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David Cameron´s present negotiations with the EU Commission is a hoax

David Cameron´s present negotiations with the EU Commission is a hoax

David Cameron,as well as the finance minister of the UK and Germany,both belong to the Bilderberg Group.

His opposite in the discussion, as to whether or not Britain is to remain in the EU, is the European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker,who is also a devout Bilderberger. And so is Donald Tusk, President of the European Council

As this obviously becomes a ´done deal´,the discussion becomes a farce and a hoax.

It´s about time we stop the rapid advance of Bilderberg´s New World Order and throw some spanners in their works.  BREXIT would definitely be a serious blow to their advance.

Don´t you realize,BOTH sides of the UK - EU discussion are already in agreement. To keep... and destroy EU and Europe as we know it. All the chief negotiators are Illuminati/Bilderberg supporters.

A second,vital step is to obtain a durable peace in Syria,even with international military control,allowing the return of the millions of Muslim refugees from Europe in order to rebuild their country with aid from the rest of the World.   This is the ONLY way to avoid genocide in Britain and save the culture and democracy of the rest of Europe.

I guess our elected politicians have other,more sinister plans, which makes it necessary for our people to react before it is too late.

If you are still in doubt,for God´s sake read through the many warnings which has been posted  in The Otium Post and other  Internet articles.



Illuminati´s elite agenda for global population control

The elite agenda for global population control is not a ‘conspiracy theory’. 

It’s on the record and well documented…
by Paul Joseph Watson

There are large numbers of people among the general public, in academia, and especially those who work for the corporate media, who are still in denial about the on-the-record stated agenda for global population reduction, as well as the consequences of this program that we already see unfolding.

We have compiled a compendium of evidence to prove that the elite have been obsessed with eugenics and its modern day incarnation, population control, for well over 100 years and that goal of global population reduction is still in full force to this day.

The World’s Elite Are Discussing Population Reduction

As was reported by the London Times, a “secret billionaire club” meeting in early May which took place in New York and was attended by David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Bill Gates and others was focused around “how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world’s population”.

We questioned establishment media spin which portrayed the attendees as kind-hearted and concerned philanthropists by pointing out that Ted Turner has publicly advocated shocking population reduction programs that would cull the human population by a staggering 95%. He has also called for a Communist-style one child policy to be mandated by governments in the west. In China, the one child policy is enforced by means of taxes on each subsequent child, allied to an intimidation program which includes secret police and “family planning” authorities kidnapping pregnant women from their homes and performing forced abortions.
Of course, Turner completely fails to follow his own rules on how everyone else should live their lives, having five children and owning no less than 2 million acres of land.

In the third world, Turner has contributed literally billions to population reduction, namely through United Nations programs, leading the way for the likes of Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet (Gates’ father has long been a leading board member of Planned Parenthood and a top eugenicist).

The notion that these elitists merely want to slow population growth in order to improve health is a complete misnomer. Slowing the growth of the world’s population while also improving its health are two irreconcilable concepts to the elite. Stabilizing world population is a natural byproduct of higher living standards, as has been proven by the stabilization of the white population in the west. Elitists like David Rockefeller have no interest in “slowing the growth of world population” by natural methods, their agenda is firmly rooted in the pseudo-science of eugenics, which is all about “culling” the surplus population via draconian methods.

David Rockefeller’s legacy is not derived from a well-meaning “philanthropic” urge to improve health in third world countries, it is born out of a Malthusian drive to eliminate the poor and those deemed racially inferior, using the justification of social Darwinism.
As is documented in Alex Jones’ seminal film Endgame, Rockefeller’s father, John D. Rockefeller, exported eugenics to Germany from its origins in Britain by bankrolling the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute which later would form a central pillar in the Third Reich’s ideology of the Nazi super race. After the fall of the Nazis, top German eugenicists were protected by the allies as the victorious parties fought over who would enjoy their “expertise” in the post-war world.

Zika manipulated Illuminati specie 
for The New World Order

As Dr. Len Horowitz writes, “In the 1950s, the Rockefellers reorganized the U.S. eugenics movement in their own family offices, with spinoff population-control and abortion groups. The Eugenics Society changed its name to the Society for the Study of Social Biology, its current name.”

“The Rockefeller Foundation had long financed the eugenics movement in England, apparently repaying Britain for the fact that British capital and an Englishman-partner had started old John D. Rockefeller out in his Oil Trust. In the 1960s, the Eugenics Society of England adopted what they called Crypto-eugenics, stating in their official reports that they would do eugenics through means and instruments not labeled as eugenics.”

“With support from the Rockefellers, the Eugenics Society (England) set up a sub-committee called the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which for 12 years had no other address than the Eugenics Society. This, then, is the private, international apparatus which has set the world up for a global holocaust, under the UN flag.”

In the latter half of the 20th century, eugenics merely changed its face to become known as “population control”. This was crystallized in National Security Study Memorandum 200, a 1974 geopolitical strategy document prepared by Rockefeller’s intimate friend and fellow Bilderberg member Henry Kissinger, which targeted thirteen countries for massive population reduction by means of creating food scarcity, sterilization and war.

 The Population Reduction Agenda For Dummies 210907kissingerba9

Henry Kissinger: In the now declassified 1974 document, National Security Memorandum 200, Kissinger outlines the plan to use food scarcity as a weapon in order to achieve population reduction in lesser-developed countries.

The document, declassified in 1989, identified 13 countries that were of special interest to U.S. geopolitical objectives and outlined why population growth, and particularly that of young people who were seen as a revolutionary threat to U.S. corporations, was a potential roadblock to achieving these objectives. The countries named were India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Colombia.

The study outlined how civil disturbances affecting the “smooth flow of needed materials” would be less likely to occur “under conditions of slow or zero population growth.”
“Development of a worldwide political and popular commitment to population stabilization is fundamental to any effective strategy. This requires the support and commitment of key LDC leaders. This will only take place if they clearly see the negative impact of unrestricted population growth and believe it is possible to deal with this question through governmental action,” states the document.

The document called for integrating “family planning” (otherwise known as abortion) with routine health services for the purposes of “curbing the numbers of LDC people,” (lesser-developed countries).

The report shockingly outlines how withholding food could be used as a means of punishment for lesser-developed countries who do not act to reduce their population, essentially using food as a weapon for a political agenda by creating mass starvation in under-developed countries.

“The allocation of scarce PL480 (food) resources should take account of what steps a country is taking in population control as well as food production,” states the document.
Later in the document, the idea of enforcing “mandatory programs” by using food as “an instrument of national power” is presented.

The document states that the program will be administered through the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), thereby “avoiding the danger that some LDC leaders will see developed-country pressures for family planning as a form of economic or racial imperialism; this could well create a serious backlash.”

As Jean Guilfoyle writes, “NSSM 200 was a statement composed after the fact. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, the U.S. had worked diligently behind the scenes to advance the population-control agenda at the United Nations, contributing the initial funding of $1 million.

A Department of State telegram, dated July 1969, reported the support of John D. Rockefeller III, among others, for the appointment of Rafael Salas of the Philippines as senior officer to co-ordinate and administer the UN population program. The administrator of the UN Development Program reported confidentially that he preferred someone such as Salas who had the “advantage of color, religion (Catholic) and conviction.”

A comprehensive outline of what is contained in the National Security Memorandum document can be read at
Evidence of the actual consequences of this program can be found with the link between vaccines and sterilization, as well as other diseases such as cancer, in both the west and the third world.

In the following video clip, after an introduction by Alex Jones, women of the Akha tribe who live predominately in Thailand, describe how they miscarried shortly after taking vaccines when they were eight months pregnant. The videos below highlight the efforts of supporters of the Akha tribe to get answers from the University of Oregon and the United Nations, who provided funding for the vaccination and sterilization programs.

Further evidence of the link between vaccinations, birth control, cancer and other diseases can be researched here.

In the 21st century, the eugenics movement has changed its stripes once again, manifesting itself through the global carbon tax agenda and the notion that having too many children or enjoying a reasonably high standard of living is destroying the planet through global warming, creating the pretext for further regulation and control over every facet of our lives.
As we have tirelessly documented, the elite’s drive for population control is not based around a benign philanthropic urge to improve living standards, it is firmly routed in eugenics, racial hygiene and fascist thinking.

The London Times reports that the secret billionaire cabal, with its interest in population reduction, has been dubbed ‘The Good Club’ by insiders. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Anyone who takes the time to properly research the origins of the “population control” movement will come to understand that the Rockefeller-Turner-Gates agenda for drastic population reduction, which is now clearly manifesting itself through real environmental crises like chem trails, genetically modified food, tainted vaccines and other skyrocketing diseases such as cancer, has its origins in the age-old malevolent elitist agenda to cull the human “chattel” as one would do to rodents or any other species deemed a nuisance by the central planning authorities.

The Illuminati bankers are crazy enough to purposely let the Ebola and the Zika virus spread from country to country. If not that, they will use a a false flag bio-terror attack to be used as an excuse to enact martial law.

If these satanic bankers can orchestrate 2 world wars and kill off 60 million people within just a few years, they sure in the hell wouldn’t blink a eye at releasing a virus infection to ensure further protection over their fraudulent monopoly over our credit creation. Nuclear war is irrelevant in a world where a virus can destroy an entire population while leaving its treasures intact for the Illuminati bankers.



The Zika virus have now spread to many countries across the globe,even countries in colder climes with no previous history of this or other mosquito carried virus.  I have the fear and intuition that the Zika virus has now been manipulated with intent,to also spread by contact.  There was also one case reported where the virus was found in semen.

According to Oswaldo Cruz laboratory in Sao Paulo,the virus may also have transmuted to the more common Culex mosquito,also found in  other countries.

Perhaps in creating a new species with limited brain-power as slaves in The New World Order?

I would be very surprised if the evil Illuminati laboratories had overlooked using Ebola and the Zika virus to develop  even more infectious strains with a rapid spread and kill value. The fat cats of the Bilderberg Group will stop at nothing to conserve their wealth in a crashing dollar situation.



Global Oligarchs Plan Their Escape from the evaporating Middle class

As the Middle Class Evaporates, Global Oligarchs Plan Their Escape from the Impoverished Pleb Masses

Michael Krieger | Posted Monday Jan 26, 2015 at 11:38 am

The middle class has shrunk consistently over the past half-century. Until 2000, the reason was primarily because more Americans moved up the income ladder. But since then, the reason has shifted: There is a greater share of households on the lower rungs of the economic ladder.

– From yesterday’s New York Times article: Middle Class Shrinks Further as More Fall Out Instead of Climbing Up

At a packed session in Davos, former hedge fund director Robert Johnson revealed that worried hedge fund managers were already planning their escapes. “I know hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway,” he said.

– From the Guardian’s article: As Inequality Soars, the Nervous Super Rich are Already Planning Their Escapes

So the other day, President Barack Obama once again demonstrated his contempt for the American public by using his State of the Union address to pejoratively blurt out meaningless phrases such as “but tonight, we turn the page” and: “The verdict is clear. Middle-class economics works. Expanding opportunity works. And these policies will continue to work, as long as politics don’t get in the way.”

Sorry, but why are “we turning the page” tonight? Weren’t you elected over six years ago? Why didn’t you turn the page in 2009?

Meanwhile, I’m astounded by the phrase “middle-class economics works.” Perhaps it does, but how would anyone know? The only thing I’ve seen from his administration is a laser focused determination to consolidate all American wealth and power into the hands of a tiny group of oligarchs and their lapdogs.

Indeed, the following articles published in the last two days by the New York Times and the Guardian show the true results of Obama’s oligarch-coddling legacy. The Obama years have been nothing short of an oligarch crime scene.

First, from the New York Times:

The middle class that President Obama identified in his State of the Union speech last week as the foundation of the American economy has been shrinking for almost half a century.

In the late 1960s, more than half of the households in the United States were squarely in the middle, earning, in today’s dollars, $35,000 to $100,000 a year. Few people noticed or cared as the size of that group began to fall, because the shift was primarily caused by more Americans climbing the economic ladder into upper-income brackets.

But since 2000, the middle-class share of households has continued to narrow, the main reason being that more people have fallen to the bottom. At the same time, fewer of those in this group fit the traditional image of a married couple with children at home, a gap increasingly filled by the elderly.

Remember, middle-class economics works. If the goal is its total destruction.

These charts from the New York Times do not tell the tale of a thriving economy:

Even as the American middle class has shrunk, it has gone through a transformation. The 53 million households that remain in the middle class — about 43 percent of all households — look considerably different from their middle-class predecessors of a previous generation, according to a New York Times analysis of census data.

In recent years, the fastest-growing component of the new middle class has been households headed by people 65 and older. Today’s seniors have better retirement benefits than previous generations. Also, older Americans are increasingly working past traditional retirement age. More than eight million, or 19 percent, were in the labor force in 2013, nearly twice as many as in 2000.

According to a New York Times poll in December, 60 percent of people who call themselves middle class think that if they work hard they will get rich. But the evidence suggests that goal is increasingly out of reach. When middle class people look up, they see the rich getting richer while they spin their wheels.

One of the main reasons we have seen such a low level of resistance to this historic oligarch theft, is due to the successful brainwashing of the American public. Despite clear evidence to the contrary, 60% of what is left of the middle-class still think they are going to get rich. They have no idea that they are really just a bunch of deluded plebs unable to see how systematically and catestrophically they are being played.

Meanwhile, the Guardian describes how many global oligarchs are already planning their escape. These people know full well they are being enriched criminally. Their response is to take as much money as possible and flee before the pitchforks emerge (see: The Pitchforks are Coming…– A Dire Warning from a Member of the 0.01%).

With growing inequality and the civil unrest from Ferguson and the Occupy protests fresh in people’s mind, the world’s super rich are already preparing for the consequences. At a packed session in Davos, former hedge fund director Robert Johnson revealed that worried hedge fund managers were already planning their escapes. “I know hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway,” he said.

But as former New Zealand prime minister and now UN development head Helen Clark explained, rather than being a game changer, recent examples suggest the Ferguson movement may soon be forgotten. “We saw Occupy flare up and then fade like many others like it,” Clark said. “The problem movements like these have is stickability. The challenge is for them to build structures that are ongoing; to sustain these new voices.”

Clarke said: “Solutions are there. What’s been lacking is political will. Politicians do not respond to those who don’t have a voice In the end this is all about redistributing income and power.”

She added: “Seventy five percent of people in developing countries live in places that are less equal than they were in 1990.”

Welcome to the recovery suckers.

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger





HSBC Hires Kissinger to Help Them Flee The Country

HSBC Hires Kissinger to Help Them Flee The Country

James Corbett -
January 27, 2016

HSBC is the world’s fourth largest bank by assets and a sanctions busting, money laundering bank for terrorists and drug dealers, so it should be no surprise that they have just hired non-convicted war criminal Henry Kissinger to help advise them on fleeing the UK.

You see, HSBC isn’t happy with the current banking environment in the UK. After “suffering” through the outrageous wrist slap of its drug money laundering settlement (equivalent to five weeks of income for the bank), HSBC began a temper tantrum over the UK’s bank levy, a bank tax that was instituted in 2011. Accordingly, last summer the UK government started the phase out of the levy exactly as requested, but added a surcharge on bank profits. This is evidently too much for the banksters, who are now threatening to move their racket to Canada or maybe Hong Kong or somewhere else entirely.

So it’s only logical for them to turn to Heinz Kissinger, a man who has run from investigators in France, Spain, Chile and Argentina to help advise them on how to flee the country. (Ig)Nobel Peace Prize winner Kissinger is notorious for the war crimes he committed during his tenure as Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under Nixon and Ford. During that time he participated in Operation Condor, drafted a plan for food control genocide, orchestrated the 1973 oil crisis, illegally bombed Cambodia, neo-colonized China and generally acted as a good minion for the New World Order he’s constantly pimping. After all, who else would better understand how to help the HSBC banksters escape the suggestion that they might face the tiniest of consequences for their crimes?

Sadly for the people of the UK, HSBC’s threats to move may just be a bargaining strategy they’re using to wring yet more concessions out of the British government. They are expected to come to a decision early this year and have reportedly brought in other international advisers along with Kissinger to discuss the potential geopolitical ramifications of such a move.

Whatever the case, the situation is best summed up by former Corbett Report guest Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance:

“Without a doubt Henry Kissinger and the decision makers at HSBC are responsible for a number of horrible atrocities around the world. This partnership in hell cannot signal anything positive for the free people of Earth. It’s time for the free hearts and minds of the world to confront Kissinger, HSBC executives, and all the people in positions of “authority” who are seeking to control our lives. Let them know we are here, they are not welcome, and freedom is coming.”






All indicators point toward third world status for Americans - JANUARY 26, 2016

The Debt Bomb Ready to Explode

If it wasn’t ludicrous, it would be a comedy skit. Liberals blame Bush for the 
staggering US deficit and Republicans retort by insisting Obama jacked it up. 

It should be noted Clinton did not end his administration with a surplus. Figures compiled by the Treasury bear this out. In fact, far from a $360 billion reduction in the national debt in FY1998-FY2000, there was an increase of $281 billion.  The Clinton surplus was smoke and mirrors. Under Obama the national debt has risen from $10,626,877,048,913.08 on January 20th, 2009 to $18,795,033,928,275.59 on December 21st, 2015.

Both sides of the corporatist one party system love smoke and mirrors. Both are responsible for the deficit and “national” debt. The United States government’s off-budget liabilities is over $200 trillion, but you’re not supposed to know this.

We can never pay this off. It will contribute to the downfall of America.
The debt burden, the devaluation of the dollar, the collapse of housing market, equity markets, private debt, consumer spending and a falling over-valued stock market all spell doom for America—not that Obama and the corporate media are telling you as much.

Donald Trump did.
“Right now, frankly, the country isn’t doing well,” Trump said on January 17, “Recession may be a nice word.”  More like a depression.

And the wealthy are preparing to exit and leave the rest of us to deal with the fallout, as Alex Jones warned last June.




DNB's executive vice president proposes the REMOVAL of all cash in Norway as a form of payment, which is also in line with the Illuminati / Bilderberg's plans for The New World Order.

With a chip in the forehead you are under total control of the 'globale elite' who owns the most important banks in the world. They will also have total control over all your financial actions and can electronically deny you access to any service available. You will also have lost your freedom of movement, as they will be able to follow your tracks, even via GPS in their New World Order.

This 'globale elite' (Illuminati / Bilderberg) is both illegal and criminal and have managed to destroy the world economy through mismanagement and sale of unsecured loans, and have since 2007 repeatedly been on the brink of bankruptcy. 

If all bank customers today attempted to withdraw all their cash, there would only be coverage for a tenth of the deposited cash, and this is what scares the ´global elite´. For THIS reason, they are now frantically working towards the total abolishing of cash.  If they succeed,they will be able to give us all an I.O.U ,relieving them from admitting they have stolen ALL our money.

If  YOU  issue checks without coverage, your account will be blocked. That does not happen with our ´global elite´, who just goes on increasing their debt while retaining the proceeds for themselves.

It would be a better idea to put our money in insurance companies which have strong investment restrictions from the government to protect the public which in the worst case can  be taken over by the government should they totally default their reponsibilities.


DNB´s konserndirektoer forslaar FJERNING av kontanter i Norge som betalingsmiddel,helt paa linje med Illuminati/Bilderberg´s planer for The New World Order.

Med kun en chip i panna er du totalt under kontroll av den ´globale eliten´ som eier de viktigste bankene i verden. De har da ogsaa total kontroll over alle dine finansielle bevegelser og kan elektronisk nekte deg adgang til enhver tjeneste som er tilgjengelig. Du har da ogsaa mistet din bevegelsesfrihet,da de kan foelge dine spor,ja til-og-med via gps i deres New World Order.

Denne ´globale eliten´ (Illuminati/Bilderberg) har med ulovlige og straffbare handlinger klart aa oedelegge verdensoekonomien ved salg av usikrede laan og har siden 2007 flere ganger vaert paa fallittens rand. Hvis ALLE bankenes kunder forsoekte aa ta ut alle deres kontanter,ville det ikke vaere dekning for en tiendedel og det er DETTE de er livredde for. DERFOR,arbeider de naa panisk for aa slette bruk av kontanter. Saa kan de heller gi oss alle en I.O.U saa de slipper aa fortelle oss at de har BRUKT OPP vaare kontanter.

Skriver du ut flere sjekker enn du har dekning for,blir din konto blokkert. DET skjer IKKE med vaar globale elite,som bare fortsetter aa oeke gjelden mens de beholder inntektene for seg selv.

Mener vi skulle heller plassere vaare kontanter i forsikringsselskaper som er paalagt sterke investeringsbegrensninger av staten for aa beskytte publikum og vil i vaerste fall bli overtatt av staten skulle de gaa konkurs.



Europol: Dette er IS' nye terror-strategi

Europol: Dette er IS' nye terror-strategi

          TRENE: Soldater fra Telemarksbataljonen trener opp irakiske sikkerhetsstyrker nord i Irak, som en del 
          av Norges bidrag i kampen mot terrororganisasjonen IS. Europol frykter nå IS' nye strategi.

(VG) 25.01.2016 23:50 - oppdatert 26.01.2016 00:48

Ifølge Europol har IS både vilje og kapasitet til å angripe nesten hva som helst – når som helst.

Det heter det i en fersk rapport som ble publisert mandag.

– Det er all grunn til å tro at IS, IS-inspirerte terrorister og andre religiøst inspirerte terrorgrupper vil gjennomføre et terrorangrep et eller annet sted i Europa, spesielt i Frankrike, heter det i rapporten.

Målet vil ifølge Europol være masseødeleggelser blant sivilbefolkningen.

Rapporten ble publisert mandag i forbindelse med åpningen av et nytt antiterrorcenter. Den peker spesielt på angrepene i Paris i november i fjor som illustrerte hvilken kapasitet IS har til å gjennomføre angrep i områder som ligger utenfor deres kontroll.

Angrepene ser ut til å være en del av en større, global strategi, ifølge Europol. Organisasjonen nevner blant annet mindre, lokalt styrte terrorceller og bevisste valg av «tilfeldige» mål som deler av den nye strategien.

Ny strategi
Den peker blant annet på følgende konkrete funn:

** Paris-angrepene og den påfølgende etterforskningen synes tyder på et skifte mot en bredere og mer global strategi.

** Etterretning tyder på at IS har utviklet en ekstern kommando som er trent for internasjonale angrep.

** IS-terrorceller som opererer i Europa er i stor grad lokalt basert.

** I tillegg sier rapporten mye om hvordan den typiske «moduskandidaten» for IS’ rekrutterere ser ut:

Ifølge rapporten har en stor andel av fremmedkrigere blitt diagnostisert med psykiske lidelser før de valgte å slutte seg til IS. Rapporten siterer én kilde som hevder andelen er 20 prosent, og en annen som hevder det er snakk om enda flere. I tillegg har opptil 80 prosent et kriminelt rulleblad.

Tre angrep på ett år: Derfor blir Paris angrepet av terrorister

Sosiale faktorer som gruppepress og sosial aksept har i noen grad erstattet det religiøse aspektet i rekrutteringen, ifølge rapporten. Alder spiller også en rolle; unge mennesker er ifølge Europol lettere påvirkelige og dermed raskere å radikalisere enn eldre.

I tillegg hevder Europol at mindre enn halvparten som er arrestert for å ha sluttet seg til IS eller mistenkes for å ha planer om det, har relevant kjennskap til sin religion, og er dermed sårbare for tolkninger av Koranen som passer til IS’ logikk.

Flyktninger sårbare
Europol understreker at det ikke er noen bevis som tyder på at terrorister systematisk bruker flyktningstrømmen til å ankomme Europa ubemerket.

Likevel er det kjent at IS-rekrutterere er særlig aktive i flyktningleirer, noe som kan gjøre at flyktninger kan være sårbare for radikalisering i Europa.

Henrik Thune, assisterende direktør ved Norsk senter for fredsbygging, har tidligere sagt til VG at han mener IS har begitt seg inn på en ny strategi.

– Det er et nytt IS vi ser i dag enn for halvannet år siden. Det vi ikke vet, er om dette er et utslag av en beslutning som er tatt for lenge siden, men at det er først nå man har lyktes med strategien. Dette er uansett materialiseringen av en ny måte å operere på, sa han til VG i etterkant av Paris-angrepene.

Skal bedre samarbeidet
Det var i forbindelse med åpningen av et nytt aniterrorsenter at rapporten ble publisert mandag. Målet med senteret er å samkjøre den europeiske innsatsen mot terror.

Norge har en samarbeidsavtale med Europol, men ingen deltagere i arbeidet på antiterrorsenteret, opplyser Justisdepartementet i Oslo til NTB.

Stor VG-oversikt: Dette er de norske Syria-farerne

I en undersøkelse InFact har gjort for VG, svarer hele 43,2 prosent ja på spørsmålet om de har blitt mer redde for et norsk terrorangrep. Samtidig sier PST at terrorfaren har gått ned.

Sikkerhetstjenesten regner 18 personer fra Norge som drept i Syria eller Irak, mens tolv menn straffeforfølges etter hjemkomst fra «kalifatet» eller for annen angivelig tilknytning til IS.

I tillegg skal rundt 40 personer være i live og tilsluttet IS i dag.

Verdens rikeste terrororganisasjon
IS er i dag verdens rikeste terrororganisasjon. Det er imidlertid mye vi ikke vet om hvordan terrororganisasjonen faktisk finansierer angrep som Paris-terroren.

–Det er åpenbart at kostnadene ved reiser, leie av biler og «safe houses» og oppkjøp av kommunikasjonsmidler, våpner og eksplosiver kan tilsvare store summer. Det er imidlertid ingen bevis som tyder på at det finnes nettverk som finansierer IS, heter det i rapporten.

Eksperter sier at det er uvisst hvor mye penger IS faktisk har, og at løsepenger er en av terrororganisasjonens viktigste inntektskilder.



Naa forstaar jeg hvor det ble av alle asylsoekerne som forsvant fra mottakene.
Det hele var nok mesterfullt planlagt etter modell av en spesiell gruppe Navy Seals,omtalt tidligere i The Otium Post.

Ifølge rapporten har en stor andel av fremmedkrigere blitt diagnostisert med psykiske lidelser før de valgte å slutte seg til IS. Rapporten siterer én kilde som hevder andelen er 20 prosent, og en annen som hevder det er snakk om enda flere. I tillegg har opptil 80 prosent et kriminelt rulleblad.

Vi har mye aa glede oss til...



Innfoerer den sittende regjeringen TTIP og TISA avtaler bak vaar rygg?

UTE AV KONTROLL? Statsminister Erna Solberg og utenriksminister Børge Brende sier lite om de nye handels avtalene TISA og TTIP.-Vi er overrasket over hvor lite kontroll politikerne har. - De kan ikke svare på spørsmål, og de nekter å stille i debatt, skriver Petter Slaatrem Titland, leder i Attac. 

Foto: NTB scanpix

Hvorfor utløser ikke avsløringer om TISA-avtalen en regjeringskrise? 
Regjeringen vil binde framtidige regjeringer til sin blåblå politikk gjennom en ny handelsavtale.

Publisert den 18. apr 2015, kl. 08:00 av
Petter Slaatrem Titland - Leder i Attac

Dette er den internasjonale aksjonsuka mot de nye handelsavtalene som er i ferd med å ryste demokratiet vårt. Avtalene skal få enda mer fart på kommersialiseringen av samfunnet. I Norge arrangeres over 20 markeringer denne uka, fra Alta i nord til Kristiansand i sør.

Lær deg denne forkortelsen først som sist. Norge er med i forhandlinger om en ny stor handelsavtale som kommer til å begrense det politiske handlingsrommet til våre egne folkevalgte. Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) er avtalen som skal begrense hva slags politikk vi skal ha for tjenestesektoren vår i all framtid. Forhandlerne sitter i Genève denne uken, uten at politikerne har et ord med i laget. Forhandlingsdokumentene er hemmelige. En mindretallsregjering er i ferd med å endre spillereglene for hele Stortinget, mens de nekter oss innsyn.

Vann, kollektivtransport, post, utdanning og helsetjenester er blant sektorene som ligger på forhandlingsbordet for USA, EU og de 23 andre landene. Gjennom TISA-avtalen skal vi forplikte oss til å slippe til utenlandske selskaper i sektorer vi så langt har beskyttet fra konkurranse.

Sivilsamfunnet måtte nærmest avdekke at Norge var med i TISA-forhandlingene i 2013. Myndighetene har motvillig begynt å dele informasjon. Folkevalgte politikere har innrømmet at de ikke visste om avtalen i det hele tatt. Det meste politikerne vet om TISA-avtalen har kommet fra Attac, Handelskampanjen eller Fagforbundet. Noen modige folkevalgte har tatt opp kampen for å vite mer.

I fjor offentliggjorde Norge det såkalte «åpningstilbudet» fra 2013, som ga en oversikt over hva Norge ville konkurranseutsette og ikke. Noen viktige unntak ble listet opp. Men rammeverket for avtalen er likevel så alvorlig at det er merkelig at en regjering får holde på med dette i fred.

To klausuler i avtalen skal sørge for at regjeringen får avtalefestet sin blåblå politikk. «Frys» og «skralle»-klausulene gjør det avtalestridig å innføre nye reguleringer eller frigjøre sektorer fra konkurranse etter at avtalen er signert. Hvis regjeringen privatiserer jernbanen, blir det altså ulovlig å renasjonalisere den.

I tillegg til at vi må vite om regjeringen vil konkurranseutsette spesifikke sektorer som høyere utdanning eller jernbanen gjennom TISA-avtalen, må vi vite hvordan rammeverket for avtalen ser ut. Hvordan vil Norge beskytte offentlig sektor? Er det virkelig sant at «frys» og «skralle» er med i avtalen, som EU vil? Ville regjeringen ha med disse klausulene da forhandlingene startet?

EU offentliggjorde et hemmeligstemplet forhandlingsmandat som gjorde rede for nettopp disse tingene. Vi krevde å se det samme fra regjeringen. Etter mye fram og tilbake viste det seg at Norge ikke engang har skrevet et forhandlingsmandat. Norske byråkrater sitter altså og forhandler uten politiske føringer for de overordnede spørsmålene i denne avtalen.

Det virker nesten som om avtalen er ført an av en autonom enhet i Utenriksdepartementet. Vi er overrasket over hvor lite kontroll politikerne har. De kan ikke svare på spørsmål, og de nekter å stille i debatt. Det er neppe en god strategi hvis de vil avverge det rabalderet som vil komme når flere får vite om dette.



Alle disse ´handelsavtalene` er ikke med USA men med Illuminati/Bilderberg som en del av deres plan for total kontroll i deres The New World Order.  Denne gruppen har for mange år siden overtatt ALL styring i USA og vil nå også overta EU og Europa,bl.a. med disse avtalene som IKKE kan reforhandles,uansett hvilken fremtidig regjering som styrer landet. Deres domstoler har rang over ALLE nasjonale domstoler og ECHR.

"Regjeringen vil binde framtidige regjeringer til sin blåblå politikk gjennom en ny handelsavtale."  Problemet er bare at det er ikke DERES politikk,men den som er pålagt dem av Bilderberg Gruppen.

Jeg har hatt mange innlegg her vedr. disse avtalene som du kan søke på her: