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Final Phase of High Treason Sale of EU to Corporation Dictatorship - TTIP


TTIP: Final Phase of Secret High Treason Sale of Europe to Bankster Corporation Dictatorship

Abstract: A surreptitious usurpation of our sovereignty and wealth is being prepared by the EU and the USA on behalf of Rockefeller´s/Brzezinski´s Trilateral Commission:  The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – alongside with a Transpacific Partnership. It intends to take over all of our legislation to make it  fit for legalizing maximal looting of our states and citizens – as well as to control  our minds by means of intensive internet censorship. A similar partnership has been negotiated with Canada – as a jumping board for multinationals.
The UNCTAD of Rockefeller´s UN plans big one-world government with attacks on tax competition alongside with demands for greater seizure of wealth from the citizens to finance this bigger government and furthermore,  the abolition of financial privacy worldwide for global taxation.
The Commission proposal introduces a system that brings each new environmental, health and labor standard at European and national levels in risk
Most sensitive is a corporation / state arbitration board with parity for the corporations – completely independent of civilian EU and national courts. Many profitable  lawsuits are expected – and the taxpayers will pay the money. Already, Italy and Spain have such problems with the Energy Charter Treaty.  Monsanto, which owns the US government, obtains free access to the European market and with complaints, it can sweep  any resistance to its toxic GMO / Round-up products off the table.
UNCTAD calls for a “global New Deal” similar to that of Franklin D. Roosevelt´s in the 1930s. This would mean absolutely independent revenue sources (taxes) for the UN, mass redistribution of wealth, enforcement actions, kangaroo courts.
583,000 jobs in the EU will be lost by 2025, exports will shrink as will the gross domestic product. Wages and tax revenues will fall. But these key figures will rise in the United States. Those who benefit in the EU, are capital assets.
The EU said the agreement could increase annual economic output by 0.5%! The German industry association BDI, was forced to cut its estimate of economic benefits through the  TTIP for Europe by a factor of 10 from the original 100 million euros estimate.
For these 30 Judas silver coins “our” politicians are selling our freedom and sovereignty to the Communist one-world government, the Agenda 21, of Rothschild´s corporations.
EUObserver 1 May 2015:  A six-person Regulatory Scrutiny Board will be tasked with scrutinising impact assessments for new bills to make sure they do not impose unnecessary burdens on businesses and evaluating the costs of existing laws. All impact assessments will require a positive opinion from the Board before the draft law is considered by the 28 commissioners. Three of the Board members will be hired from outside the EU institution.

Finance Watch spokesman Joost Mulder says it is “in practice likely to give the financial industry an even bigger say on the supposedly technical implementation of political agreements.”

This video makes it clear that the TTIP and the TPP are the plans of Rockefeller/Brzezinski´s Trilateral Commission and here to rule the world by means of their corporate trade rules. To them free market means market free from public scrutiny.
Public uprisings in protest will have to be militarily quelled – acc. to Trilateralist spokesman Donilo.



HUSK!!  Vi har ikke gitt vaare stemmer til regjeringen saa EU Commisjonen kan dolke vaart folk i ryggen. Gjennom vaar EOS avtale kan EU Commisjonen TVINGE oss til aa akseptere TTIP medlemskap og alle deres regler.



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