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Top Billionaire and Bilderberger, Bloomberg, Says Hillary Will Save Us From WWIII And Total Bank Domination

July 28, 2016 · 1:14 pm

Top Billionaire and Bilderberger, Bloomberg, Says Hillary Will Save Us From WWIII And Total Bank Domination

News from overseas where I get most of my information, I only reference US media to mock them for being tools of the elites.  And Bloomberg is a major elitist. I have to go to EUROPE to learn real news these days, hell, I did this during the 1960’s, too!  This is huge news in the Real World and zero news in the US, of course, US voters are sheep to be herded, not wolves to hunt.  So we have near zero news here but anti-Putin news abounds:  US ‘spy plane’ makes emergency landing in Russia after ‘problem with its landing gear’

Some people may think I am making things up when I talk about the past but here it is: right in our faces today, if you don’t use foreign news services, one will have no idea what is going on in the Real World!  The NYT today had total lies about the DNC convention mess and here is the foreign news about that business which should be reported in the US:  Democrat donors demanded party block Bernie Sanders from speaking at the DNC, hacked voicemails released by WikiLeaks reveal | Daily Mail Online in London reports.

Daily Mail - UK : >

So, the super rich who own Hillary and Obama, didn’t want Bernie to speak!   He did…WHEN HE SURRENDERED.  And the US news didn’t headline this story:

Daily Mail - UK : >

Bernie Sanders quits the Democratic Party and will return to being an independent after losing to Hillary Clinton – but still says heads should roll over leaked email scandal.  WHY didn’t he do it BEFORE endorsing the Wicked Witch?  Eh?  Chickened out after the super rich assailed him.

So much for his ‘revolutionary’ attitude.  He let his own followers push him off his podium in the past, I couldn’t imagine Trump letting this happen to himself.  Hillary didn’t have much enthusiasm at her ‘events’ which were few and far between since she wanted to be crowned, not run a populist campaign.

Former CIA director Leon Panetta blasts Trump for Russian hacking comments but the Republican fires back that he’s ignoring Hillary’s email scandal.   Hilarious.  The supposedly ‘liberal’ Democrats are all for CIA stuff, no?  Our good buddies in the CIA…Hillary needs the CIA to win an election.  She needs it for many secret stuff, no?  Obama has it right now and wants it to lie, cheat and steal for her, now.  The open need to have a CIA boss tell the Democrats how to do things is ironic…no, epic.

Daily Mail - UK : >

Here is overseas news about the Panetta blow up:  Leon Panetta shouted down by anti-war protesters at Democratic convention | US news | The Guardian in London, England:

The Guardian - UK :>

The US media owners are most anxious to tell us no one is against Bilderberg bitches so I learn from overseas news that gives us tid bits of what is really going on here, that Bernie Sanders supporters camp outside DNC—We won’t quit ‘Bern-stock’ say the Sanders backers who are testing Philadelphia’s patience by camping outside the DNC – and threatening to stay after it’s over.

Daily Mail - Uk : >

Hillary's health - Breitbart :> 

The Trump Page : >

Thank you for the news, foreign reporters!  Many thanks!


More news from Europe:


Infowars Nightly News - JULY 29, 2016  

The world is on the brink of WWIII

The “Empire of Chaos” has Russia backed into a corner and Putin says we are on the brink of WWIII.

Darrin McBreen talks to Paul Craig Roberts about NATO’s deployment of anti-missile systems surrounding Russia.



Quite frankly, ONLY Donald Trump can save the world from a catastrophic WWIII.
He will severely cut back on NATO forces and their actions.

Hillary Clinton will continue with more disturbance in the Middle East : >

Just showing how desperate the Democrats are,they put the Muslim Khizir Khan on stage where he also condemned Trump for being un-American and sacrificing nothing for the country. Obviously a pre-planned swing at Trump in order to fire him up.  On the contrary, The Donald’s response was relatively mild. For one, he said he expressed condolences for the family’s loss and their son’s service. On the negative side, he wondered why Mrs. Khan didn’t speak at the convention, which gave the impression he was implying it was due to her faith. The New York businessman also said in his characteristically humble fashion that he has made sacrifices in developing successful companies.

Rennae Marshall Christman The law firm for which Kahn worked just COINCIDENTALLY (yeah, right) is also the law firm for the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia, the tax lawyers for Bill & Hillary Clinton (and the Clinton Foundation) and also where Loretta Lynch worked. Oh yeah, they also represent a small tech firm in Denver, CO. (yes, the same little firm that "managed" Hillary's private server)"

The COLLUSION AND CORRUPTION RUNS DEEPER THAN IMAGINABLE my friends!!! wonder the media is falling all over itself to defend this man...There is always more to every story!

The comments were in-artful, yet they were hardly the stuff of vicious denigration. Trump did not attack the service of the Khans’ son and the issue, as later campaign statements pointed out, dealt with the father’s criticism of the Republican nominee’s policies.

So, if you want to save the world from Illuminati/Bilderberg and a new WWIII,hesitate no longer, VOTE for Donald Trump as our new President of the USA!!!

(link to Illuminati revelations)


It´s more important NOW than ever that you know WHO is behind the Democrat government.

It´s more important NOW than ever that you know who´s behind the Democrat government, and WHO you vote for as the new President of the USA.

Your choice is no longer who you LIKE,what PARTY you normally vote for,or the opportunity for a first time FEMALE President.  Much more are now at stake,your future and your children´s future.

Are you prepared to remain in a diminishing middle class, or a working class getting poorer by the minute?   A future with the NWO (New World Order) creating a robotic slave class of people while their global elite wallows in power and riches,never to be contested?

OK, so Trump is a terrible showman,but,I believe a good man at heart, who calls a spade a spade,rather than politically smooth with lies and promises never to be fulfilled.
"Never judge a dog by it´s fur"

The Republican party has always been a SUPPORTING party,never wishing direct power or a presidency.  I also suspect the power behind the mirror are the same,in order to give the people the impression they have a choice.  The past Presidents have all been secretly chosen by the global elite,make no mistake!

We now have a LAST chance to stop the marauding financial elite from destroying our economy and our future as a free people.

I am not in doubt,and would happily give Trump a winning chance to  make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Hillary Clinton will continue in the same track : >

JFK´s secret son endorses Donald Trump :>

The Trump Page : >



As per the link above,Hillary Clinton will continue in the same track as her predecessor,causing more trouble in the Middle East. In my opinion,a local dictator has a better chance to control the rebels, ´speaking the same language,´ than a Western intruder drooling over their oil resources.

Although one of the above videos are from the 2015 meeting,they still depicts very well the evil future plans of the Illuminati/Bilderberg group

Here are the details of the Muslim speaker at the Democrat convention which caused a furor for Donalld Trump the other day :  

Rennae Marshall Christman The law firm for which Kahn worked just COINCIDENTALLY (yeah, right) is also the law firm for the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia, the tax lawyers for Bill & Hillary Clinton (and the Clinton Foundation) and also where Loretta Lynch worked. Oh yeah, they also represent a small tech firm in Denver, CO. (yes, the same little firm that "managed" Hillary's private server)"

The COLLUSION AND CORRUPTION RUNS DEEPER THAN IMAGINABLE my friends!!! wonder the media is falling all over itself to defend this man...There is always more to every story!

(link to Illuminati revelations)

Largest Muslim leader of Saudi Arabia calls for the destruction of all Christian churches

The Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, the largest religious leader of the country where Muhammad was born, declared that it is "necessary to destroy all the churches of the region."

This comment of the Muslim leader was a response to the questioning of a delegation from Kuwait, where a member of parliament recently also urged Christian churches were "removed" from the country.

The Grand Mufti stressed that Kuwait was part of the Arabian Peninsula, and so it would be necessary to destroy all Christian churches there.

"As with many muftis before him, Sheikh based his speech on the famous tradition, or hadith, the Prophet of Islam had declared on his deathbed: 'There can not be two religions in the Peninsula [Arabic]'. This has always been interpreted that only Islam can be practiced in the region, "said Raymond Ibrahim, an expert on Islamic issues.

The importance of this statement should not be underestimated, emphasizes Ibrahim: "The Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah is not a Muslim leader who hates any churches. He is the Grand Mufti of the nation that brought Islam to the world. In addition, he is the president of the Supreme Council of Ulema [Islamic scholars] and Chairman of the Standing Committee for Scientific Research and Fatwas emission. When it comes to what Islam preaches, his words are immensely important. "

In the Middle East, Christians are already facing increased persecution, including death, in recent months. Especially in countries where the Islamic military factions have taken advantage of the power vacuum created by the revolutions of the "Arab Spring" as Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, Jordan, Morocco, Syria and Yemen.

Coptic Christians, for example, living in Egypt for millennia are reporting higher levels of persecution of Muslims. In North Africa, Muslims vowed to eradicate Christianity in some countries, such as Nigeria. In Iraq, where Christians had some advantages over the strong government Saddam Hussein, entire Christian population fled. Iran has also held believers and closed more than usual churches.

Ibrahim also wrote in his column: "Considering the hysteria that afflicts the West whenever an individual offends Islam, for example, an unknown pastor any, imagine what would happen if a Christian equivalent of the Grand Mufti, say the Pope declared that all mosques in Italy must be destroyed, just imagine the frenzy of the Western media. Immediately all vehicles repeatedly scream "intolerance" and "Islamophobia", would demand a formal apology and would appeal to a reaction of politicians. "

The scholar believes that an unprecedented wave of persecution is about to be initiated in the region that still bears witness Israel and Iran live constantly threatening to make attacks. The result may be a conflict of global proportions. Translated and adapted from Arabian Business and WND.



I think it´s time we stop support Mosques in Europe, which seem to be consulates for terrorists.

(link to Illuminati revelations)


GOP delegates make it official: Trump's their choice

GOP delegates make it official: Trump's their choice

Gregory Korte, USA TODAY 9:17 p.m. EDT July 19, 2016

Sen. Jeff Sessions nominated Donald Trump as the Republican Presidential nominee while Rep. Chris Collins and Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster seconded the nomination on the second day of the Republican National Convention.

CLEVELAND — After 56 primaries and caucuses, 17 major candidates and $614.3 million in campaign spending, the Republican party formally nominated its candidate for president of the United States Tuesday in a tightly controlled roll call vote.

And that nominee — with the "presumptive" label no longer attached — is the New York billionaire, reality television star and anti-politician Donald Trump.

It was Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. who was given the honor of putting his father over the 1,237-delegate threshold needed to cinch the nomination.

While Trump focuses on 2016, others looking to 2020, 2024 at RNC

"Congratulations, Dad! We love you!" he exclaimed from his front-row seat in the New York delegation. Most delegates burst into raucous applause as Frank Sinatra's New York, New York played on the loudspeakers and a few remaining Trump opponents sat on their hands.

With Trump supporters successfully putting down an attempted insurgent campaign to change the rules Monday, Trump's name was the only one placed in nomination. So the outcome was preordained as the convention secretary, Susie Hudson of Vermont, called the roll of the states Tuesday evening.

Trump campaign denies plagiarism in Melania's speech, blames reaction on Clinton

That doesn't mean nomination process — usually a formulaic ritual marked with a bit more suspense this year as "Never Trump" protests loomed over the convention — went off without a hitch.

The first bump in the road was in the District of Columbia, which tried to cast 10 delegates for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and nine for Ohio Gov. John Kasich. But the convention secretary overruled the delegation, ordering that all 19 delegates be awarded to Trump.

After the roll call, the Alaska delegation protested that its votes had been miscounted. It cast 12 votes for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, 11 for Trump, and five for Rubio. The secretary of the convention cast them all 28 for Trump. After a 21-minute delay, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus explained that, under an obscure rule affecting only four states, Alaska's votes had been reallocated to Trump after the other candidates dropped out.

In past conventions, Priebus said, those delegations wouldn't have been allowed to even state the original vote from the floor.

Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee talk while Alaska recounts their votes during the second day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on July 19, 2016. (Photo: Carolyn Kaster, AP)
"I hope you saw tonight that we allowed for other votes of other candidates running to be read. I know that was different than Tampa (the home of the 2012 convention), and I hope you all appreciated that," he said.

Similar irregularities were summarily dispensed with, making the few protest votes irrelevant to the final tally.

The convention chairman, House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, announced before the roll call that it wasn't each delegation's announcement that determines the tally. Instead, under the rules adopted Monday, the secretary must record the votes according to state laws and state and national party rules — leaving no room for bound delegates to make a conscientious objection.

So for the most part, the roll call was matter of simple mathematics. The magic number was 1,237, a simple majority of delegates. According to the Associated Press, Trump had 1,543 delegates locked up going into the convention. By the time every delegate was counted, he had 1,725.

The other votes went to Cruz (475), Kasich (120), Rubio (114), neurosurgeon Ben Carson (7), former Florida governor Jeb Bush (3), and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (2).

Getting to those final numbers involved a little bit of arcane procedure and not a small amount of stagecraft.

It began with a nomination by Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, a second from Rep. Chris Collins of New York, and a second second from South Carolina Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster.

The states (plus five territories and the District of Columbia) were called in alphabetical order, with the chairman of each delegation reading out the result — often with a digression filled with state historical trivia, chamber of commerce slogans, nods to politicians and boosterism of local sports teams.

The Michigan delegation, after passing on their first
The Michigan delegation, after passing on their first roll call vote, casts their votes during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland July 19, 2016. (Photo: Robert Hanashiro, Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport)
Some states passed on the first round in deference to Trump's home state of New York — but not without hard feelings.

Ronna Romney McDaniel, the niece of 2012 nominee Mitt Romney, passed on behalf of the Michigan delegation. But she immediately regretted the move, even suggesting she was being punished for Mitt Romney's opposition to Trump. But she later told the Detroit Free Press she was just trying to be a team player. "I was just too nice for my own good,” she said. “I was really disappointed. It was more of a mom, family, Michigan moment.”

Traditionally, the nominee's home state is given the honor of putting its favorite son over the top. And in this case, it was the favorite son's son given that honor.

Donald Trump Jr. makes his way through the crowd.

Donald Trump Jr. makes his way through the crowd after announcing New York's roll call vote, effectively securing the GOP nomination for his father, Donald Trump, during the 2016 Republican National Convention at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland July 19, 2016. (Photo: Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY)

Donald Trump Jr., a Manhattan delegate, announced that 89 of New York's 95 delegates would go to Trump, clinching the nomination for his father.

Afterward, Trump's hand-picked choice for a running mate — Indiana Gov. Mike Pence — was nominated as the Republican vice presidential candidate by voice vote.


Alex Jones speech outside Republican Nomination Conference



(link to Illuminati revelations)


The evil free-trade agreements of TISA - TTIP - TPP offered by Illuminati/Bilderberg

The evil free-trade agreements of  TISA - TTIP - TPP suggested by Illuminati-Bilderberg

This is a repeat of a comment I made regarding a recent article in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. I have a great respect for the author of the article,Signe Navarset who was not afraid to call out about 'the Emperor´s new clothes´.

Fortunately SOMEBODY sees the light, otherwise most people remain unaware of the dangers of this TTIP agreement and what kind of 'people' are behind the agreements and what their main motives are.

I have long tried to inform our people about the background of the 'oligarchs' sitting behind these PRIVATE organizations, Illuminati and the Bilderberg Group, by spreading The Otium Post blog to as many as possible.

I have also repeatedly sent e-mail's to both government members and members our parliament, where I ask them urgently to look into the facts behind this 'Trojan Horse' agreement, but, unfortunately, no response from anyone.

We are dealing with a ancient, very evil organization, the Illuminati, who for generations have worked to corrupt mankind by putting countries and people against each other to create war and misery to their own financial gains. Illuminati delegates lower grade masonic groups in their pyramid to initiate actions against the people of the world population which both destroys and corrupt their lives, always at the economic gains for the oligarchs.

The Bilderberg Group was established in 1956 and has since worked intensively to infiltrate governments with people from their own organization spreading the 'right' philosophy in their area. All newspapers, TV stations, Google and all Hollywood's film studios, not to mention ALL banks, are subject to the Bilderberg Group´s demands. No wonder then that the people as a whole remain unaware of this impending disaster that would totally destroy our individuality, democracy and human rights.

Fortunately, today there are large groups around the world who have seen the light and are informed about what is about to happen. Their members,which today counts millions stage demonstrations in many countries, their numbers increasing day by day. Our governments are elected by the people and may not waive the duties imposed on them by their electorates. Nor can they violate our Norwegian Constitution in favor of rapacious oligarchs who will only assist in destroying our industry and create further unemployment.
Due to the seemingly alluring USA market for Norwegian corporations, they will come to already ´cleared tables´, where conglomerates already have ingested everything they were able to through their hundreds of discount chains. The US economy is on the verge of collapse and unemployment is high. How on earth can Norwegian businesses then have any hope of success here under such circumstances?

The oligarchs have understood that there is little more to gain in the US, but in order to squeeze the last out of a market in free fall, they propose to revoke ALL previous laws of protection, both financially by waiving import duties, and by removal of all health restrictions at both the production of GMOs, and import of goods for sale to the population. 

This demand will also be made of Europe as a condition for membership in this reprehensible TTIP free-trade agreement.

Read also about the degenerate way of life of these oligarchs, belonging to associations that engages in the practices of dark powers, with sexual and occult rituals etc.

One can not seriously make deals with such entities, you may just as well sign the contract directly with a certain man ...

TTIP leaked documents could spell the end of trade deal:>

The actual EU restricted TTIP document :>   (the irreversible trap)

Naked Capitalism - Blog :>

Project Syndicate - Blog :>   
   (´Keep your enemies closer´)



Please note,when the speakers in the above video talks about USA,they actually mean the USA which gradually,during the past 20 years has been taken over by the Illuminati and Bilderberg Group which has infiltrated all top government and other important positions.

The Bilderberg Group, the creators of TTIP-TISA and TPP even have their own private law-courts and judges which have preference over the courts and legal systems belonging to the countries which have agreed and signed these free-trade agreements.

The Central Bank of US is privately owned by Rockefeller and his Bilderberg companions, representing the world´s elite who are plotting to create a New World Order (NWO)
They also control all the major world banks,the media, and even the entire Hollywood film production.

(link to Illuminati revelations)


Who´s behind the Zika virus outbreak & fearmongering?



They’ve been through A with AIDS, C with cancer, D with diabetes, E with Ebola, H1N1, superbugs, etc. Now, they are down to Z with Zika virus.

Here’s the fear mongering channeled through Reuters,

“There is no treatment for Zika infection.

Efforts to combat Zika are focused on protecting people from being bitten and on eradicating mosquitoes, a tough task in many parts of Latin America, where people live in poverty and there are plentiful breeding grounds for the insect.

“We do not have a vaccine for Zika yet. The only thing we can do is fight the mosquito,” Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said on Friday, reiterating her call for a national eradication effort.

Rousseff said tests for the development of a vaccine would begin next week at the Butantan Institute, one of Brazil’s leading biomedical research centers in Sao Paulo.

U.S. President Barack Obama spoke on Friday with Rousseff about the spread of the virus, the White House said.

“The leaders agreed on the importance of collaborative efforts to deepen our knowledge, advance research and accelerate work to develop better vaccines and other technologies to control the virus,” the White House said in a statement.

Zika has hit Brazil just as it prepares to host the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro on Aug. 5-21, an event that draws hundreds of thousands of athletes, team officials and spectators. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) assured teams on Friday the Olympics would be safe from Zika, but urged visitors to carefully protect themselves.

U.S. lawmakers have begun to press the Obama administration for details of its response to Zika. At least 31 people in the country have been infected, all of them after travel to affected countries.”

We should not just be looking at the issue from the standpoint of healthcare only but also from its geopolitical implications. Because, as always, the enemies of humanity do have the skills, capability and appetite for inflicting pain and suffering into many aspects of our existence.

With bioweapon Zika virus, they can:

shake up one of the pillars of the BRICS Collective, i.e. Brazil’s economy, to hasten its fall from grace [here, here, and here];
continue thinning the herd through mass sterilizations via birth control  virus-tainted vaccines  in pursuant to their upgraded United Nations’ Sustainable Agenda 2030, and;
continue profiting from sales of more vaccines.
The development and spread of the Zika virus in Brazil is never an act of nature.

Zika Outbreak Epicenter in Same Area Where GM Mosquitoes Were Released in 2015

By Claire Bernish

The World Health Organization announced it will convene an Emergency Committee under International Health Regulations on Monday, February 1, concerning the Zika virus ‘explosive’ spread throughout the Americas. The virus reportedly has the potential to reach pandemic proportions — possibly around the globe. But understanding why this outbreak happened is vital to curbing it. As the WHO statement said:

A causal relationship between Zika virus infection and birth malformations and neurological syndromes … is strongly suspected. [These links] have rapidly changed the risk profile of Zika, from a mild threat to one of alarming proportions.

WHO is deeply concerned about this rapidly evolving situation for 4 main reasons: the possible association of infection with birth malformations and neurological syndromes; the potential for further international spread given the wide geographical distribution of the mosquito vector; the lack of population immunity in newly affected areas; and the absence of vaccines, specific treatments, and rapid diagnostic tests […]

The level of concern is high, as is the level of uncertainty.

Zika seemingly exploded out of nowhere. Though it was first discovered in 1947, cases only sporadically occurred throughout Africa and southern Asia. In 2007, the first case was reported in the Pacific. In 2013, a smattering of small outbreaks and individual cases were officially documented in Africa and the western Pacific. They also began showing up in the Americas. In May 2015, Brazil reported its first case of Zika virus — and the situation changed dramatically.

Brazil is now considered the epicenter of the Zika outbreak, which coincides with at least 4,000 reports of babies born with microcephaly just since October.

When examining a rapidly expanding potential pandemic, it’s necessary to leave no stone unturned so possible solutions, as well as future prevention, will be as effective as possible. In that vein, there was another significant development in 2015.

Oxitec first unveiled its large-scale, genetically-modified mosquito farm in Brazil in July 2012, with the goal of reducing “the incidence of dengue fever,” as The Disease Daily reported. Dengue fever is spread by the same Aedes mosquitoes which spread the Zika virus — and though they “cannot fly more than 400 meters,” WHO stated, “it may inadvertently be transported by humans from one place to another.” By July 2015, shortly after the GM mosquitoes were first released into the wild in Juazeiro, Brazil, Oxitec proudly announced they had “successfully controlled the Aedes aegypti mosquito that spreads dengue fever, chikungunya and zika virus, by reducing the target population by more than 90%.”

Though that might sound like an astounding success — and, arguably, it was — there is an alarming possibility to consider.

Nature, as one Redditor keenly pointed out, finds a way — and the effort to control dengue, zika, and other viruses, appears to have backfired dramatically.

Juazeiro, Brazil — the location where genetically-modified mosquitoes were first released into the wild.

Map showing the concentration of suspected Zika-related cases of microcephaly in Brazil.

The particular strain of Oxitec GM mosquitoes, OX513A, are genetically altered so the vast majority of their offspring will die before they mature — though Dr. Ricarda Steinbrecher published concerns in a report in September 2010 that a known survival rate of 3-4 percent warranted further study before the release of the GM insects. Her concerns, which were echoed by several other scientists both at the time and since, appear to have been ignored — though they should not have been.

Those genetically-modified mosquitoes work to control wild, potentially disease-carrying populations in a very specific manner. Only the male modified Aedes mosquitoes are supposed to be released into the wild — as they will mate with their unaltered female counterparts. Once offspring are produced, the modified, scientific facet is supposed to ‘kick in’ and kill that larvae before it reaches breeding age — if tetracycline is not present during its development. But there is a problem.

According to an unclassified document from the Trade and Agriculture Directorate Committee for Agriculture dated February 2015, Brazil is the third largest in “global antimicrobial consumption in food animal production” — meaning, Brazil is third in the world for its use of tetracycline in its food animals. As a study by the American Society of Agronomy, et. al., explained, “It is estimated that approximately 75% of antibiotics are not absorbed by animals and are excreted in waste.” One of the antibiotics (or antimicrobials) specifically named in that report for its environmental persistence is tetracycline.

In fact, as a confidential internal Oxitec document divulged in 2012, that survival rate could be as high as 15% — even with low levels of tetracycline present. “Even small amounts of tetracycline can repress” the engineered lethality. Indeed, that 15% survival rate was described by Oxitec:

After a lot of testing and comparing experimental design, it was found that [researchers] had used a cat food to feed the [OX513A] larvae and this cat food contained chicken. It is known that tetracycline is routinely used to prevent infections in chickens, especially in the cheap, mass produced, chicken used for animal food. The chicken is heat-treated before being used, but this does not remove all the tetracycline. This meant that a small amount of tetracycline was being added from the food to the larvae and repressing the [designed] lethal system.

Even absent this tetracycline, as Steinbrecher explained, a “sub-population” of genetically-modified Aedes mosquitoes could theoretically develop and thrive, in theory, “capable of surviving and flourishing despite any further” releases of ‘pure’ GM mosquitoes which still have that gene intact. She added, “the effectiveness of the system also depends on the [genetically-designed] late onset of the lethality. If the time of onset is altered due to environmental conditions … then a 3-4% [survival rate] represents a much bigger problem…”

As the WHO stated in its press release, “conditions associated with this year’s El Nino weather pattern are expected to increase mosquito populations greatly in many areas.”

Incidentally, President Obama called for a massive research effort to develop a vaccine for the Zika virus, as one does not currently exist. Brazil has now called in 200,000 soldiers to somehow help combat the virus’ spread. Aedes mosquitoes have reportedly been spotted in the U.K. But perhaps the most ironic — or not — proposition was proffered on January 19, by the MIT Technology Review:

An outbreak in the Western Hemisphere could give countries including the United States new reasons to try wiping out mosquitoes with genetic engineering.

Yesterday, the Brazilian city of Piracicaba said it would expand the use of genetically modified mosquitoes …

The GM mosquitoes were created by Oxitec, a British company recently purchased by Intrexon, a synthetic biology company based in Maryland. The company said it has released bugs in parts of Brazil and the Cayman Islands to battle dengue fever.

This article (Zika Outbreak Epicenter in Same Area Where GM Mosquitoes Were Released in 2015) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Claire Bernish and Anti-Media Radio airs week nights at 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific. 

Here’s more to the Zika story…

Zika Freakout: The Hoax and the Covert Op Continue

By Jon Rappoport

Thanks to reporters and researchers Jim Stone, Kathy Ford, the fullerton informer, Jim West, Martin Maloney, and Claus Jensen, who have moved this story forward and exposed the scam.

If you want to hide anything on this planet, twist it into a (fake) story about a virus. You’re home free.

This is my second article on the Zika-virus scam (article archive here). I’ve been to these rodeos before: HIV, West Nile, Swine Flu, SARS, Ebola. In each case, a virus is blamed for illness and death that actually arises from other causes.

The Zika virus, now being blamed for the birth of babies with very small heads and impaired brains, has been around for a long time—late 1940s, early 1950s—and suddenly, without warning or reason, after inducing, at best, mild illness, it’s producing horrendous damage? This is called a clue. A clue that scientific liars are lying. Furthermore, many of the women who are giving birth to deformed babies test negative for the presence of the Zika Virus.

So, what is causing babies to be born with very small heads and brain damage? While researching my first book in 1987-8, AIDS INC., I concluded: don’t assume there is only one cause for illness. That can be very misleading. Various factors can combine to produce disease and death.

For example, in the case of this “Zika” phenomenon:

One: Pesticide use in Brazil:

Brazil, the center of the “Zika” crisis, uses more pesticides than any nation in the world. Some of these are banned in 22 other countries. And as for babies born with smaller heads, here is a study from Environmental Health Perspectives (July 1, 2011), “Urinary Biomarkers of Prenatal Atrazine Exposure…”:

“The presence versus absence of quantifiable levels of [the pesticide] atrazine or a specific atrazine metabolite was associated with fetal growth restriction… and small head circumference… Head circumference was also inversely associated with the presence of the herbicide metolachlor.” (emphasis added)

Atrazine and metolachlor are both used in Brazil.

Two: The TdaP vaccine:

This is a case of suspicious correlation. A study posted in the US National Library of Medicine, “Pertussis in young infants: a severe vaccine-preventable disease,” spells it out:

“…in late 2014, the [Brazilian] Ministry of Health announced the introduction of the Tdap vaccine for all pregnant women in Brazil.”

Obviously, pregnant women are the target group; they are giving birth to babies with smaller heads and brain damage, and the recommendation for them to take the vaccine was recent; 2014.

Barbara Loe Fisher, of the National Vaccine Information Center, writes:

“Drug companies did not test the safety and effectiveness of giving influenza or Tdap vaccine to pregnant women before the vaccines were licensed in the U.S and there is almost no data on inflammatory or other biological responses to these vaccines that could affect pregnancy and birth outcomes…The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lists influenza and Tdap vaccines as either Pregnancy Category B or C biologicals which means that adequate testing has not been done in humans to demonstrate safety for pregnant women and it is not known whether the vaccines can cause fetal harm or affect reproduction capacity. The manufacturers of influenza and Tdap vaccines state that human toxicity and fertility studies are inadequate and warn that the influenza and Tdap vaccines should ‘be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed.’” (emphasis added)

Three: Genetically engineered mosquitoes that have already been released in Brazil to “combat” dengue fever—a project implemented by Oxitec, a company supplied with grant money from Bill Gates:

A town in Brazil has reported continuing elevated levels of dengue fever since the GE (genetically engineered) mosquitoes have been introduced to combat that disease.

The scientific hypothesis is: the trickster GE bugs (males) will impregnate natural females, but no actual next generation will occur beyond the larval stage. However, this plummeting birth rate in mosquitoes is the only “proof” that the grand experiment is safe. No long-term health studies have been done—this is a mirror of what happened when GMO crops were introduced: no science, just bland assurances.

Needless to say, without extensive lab testing, there is no way to tell what toxic elements these GE mosquitoes may actually be harboring, in addition to what researchers claim. That’s a major red flag.

Wherever these GE mosquitoes have been introduced, or are about to be introduced, the human populations have not been consulted for their permission. It’s all being done by government and corporate edict. It’s human experimentation on a grand scale.

Four: Pesticide manufacturing in Brazil:

Reuters, May 19, 2015, “Brazil prosecutors seek $16 million from pesticide makers”:

“Brazilian prosecutors said on Monday they would seek at least 50 million reais ($16.6 million) from multinational pesticide manufacturers for alleged safety violations at a collection facility for used pesticide containers… Those manufacturers, prosecutors said, include the Brazilian units of BASF, DuPont, Monsanto, Nufarm, Syngenta, Adama, FMC and Nortox… The charges come as scientists, regulators, public health officials and consumers increasingly complain that Brazil’s ascent as an agricultural powerhouse has led to unsafe and excessive use of pesticides. Reuters reported in April that at least four foreign manufacturers sell pesticides in Brazil that they are not allowed to sell in their home markets.” (emphasis added)

How convenient for these corporate giants to evade blame for horrific birth effects—out of nowhere a virus is touted as the cause.

Five: Severe and endemic malnutrition, lack of basic sanitation, and grinding poverty:

These are major factors in all illness and death, in the areas where they are prevalent (e.g., major parts of Brazil). Suppression of the immune system is the result, and anything that then comes down the pipeline, germs or manmade toxic substances, become catastrophic to the body.

Six: anti-mosquito sprays:

The Guardian, January 26, 2015, “Brazil is ‘badly losing’ the battle against Zika virus, says health minister”:

Sprays are now being given out to 400,000 pregnant women in Brazil. Naturally, the sprays are toxic. What better way to multiply the attack on mothers and their unborn children? For example, widely used organophosphates in sprays can be highly disruptive to the nervous system.

Some or all of these six elements I’ve listed, in combination, form a sustained attack on human life.

And as I keep stressing, the virus becomes the formidable cover story that conceals the truth.

And don’t forget the Rio Olympic Games, coming up in August. There are multiple scenarios which could play out in front of a global television audience. Will Zika be pushed as some sort of worldwide pandemic? Will a Zika vaccine be magically “discovered” and rushed into production, in time to show (as an advertisement) lines of people dutifully trudging up to receive shots?

Every fake epidemic is, in part, designed to create fear and induce blind compliance to medical and government dictates. The germ is positioned as the “tiny terrorist” in this stage play.

In my first book, AIDS INC. (1988), I indicated that covert medical ops are the most dangerous, because they appear to be politically neutral, they fly under no flag, and they claim to forward only humanitarian aims. But in fact, modern “Rockefeller Medicine” is built as a vast partner in the Globalization of the planet. Its vision is a universal in-utero-to-cradle-to-grave system for the human race: every human walks a bleak lifelong path of disease-diagnosis after diagnosis, receiving toxic drugs and vaccines at every turn, which weaken his body and mind, and make him unable to consider what is happening outside his perimeter of suffering or resist political totalitarianism.

Medical freedom means: the freedom to refuse medical care, and it’s based on knowledge of destructive effects. This freedom must win, against any odds.

“Official science” is a contradiction in terms, and a grand illusion.

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

Like all other outbreaks before, we are calling this one just another fear mongering to divert our attention from more pressing global issues and for what they are about to do.

We already have the effective means to defeat any known and unknown viral infections.

We can mitigate the effects of any chemicals and neutralized all types of parasites without using highly toxic drugs and expensive procedures, but only with a very simple and complete protocol that defeats all known and unknown diseases for good, without any long-term side-effects. 




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