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Deal a big blow to ISDS court TODAY- Tell your MEP to refuse ISDS

Deal a big blow to the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, TTIP.

Last year the EU asked people what they thought about the contentious Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism – the part of TTIP that would allow corporations to sue governments for making changes to laws. 97% of the 150,000 people who responded said they did not want ISDS.

Now the European parliament is drafting a position on TTIP and these corporate courts. We’re teaming up with organisations from across Europe to call on MEPs to take a strong stance against ISDS.

We already know the negative effects of ISDS. Other countries have already been sued in similar corporate courts:
  • Egypt has been sued for raising the minimum wage.
  • Slovenia was successfully sued for renationalising part of its health service.
  • Canada was sued for placing a moratorium on fracking.

We must act now. The European parliament will be voting on their resolution on 10 June.Would you write to your MEPs to ask them to sign up to the pledge to oppose ISDS?

Guy Taylor,
Global Justice Now trade campaigner



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