump have poked the rattlesnake with a stick. After a long winter of discontent, the people—remember? the ones dragged out to be glorified whenever a vote is needed—are speaking.

The no longer silent majority have seen some light and are going for it. But taking on banks, the Bilderbergers, the mainstream media and the other “ins” is no small matter.

Can it even be done sans bayonets?

The latest sign of a burgeoning war, following the English vote to leave the European Union, is the high visibility exit of conservative columnist George Will from the Republican Party. At least temporarily, he is taking his marbles and going home.

Brexit reenergizes Texas succession talk.

He will wait the populists out until his class takes back the GOP and purifies it, and it will again listen to him and take his advice.

Dana Perino, former press secretary to George W. Bush and married to a Brit, said recently on Fox News’ “The Five” that Britain’s exit is about more than just what’s being reported. She offered a brief story about an immigrant in a British prison for a terrible crime he committed.

After he served his time for his crime, Brits wanted him sent back to his country of origin. But the EU bureaucrats blocked them because the man had a girlfriend in Britain, and being sent away would be too hard on him.  Donald Trump, opening another golf course in Scotland, was again in the right place at the right time. He joined the English as they rejoiced about their populist defeat of the pocket-hanky suits in Brussels.

Over here he regularly boosts citizens over their minders, throwing kerosene on the fire and extolling the virtues of limited government, the very opposite of what internationalists want to establish. Trump supporters, given hope, begin chewing through their cages, putting the establishment on notice that their days are numbered.

Peggy Noonan, the usually sage Republican commentator, a former Republican speechwriter par excellence, has been teetering on the edge of populism for some time. However, she attended this month’s annual Bilderberg meeting. She entered the heart of the beast and took tea with them. She listened as they spun their vision of how the world should be. To benefit them. But always, of course, for the people’s own good.

Predictably, what followed was a long diatribe against the populist Trump in her Wall Street Journal column. She took issue with a friend who insisted to her that Trump was the next Reagan. How dare she put that GOP icon’s name in the same sentence with Trump’s? Noonan quickly jumped over the early years, comparing Reagan’s union leader years and his time as California governor with Trump’s years as a working capitalist. As she informed us, the two cannot be compared.

Oh, really?

In her criticism, Noonan may have given the elite’s game away: “Capitalism, bad. Public duty, as practiced by professional politicians, good.”  Capitalists should be seen, not heard. They should make their money, fund their leaders and shut the hell up.

Trump’s pride in his success is particularly galling to those who would outlaw anything smacking of winners and losers.

Life experience, particularly when it makes a business profit, is best done quietly and out of sight. Success and profit, after all, in 2016 America are the antithesis of fair and equal. The propagandists forget that in America, only opportunity is guaranteed, not outcome.

Brexit and Donald Trump: The message against globalization

Ayn Rand must be turning over in her grave. Her entire life was devoted to combating greed. But not the greed as it is used these days by our, pardon the expression, greedy leaders. Indeed, she battled for the heart and soul of greed. She understood the purity and truth of the individual.

She understood that before one can help others, one must first help oneself and those closest.

Money is the way innovators keep track of their work. It is nothing more than a benchmark. But, in their catbird seats, leaders deny that fact. In their corralling speeches to “the people” they claim that they are on our side.

These leaders have a great act going: Money is bad (except when it lands in their own accounts). Innovation and personal initiative are good, but only when they are not flaunted, as Trump does.

Let us turn to George Will, that effete Member In Good Standing (MIGS) of the Establishment. Each Sunday, he delivers his political sermons, praising whom he deems worthy and trashing anyone he does not. Sensing the danger to MIGS early on, Will has been using his podium to attack Trump, the upstart.

Will, like his fellow MIGS, will not go quietly. After all, leadership is a serious matter, best left to the MIGS. You must enter the club humbly, toil in its back rooms for many years, and pay allegiance to the club’s exclusive claim on truth, justice and the American way.

But what is the American way? Is it the people’s pride in their country’s achievements? Is it the daring and bravery of the individual? Is it one man’s rights? Or is it something else entirely?

What has America become in its short lifetime? We are seeing seeds of our past in the recent populism of Trump on the right and of Bernie Sanders on the left. Or are they both closer to the middle?

Republican, Democrat factions revolt against Clinton, Trump

We want to be proud of the men who founded our country, of the inventors and innovators. Yet, those in power want to be the ones to tell us who is worthy.

As the MIGS of the establishment react to the people, in Europe and America, seemingly they have the recent past on their side, going forward. They own most of the media. They are entrenched. They are capable. They know where the keys to the kingdom are kept and where the bodies are buried, having buried many themselves. They have had things their way for a long, long time. Nationalism, that pesky and troublesome outdated concept is on the wane.

Conspiracy theorists posit that the current chaos in the world is largely created and managed by the MIGS, so that they might enter from stage left and fix the world for us.

If indeed there is any truth to that crazy theory, or even a part of it, the managed chaos of the “ins” has been getting away from them recently.

They would have us believe that they, like George Will, are retreating to their dens to wait out the storm. But if you believe that, you also will believe that a rattler, when poked with the stick, will just take it and quietly slink away.

More likely, he will coil himself into a tight little circle, raise his head and strike quickly and with great power at the stick holder. Do not bet against the rattlesnake or the MIGS. They have their ways. And it’s certain they will not go quietly into the night.







World stunned as BREXIT have achieved HUGE WIN

World stunned as BREXIT appears to have achieved HUGE WIN... massive voter revolt may have finally outpaced Big Government ballot box fraud

Friday, June 24, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) This might just be the most shocking news of the decade (so far), and I only cover it here on Natural News because it has paradigm-shattering implications for economies, nations and the very future of human civilization. According to published media results so far, the BREXIT vote appears to have won a referendum victory that all of us at Natural News had hoped for (but we also thought would be rigged from the start to defeat BREXIT).

If this "leave" victory holds, it would indicate the greatest voter revolt against the global elitists the western world has ever seen. (It also gives me huge respect for UK citizens who are finally waking up and raging against the machine...) Click here to see current BREXIT results at the BBC.

A BREXIT victory would also mean that voter outrage somehow managed to overthrow the most deliberate ballot rigging fraud the UK has ever witnessed. EU elitists were so determined to do anything in their power to prevent BREXIT from winning that they arranged for the murder of a member of Parliament (Jo Cox) just to manipulate public opinion. It almost worked, too. Support for BREXIT plummeted after the Cox murder, which was of course followed by a deliberate, nationwide media hoax which blamed the murder on pro-BREXIT forces. (It's the same way the U.S. media blamed the Orlando terrorism event on conservatives... it's all a farce.)

Please let me be WRONG about the ability of the globalists to control every election
Yesterday, I published a story announcing my certainty that the elitists would not allow BREXIT to achieve victory. Secretly, of course, I was hoping that I was wrong. My message to Natural News readers in the UK was to, "Vote for BREXIT! Even though the election is rigged, your vote makes it just a little bit harder for them to rig without getting caught. And if you don't vote, the globalists win anyway."

At the hour I'm writing this article, I'm still not totally convinced a BREXIT victory will be tolerated by those in power. There's still a chance they'll find some way to commit massive ballot box fraud in the next few hours... or they may try some radical ploy to attempt to invalidate a million BREXIT votes and change the results of the election. So I'm holding my breath and hoping the voice of the people will, for once, overturn the outright corruption and criminality of the establishment.

My original prediction, however, is one that I'd be thrilled to be wrong about. And if it turns out that a BREXIT win holds, then it's a powerful, stunning moment for the raw power of citizens to overturn the stranglehold of corrupt government regimes. It also means that globalists are absolutely panicked about the fact that they're losing control over the masses... (holy crap, that's just never happened to them, EVER, in human history... they have no idea what to do if the sheeple start waking up and revolting).

A BREXIT victory bodes well for anti-establishment voter victories in America, too

The implications of such a victory are huge. For starters, it also means that Donald Trump would be a far more likely victor in America for all the same reasons: the voters are revolting against the establishment in such huge numbers that even the corrupt government regimes of the world cannot commit sufficient ballot box fraud to overrule them.

It also means that the delusional financial house of cards underlying the EU fictional construct is much closer to collapse. And that's a good thing, because the longer the financial fictions are allowed to play out, the more severe the pain of the inevitable correction. (It's less painful to correct small bubbles, in other words, than to crash big bubbles.)

The financial implications of a BREXIT victory are very far reaching. From one perspective, it could unleash a cascade of events that eventually wind their way to America's shores, causing a "moment of truth" reckoning within financial centers, leading to a train wreck collapse of trillions of dollars in derivatives debt. Why is that a good thing? Because the bankers are destroying all the economies of our world. No civilization is sustainable when bankers function as blood sucking parasites on society. For humanity to experience prosperity, the bankers need to be reined in (or better yet, marched through the streets in handcuffs, then prosecuted for massive financial fraud).

A BREXIT win is the beginning of the end of the failed EU experiment in centralized tyranny
There are also huge social, cultural and political implications of a BREXIT. If the UK leaves the EU, it essentially means the EU crumbles, returning sovereignty to the individual nations who would then resume control over their own borders. All the massive Muslim migration that's now invading Europe would grind to a halt, for one thing. Border control would become a necessary strategy of self-defense across many EU nations.

Such a move bodes well for other nations -- such as America -- also deciding to protect their own borders from mass migration (illegal and legal) which has allowed ISIS terrorists to move personnel, weapons and supplies into staging areas to prepare for their domestic attacks.

View this video by euro-sceptic and former MEP David Hannan

Finally, the EU is presently ruled by bureaucratic human scum... the most pathetic, reprehensible life forms on our planet... lower than cockroaches and more filthy than maggots. I'm not sure I can even find the words to describe the unimaginable monstrosities of human greed, incompetence and arrogance held by these worse-than-useless human beings who feed off the hard work of European citizens. In a perfect world, a BREXIT victory would be followed up by the mass arrest and prosecution of Brussels bureaucrats for unleashing so many years of bureaucratic tyranny over their fellow citizens. But such daydreams are no doubt one bridge too far. The best we can practically hope for right now is that more EU members will exit the EU, leaving Brussels bureaucrats staring at empty walls with their thumbs up their asses, wondering what happened to all the domains over which they used to rule.

Is the world ready for a popular global REVOLT against bureaucratic government tyranny?
Personally, I'm deeply inspired by this apparent BREXIT victory... if it indeed holds. It means the world has embraced the REVOLT stage of human progress and is ready to throw off the shackles of incompetent corruption and bureaucratic tyranny wielded by bad government. This movement is a global one, and it's taking hold in many large nations, including China, Brazil, Taiwan and the USA.

It's time that We the People denounced the criminality and total idiocy of the world's incompetent puppet masters. It's time we declared ourselves to be free people, operating with national sovereignty and self-rule. It's also time we protected our borders, our cultures and our communities against the incessant march of "transformation" via mass illegal migration and radical Islam occupation of our western nations.

It's time, in other words, that western civilization stood its ground, built some defensive walls and said NO to the enemy occupation of its lands.

BREXIT is essentially the United Kingdom's Declaration of Independence against tyranny, invasion and occupation. Go Britain! Go UK! With this vote, if I dare say so, the people of the UK demonstrate a truly American spirit of independence.

It is my hope that the people of America can demonstrate the same courage this November and vote for real revolt against the establishment, in whatever form that takes. This is not an endorsement of any candidate; it is an endorsement of a fundamental principle of human freedom. VOTE AGAINST TYRANNY at every opportunity. Every once in a while, the votes are so loud and numerous that even the corrupt, criminal establishment cannot silence them.


The Global Elite blog :>      



Why is Cameron not officially confirming BREXIT  to the EU administration?
As the sitting prime minister of the UK,it is HIS responsibility to sign/perform Brexit,
not the future prime minister of an independent Britain.

I am aware that we have 2 years to withdraw totally,but NOT 2 years for the prime minister to confirm our decision to leave.  What is Cameron and his global elite up to?

Are they trying to betray the people of Britain by finding other ways to remain in the EU?

Scotland's decision/desire to claim independence from the UK and remain in the UK does not make things any  easier.  Perhaps this is a way to make Britain change its mind about BREXIT?      Would Britain be that much worse off if both Scotland AND Northern Ireland became independent?
How will the government react to the new voting list of around 4 mill. people suggesting the annulment of Brexit and that a new vote should be taken.  No reason is given other than dissatisfaction with the present voting system,suggesting 60% to win out of a 70% population participation.  This is utter  nonsense after an honest vote at existing rules.

But it is obvious,the global elite are desperate,trying every trick in the book to make Britain join the EU into the oblivion of their planned NWO.



EU army unveiled following Brexit result

Europe Unveils EU Army Following Brexit result

By Sean Adl-Tabatabai in News, World
Posted on June 24, 2016 

Europe has unveiled its plans to create an EU army following Thursday’s Brexit vote, which has seen the UK vote to leave the European Union.

A plan detailing the framework to formally create a European Union army had been kept hidden from the public until the UK had made its decision.

Now, the Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy has finally unveiled its plans for form a European military. reports:

While the plan clearly lays the framework for a European Union army, details will not be released publicly until the day after the Brexit vote so as not to inflame public opinion in the UK.

Only a small group of EU political and security committee ambassadors, who are required to leave their electronic devices outside a sealed room, can read the proposal; however, they are allowed to take and remove handwritten notes.

Despite being dismissed by many, including former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat) who referred to the idea as “dangerous fantasy,” numerous high-level officials in the EU have suggested the idea in the past.

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission and a former Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Luxembourg, is a long-time advocate for the creation of an EU army to combat the perceived threat to Europe from Russia.

“You would not create a European army to use it immediately,” he said. “But a common army among the Europeans would convey to Russia that we are serious about defending the values of the European Union.”

Ursula von der Leyen, Germany’s Minister of Defense and a close political ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has openly suggested the creation of an EU army is inevitable.

“The European Army is our long-term goal, but first we have to strengthen the European Defence Union,” she said.

Nigel Farage, the head of UKIP, has blasted European Commission President Juncker for using manufactured crises as an excuse to push the creation of an EU army.

“We ourselves in the European Union provoked the conflict through our territorial expansionism in the Ukraine. We poked the Russian bear with a stick, and unsurprisingly, Putin reacted. But this now is to be used as an opportunity to build a European army… And Mr. Juncker said, we must convey to Russia that we are serious. Who do you think you are kidding, Mr. Juncker?”

Liam Fox, former Defense Minister under Prime Minister Cameron, has warned these initial plans demonstrate the EU has married itself to the “dangerous fantasy” of a single continental army.

“Those of us who have always warned about Europe’s defence ambitions have always been told not to worry, but step-by-step that ever closer union is becoming a reality. We cannot afford to be conned in this referendum as we were conned in 1975,” he said.

Andrew Bridgen, the Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire, said: “This is the way the EU operates. The people were deceived about the aims of the EU in 1975 and they’re being deceived again today…This blows out of the water the Prime Minister’s claim that we’re being excluded from ever closer union. Voters are being hoodwinked once again.”

The prospect of the United Kingdom leaving the EU was a major topic of discussion as the global elite who compromise the Bilderberg Group gathered in Dresden, Germany this week.

“The Bilderberg Group has been nurturing the EU to life since the 1950s, and now they see their creation under dire threat,” said Charlie Skelton, a reporter for International Business Times covering Bilderberg.

“For Bilderberg, as for Goldman Sachs, the idea that there might be any kind of push-back against globalisation is a horrific one,” he continued.





Obamacare: watch out, here comes “predictive modeling”

Obamacare: watch out, here comes “predictive modeling”

Modeling or programming?

A article, “Why is Predictive Modeling Essential to Healthcare?” offers this quote:
“…the algorithms of predictive modeling can analyze hundreds of data points to make a diagnosis or a prediction of risk.”

This is the new thing in American medicine, and everyone is climbing onboard. The idea is to combine diverse sets of data, to diagnose a patient—and also predict what illnesses will strike designated sectors of the population by identifying what social, economic, gender, and behavioral groups they belong to.

“Oh, yes, in USA population sector A-2ab, we can view the electronic health records of 10,000 patients who are single, under 30, live at home with their parents, have a history of ignoring medical advice, display symptoms of ADHD, graduated college with less than a 3.0 grade average, have taken prescription pain meds within the last five years…according to statistics, this group stands a better than 65% chance of developing clinical depression within the next 6.23 years. Therefore, we should prescribe them prophylactic antidepressants now, to save money on more expensive treatments later. If we utilize our algorithm and adjust code 4aQ1 and code 7B2Ex, we’ll be able to pinpoint which patients in this group need medication immediately…”

This is coming. The structure is being built now, across all medical and insurance organizations.
The hubris involved is outstanding, to say nothing of the intrusion on privacy, and the recent abysmal track record of government merely trying to sign people up for Obamacare.
Of course, the proponents of prediction are promising better patient outcomes, enormous $$ savings, and a Brave New World in which “at-risk” groups can be spared suffering before it occurs.

Managed Care has published an article, “More Data in Health Care Will Enable Predictive Modeling Advances.”

Here are two key quotes:
“Predictive modeling (PM) has grown to be a linchpin of care management. Health plans, integrated delivery systems, and other health care organizations (HCOs) increasingly channel their patients to interventions based in part on what they deduce from predictive models that have traditionally been run against databases of administrative claims. In this arena, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) [Obamacare] is likely to exert a profound effect.”

“…a growing number of health care experts, including the Care Continuum Alliance, see predictive modeling as an opportunity to prevent [disease] complications, control [hospital] readmissions, generate more precise diagnoses and treatments, predict risk, and control costs for a more diverse array of population segments than previously attempted.”
I could attack this gobbledegook PR in a number of ways, but I’ll cut to the real bottom line. The entirety of predictive modeling rests on the assumption that, in making disease and mental-disorder diagnoses, doctors are basically working from a correct playbook. Otherwise, they could massage data ‘til the cows come home and they would commit disastrous blunder after blunder.

But the basic playbook is not correct. For all 300 officially certified mental disorders, there are, in fact, no defining physical tests for diagnosis. None. No blood tests, no urine tests, no brain scans, no genetic assays.

For germ-caused diseases, the “tried and true” diagnostic tests are completely misleading.The antibody tests are frequently false-positive, and the presence of antibodies, in the first place, merely indicates that the patient has contacted the germ in question. It says nothing about present or future illness. In fact, a positive antibody test often means the opposite of illness: the patient’s immune system has contacted the germ and thrown it off.

The PCR diagnostic test takes a tiny, tiny amount of what is purported to be genetic material from a germ, and amplifies it many times so it can be observed. But the hallmark of illness, when germs may be involved at all, is: you have millions of a particular bacteria or virus being very active—in which case, you didn’t need the PCR test in the first place.You needed the PCR because you couldn’t find enough germ material in the patient to knock over a fly.
So…place these irrelevant and misleading diagnostic tests into the predictive modeling framework, and what do you get? False predictions.

Then there are the medical drugs. I’ve cited the Starfield Review many times. July 26, 2000, Journal of the American Medical Association, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?” Dr. Barbara Starfield, from the Johns Hopkins of School of Public Health, pointed out that, every year in the US, FDA approved medicines kill 106,000 people. In our 2009 interview, Starfield told me this was a conservative estimate.

This is tragedy and murder on a massive scale, supported by what have to be deceitfully glowing studies done on the drugs and routinely published in leading medical journals.
No one in his right mind would believe that all this lying and crime, embedded in a new and advanced predictive model, would produce anything except expanded disaster.

With the bonus that you lose your medical privacy, and you are observed and data-mined in other ways—as a “unit” that belongs to various groups. And oh yes, you get toxic drugs before you’re sick. It’s predictive. Hail to the Chief.

Up the line, proponents of traditional/ natural health, nutritional supplements, and “alternative practices” will discover that, as independent humans, they’re anomalies. The official algorithms don’t include what they do to maintain health. Therefore, they’re outliers.
“Sorry, we can’t model you in our predictions. You don’t compute. You’re illegal. Oh, wait. You do fit into one category: Threat. Potential Danger to the State.”

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Adnan Sakli - Lesson plan of who the crooks are


Adnan Sakli - March 22, 2013

The groups and the system is operational under the comprised illegal authorities that are used by , G8, Nato, IMF, Wor ld Bank, Vatican, Royal families of Europe, Primary being the Dutch and the British as well as the German of Bavarian descent, Military organisations, Intelligence organisations, The EU councils, The Jewish Lobbies , State department of the USA working for the Israelis via the network established by Kissinger,Council of Rome, League of nations in Geneva, Council of Versailles, The French intelligence and organised criminal structures of the state Via the Misuse of the Treaty of Rome of the 1868,The council of foreign relations that is the extension of the members of the Yale club in London and New York, The Harvard club of USA and London working through the Soros group in Prague with fraudulent issued of bonds and other financial documents .

The Trilateral commission which is the Triad is reality . With its chief members being British crown , The Chinese and the USA protectorate government out of Washington D.C. That is incorporated in 1790 in the Cayman Islands Working via the ECCB banking structures of the Caribbean and the South American Channels with Panama and Belize being their sours of distribution of illegal activities.

All of which are dependent in the use of the bond markets to launder their ill gotten funds . With that market being closed under my authority as the chief underwriter and the person that has the standing order to refusal of any and all illegal funds into the system they are currently being starved off and are trying to cover their liabilities on all level by any means possible. 

They are in the structures of the systems by the use of the Military and Masonic structures by means of threat , extortion, blackmail and even death.
These people have no power as long as their activities are understood and placed under the spot light .

The lead groups are the Israelis with the Mossad or Yingsa under the order of the British and the house of Lords with the privy council members around the world
The Dutch with again the Mossad via AIG , In the Netherlands and the Goldman Sachs groups that have infiltrated the governments and their financial networks as the criminal Mafia of the political world.

The French with their trafficking of illegal funds through the OTH Trust in Paris, again with the Mossad and CIA.Also being the home base of the Rothschild criminal network via Nevada, Tel Aviv, London , Hong Kong, Belgium with the Veolia group of Belgium and the former governor of Geneva in Switzerland.

The USA military networks from Connecticut and Florida with the street slime of Georgia under the Jekyle Island agreements with Former Governor Mr. White and the New York Hasidim community. The Black Masons of Georgia working through the U.N. formulate security council investments or frauds because they access the systems illegally to run their arms deals under the blanket of peace missions also the manipulation of the oil contracts world wide .

The Germans from Berlin and Bayer regions of Germany and Munich with the CIA and host of other intelligence agencies.

The final and the oldest scum are the networks via Austria through the Masons , Nato via the Erste Bank that has been spy central forever, Raiffesen bank that is the Germanic nationalist groups and the French, Mr. Micheal Herzog of Spain , Italy , Telaviv, Franfurt, London , Rome ,Milan, Hong Kong stealing with all the might of the British , Germans, and the Israelis.

In London the groups lead by the groups of Terrence Brown who has formulated the criminality and obstruction of real and legal business under the protection of the government agencies and the House of Lords and Lord Lake acting as the main person in charge of the obstructions .

So this is a good picture of the main body of the criminals who have absolutely no legal rights to do the injustice they perpetrate against the people and have never had that right outside of criminal actions.


Jostemikk (Norwegian Blog)

Med fokus på det mainstream media ikke skriver om
Pål  12. mars 2016 at 16:38

Poster dette med godkjennelse fra Alex Michael Cechanowicz som jeg nedenfor henviser til som kilde:

Legger inn noe utfyllende info her. Jeg snublet nemlig over «noe informasjon», og kjente at det var noe som gnagde og plaget meg med det hele, etter noen minutter forstod jeg hva det dreide seg om, og mener bestemt at infoen kan settes i direkte sammenheng med hva Jostemikk tar opp i denne tråden. Nå har jeg ikke kapasitet eller tid til å være like etterettelig og nøye som Jostemikk, men håper den følgende informasjon kan komme til nytte i vår felles etterforskning, avdekking og avsløring av disse trojanske hestene som forpester menneskeheten.

Noen av dere har sikkert hørt historien om Adnan Sakli, «the global financial underwriter». Om dere ikke kjenner historien om Adnan Sakli, så les her:

Kommer man i snakk med folk om Adnan Sakli, så kommer ofte spørsmålet: «Kan det verifiseres hvem han er (var), og at han hadde rollen og makten som «global underwriter»? Alex Michael sitter på ca. 15 timer audiosamtaler mellom ham og Adnan Sakli, i tillegg til kopier av ca 100 dokumenter, som Alex hevder bekrefter Adnans identitet og rolle i toppen av den globale finansielle maktpyramiden.

Så kommer det noe svært interessant, og svært relevant for tema i denne tråden: Alex hevder, at Adnan Saklis identitet og rolle som global underwriter, i årskiftet 2012/2013 ble bekreftet av en toppsjef i Nordea Bank via hans tilgang til såkaldte «grey screens», etter henvendelse til banken om dette fra den norske avdelingen av det internasjonale sikkerhetsfirmaet G4S som Alex hadde blitt anbefalt å ta kontakt med i sakens anledning.

Alex hevdet videre at den norske avdelingen av G4S ikke lengre eksisterer, i det den ble oppkjøpt av NOKAS. Jeg har ikke undersøkt om dette stemmer, men det stemmer antakelig i det at er parkert, og opplyses eid av noe som heter Safe Agent LTD;jsessionid=loxq3de2TkqCMHpmcjsFP_43o1E-smc8EX6NSAbPesPm7wH-qYhS!720915144?orgnr=994719114

Vi kan sjekke WayBackMachine for og her dukker det opp flere resultat, bl.a dette fra 2013

Vi ser det dukker opp interessante saker, bl.a G4S involvering i leveranse av sikkerhets-tjenester ved OsloLufthavn samt en artikkel hvor de forsvarer seg mot kritikken over at de driver israelske fengsler og leverer sikkerhetstjenester i ulovlig okkuperte palestinske områder osv.

Et søk på G4S globale side på søkeordet «ICTS» (se jostemikks artikkel ovenfor) gav følgende resultat: To søkeresultater hvor det andre helt klart viser til selskapets forbindelser til både ICTS, Schiphol flyplass og annet snadder.

«Ron Louwerse continues: “I think we can be satisfied with the way we provide security at Schiphol with Falck Airport Security (også et G4S selskap), ICTS-NAS and the Royal Military Police.This does not mean, however, that we do not continuously strive to improve security still further.”»

Se filen her

ICTS (Shin Bet) samarbeider med NOKAS om sikkerheten på Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen. G4S annonserte i 2013 en 6 års kontrakt om sikkerheten på Oslo Lufthavn, og ble senere kjøpt opp av nettopp NOKAS. Vi vet at ICTS er et israelsk selskap etablert av Shin Bet. Vi vet også at G4S har sterk tilknytting til Israel, og er antakelig et av Shin Bets mange kamuflasjeavdelinger rundt omkring i verden.

Disse selskapene forsøker å etablere seg som GLOBALE SIKKERHETSSELSKAPER. Med tanke på at G4S internasjonale avdeling fremstår med underavdelinger i en drøss land over hele verden, hvorfor la de opp i Norge og lot seg kjøpe opp av NOKAS? Var det for å fjerne fokus på «noe» ubehagelig?

Eller var det for å posisjonere seg enda bedre, for hva har vi her? ICTS (Shin Bet) som samarbeider med NOKAS/G4S (Shin Bet) om «sikkerheten» på Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen?

Med tanke på zionistmafiaen som sitter på toppen og styrer det rentebærende gjeldspengesystem vi alle er slave under, og med tanke på at samme gjengen høyst sannsynlig står bak det meste av terrorisme på kloden, utført av såkalte «sikkerhetstjenester», så harmonerer også dette med det faktum at G4S (norske avdeling) den gang avviste å hjelpe Mike og Adnan Sakli. Såvidt jeg har forstådt var tilbakemeldingen den gang at ja, de kunne bekrefte Adnan Saklis identitet og rolle, men når det kom til å hjelpe var svaret «no, we will handle this OUR WAY«.

28 feb 2014 døde Adnan Sakli på mystisk vis, antakelig forgiftet.


Google translation:

Focusing on the mainstream media do not write about
Pål 12th March 2016 at 4:38 p.m.

Records this approval by Alex Michael Cechanowicz I below refer to the source:

Adds any supplementary info here. I stumbled namely over "any information", and felt that it was something that gnawed and tortured me with it all, after a few minutes I realized what it was about, and firmly believe that the info can be directly related to what Jostemikk record in this thread. Now I have the capacity or time to be equally interview was carefully as Jostemikk but hope the following information will be useful in our joint investigation, detection and disclosure of these Trojan horses tainting humanity.

Some of you have probably heard the story of Adnan Sakli, "the global financial underwriter." If you do not know the story of Adnan Sakli, then read here:

If you come to talk to people about Adnan Sakli so often comes the question: "Can it be verified who he is (was), and that he had the role and power of the" global underwriter "? Alex Michael sits at approximately 15 hours audio conversation between him and Adnan Sakli, in addition to copies of about 100 documents, Alex claims confirms Adnan identity and role in the top of the global financial power pyramid.

Then comes something very interesting and highly relevant topic in this thread: Alex claims that Adnan Saklis identity and role as a global underwriter, in turn of the year 2012/2013 was confirmed by a chief executive of Nordea Bank via his access to the so called "gray screens "upon request to the bank about this from the Norwegian branch of the international security firm G4S which Alex had been recommended to consult on the matter.

Alex claimed further that the Norwegian branch of G4S no longer exists, in which it was acquired by NOKAS. I have not investigated whether this is true but it is true probably in that is parked, and stated owned by something called Safe Agent LTD;jsessionid=loxq3de2TkqCMHpmcjsFP_43o1E-smc8EX6NSAbPesPm7wH-qYhS!720915144?orgnr=994719114

We can check WayBackMachine for and here pops up several results, among them this from 2013

We see it pop up interesting issues, among others G4S involvement in the delivery of security services at Oslo Airport and an article in which they defend themselves against criticism that the driver Israeli prisons and provide security services in illegally occupied Palestinian territories etc.

A search on G4S global page on keyword "ICTS" (see jostemikks article above) the following results: Two search results where the second clearly shows the company's connections to both ICTS, Schiphol Airport and other snacks.

"Ron Louwerse continues:" I think we can be satisfied with the way we provideh security that Schiphol with Falck Airport Security (also a G4S company), ICTS-NAS and the Royal Military Police.This does not mean, however, that we do not Continuously strive to improve security still further. ' "

See file here

ICTS (Shin Bet) collaborates with NOKAS about the security at Oslo Airport Gardermoen. G4S announced in 2013 June 1 year contract for security at Oslo Airport, and was later acquired by just NOKAS. We know that ICTS is an Israeli company established by the Shin Bet. We also know that G4S has a strong connection with Israel, and is probably one of the Shin Bet many camouflage departments around the world.

These companies are trying to establish themselves as GLOBAL SECURITY COMPANY. Considering that G4S international department emerges with subdivisions in a host country of the world, why let those in Norway and allowed themselves to be of NOKAS? Was it to remove the focus on "something" uncomfortable?

Or was it to position itself even better, for what have we here? ICTS (Shin Bet) that cooperates with NOKAS / G4S (Shin Bet) about the "safety" at Oslo Airport Gardermoen?

Considering zionistmafiaen that sits on top and controls the debt money system we are all enslaved, and considering that the same gang most likely is behind most of the terrorism in the world, carried out by so-called "security services", so also in harmony this with the fact that G4S (Norwegian branch) then declined to help Mike and Adnan Sakli. As far as I have forstådt feedback was then that yes, they could confirm Adnan Saklis identity and role, but when it came to helping the answer was "no, we will act this OUR WAY".

February 28, 2014 died Adnan Sakli mysteriously, probably poisoned.


George Soros

Brexit wound: UK vote makes EU decline 'practically irreversible', Soros says - Javier E. David | @TeflonGeek
3 Hours Ago

The United Kingdom's fateful decision to break away from the European Union makes an eventual dissolution of the 28 member bloc "practically irreversible," billionaire financier George Soros wrote on Saturday.

In a somber post at Project Syndicate, Soros, who rose to prominence by speculating against the British pound—immortalizing him as the man who broke the Bank of England—speculated that the U.K.'s referendum to split from the EU is likely to hasten the breakup of the entire EU.

Brexit, combined with Europe's festering migrant crisis, has created a "catastrophic scenario" that has grave consequences for Britain and the world economy, Soros wrote, "making the disintegration of the EU practically irreversible."

Noting that Scotland is agitating to leave the U.K., Soros said the county itself "may not survive" the decision to leave Europe.

"The consequences for the real economy [from Brexit] will be comparable only to the financial crisis of 2007-2008," wrote the billionaire, adding that a domino effect could potentially end decades of continental unification. 

"But the implications for Europe could be far worse," Soros cautioned. "Tensions among member states have reached a breaking point, not only over refugees, but also as a result of exceptional strains between creditor and debtor countries within the euro zone."



The last article above comes from ´Mr. Bilderberg´ himself, George Soros,considered one of the most evil men in the world,playing our economies like a Las Vegas gambler.

I would advise all the YES voters to do a few googles with the words, Illuminati, Bilderberg, George Soros,and NWO, after which,I am sure,they will quickly change their minds.

Britain took a brave step in setting an example to leave a union going the wrong way, with intentions that are NOT for the best of human kind.

Adnan Sakli died under mysterious circumstances in a Spanish hotel room in 2014, the year after he became the Chief Underwriter to the World finance systems in 2013.  His funds and papers were taken over by the CIA.