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The Iluminati/Bildeberg Group controlled US news media is killing US democracy

How America’s ‘News’ Media Killed America’s Democracy: TPP & TTIP

The corporate news media largely ignored the deal forged by the White House and key U.S. Senators to ram through Obama’s world corporate governance bill, TPP, and its transAtlantic counterpart, TTIP. Under the president’s Trans Pacific Partnership, “corporate panels will constitute a new international government, with the power to fine countries for exceeding the regulations that are set forth in these international ‘trade’ treaties.”

How America’s ‘News’ Media Killed America’s Democracy: TPP & TTIP

“TTP & TTIP will produce ‘a dystopian future in which corporations and not democratically elected governments call the shots.’”

A deal was worked out in the U.S. Senate on the early afternoon of May 13th to "Fast-Track" through to approval U.S. President Barack Obama’s proposed trade deals, TPP with Asia, and TTIP with Europe. (It should have been reported on the nightly TV news programs, but most of them ignored it then, and reported the news only the next day when the Senators made it official.)

TPP and TTIP have been represented in America’s press as “trade” deals, but instead they’re actually about sovereignty. They’re about America and the other participating countries handing their democratic sovereignty — on regulation of the environment, consumer protection, worker protection, and finance — over to panels, all of whose members will be selected by the large international corporations that for years have been working with U.S.
President Obama’s Trade Representative to draft these ‘trade’ treaties.



Hardly surprizing considering that members of the Iluminati and Bilderberg Group also control all the US media and banks.

The same is happening in conservative controlled Norway with respect to information about the ongoing TTIP trade negotiations.  Only ONE out of the three major newspapers have mady ANY mention about TTIP,and the one that did,had an arcticle in February,all in favour of the deal.

The people are kept in the dark everywhere until the deal is done and the sentence proclaimed.


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