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The Legacy and Demise of Adnan Sakli

The Legacy and Demise of Adnan Sakli

March 14, 2014
“If I had wanted to behave like a King or an Emperor, they could have understood that. Because I want to give the power that I have back to the people, that they cannot understand!”
– Adnan Sakli, holder of the Global Accounts
Adnan Sakli died on the 27th of February 2014 (corrected time of death). Although the immediate cause of his death may or may not be called “natural”, the real cause of death was attrition created by social parasites that wish to enslave humanity. The people of this planet have lost a good friend and brave “White Knight” they did not know existed. His position at the top of the economic pyramid of power has been a well-kept secret. He alone was the holder of the sovereign titles of all nations, corporations, central banks and currencies. He alone was, “PRIME” as a signatory and as a target.
He did not get his position through conquest. As a matter of fact other people did it for him, without his knowledge. You can thank the Secret Service for protecting your Stock Exchange from an artificial melt down directed by what is known as the “Illumaniti”. Adnan was the only one with available lawful funds at that time to “save the day”. His focus at that time was on global development projects. Due to events beyond his control he became the formal owner of over 54-billion accounts. Faced with a responsibility he did not ask for, nor want and with his visions for a better world he decided to take upon himself the single handed task of reforming the economic system –globally.
As he said it, “This is the first and only time in the world that humanity will have a chance at becoming free from religious, political, economic and corporate enslavement.” Money is the prime mover in the world. Money in the hands of a few, provided as a limited resource with interest used as a debt instrument creates the entire foundation for social competition and economic warfare. With adequate and equilateral distribution of money over time, together with the release of advanced technology already perfected, humanity can come to the point where money is simply not necessary anymore. It will take a number of generations. We can heal the Earth, ourselves, our social structures and stretch ourselves collectively to an unknown potential.
The idea of real economic solutions, prosperity and new technology being made available to the people was just not acceptable to those whose economic power was being threatened. Adnan Sakli had a deeply rooted love of free expression in humanity. He was a highly gifted builder, developer of nations, innovator, inventor and banker, last but not least. He did not search for power. Power came to him.
He was fully aware of how funds for help to poor nations always got stolen, projects got high-jacked, and help to dependency was often the result. He wanted to stop that.
He did not build a military defense system to protect his position. Morality and Integrity was Adnan Sakli’s defense system. That was his“mistake”. Without sufficient military defenses, he fell victim of being used and abused by those that have no “morality”. Perhaps this is a lesson for us all. They never stopped trying to kill him. They killed his parents; they kidnapped him, took his home, forged his signature and blocked access to his own accounts. This is how the richest man in the world can die alone in a hotel suffering from an unknown disease.
It is a paradox that his fate was so in opposition to those dreams he had for mankind.
His story needs to be told because it also provides solutions for mankind’s greatest immediate and long-term problems. Adnan Sakli did not have many friends. He and his friends were not afflicted with the “love for money”. He was interested in art, philosophy, science, psychology, history and the politics of social architecture. He did not play games. He had a great sense for beauty and the creative expression of mankind and all life. He knew that the universe is alive. He was brutally honest and his scope of knowledge was simply mind-boggling. He was also very skeptical of others and had little patience for the lack of ability to perceive the truth, as he understood it. At the same time he enjoyed contact with those that he shared intentions, perspectives and interests with.
I take it upon myself to provide a portrait of a man I have the highest respect for and like us all lacking in perfection there is always a certain amount of learning through trial and error. I am sure he can look back and say, “I did the best I could do”. Now I ask the reader, “Are you going to look back someday and say the same?” I know today that Adnan and I have a shared vision together with many others. He had the position to enforce and promote that vision. I do not. I can only hope that the rest of the world can know that there are solutions to our problems of the “human condition”. They are doable. We are not genetically designed to self-destruct, but to thrive.
First contact
My first conversation with Adnan was close to the end of November, 2012. Since that time we have exchanged many hours of private Skype calls, conference calls and chat. Some of that information will be released to different media. Some has already gone out on UTube. The amount of information we have been privileged to take part in is quite overwhelming for most people. Adnan had an extensive scope of knowledge about how the global systems of finance are run. He know who the bandits were, their intentions and methods. He was never afraid to name those who are involved in destroying the people and the planet.
Adnan Sakli lived with what I would call a “galactic” level of awareness. His perspectives into the nature of the Universe were not only scientific, they were also spiritual. He knew a lot about the power of focused attention over time. He was very aware of the energetic changes on the planet.Our involvement with Multidimensional beings also known as ET’s was a “matter of fact”. He knew how time, as we usually understand it, is an illusion. He did all his planning with long-term perspectives. He did not fit the profile of a high-profile banker.
He has admittedly funded a number of projects under the Department of Defense. This, he said, gave him access to certain knowledge that others did not have. We have developed technology thousands of years into the future, compared to what we have available to us today. The problem is that the technology is in lock down, because that is a military advantage. It does however belong to the people.
His position in the economic pyramid of power was that of an institution over the Bank of International Settlements. He was the one that bailed out the banks in 2005, 7, 8 and 9. Then he said, “enough is enough, you are unable to do any good for the people, so pay the bill! Since that time, the central banks, nation states, NGO’s and CORPORATIONS have been struggling to“stay afloat”. They have run out of money and desperate to get their hands onto whatever gold and natural resources they can. The banks have instigated internal auditing systems run by computer. If the bank does not pay their investment bills, the computer takes the customers money.
They say that a virus is attacking the system, when it is their own system of regulations that is attacking their lack of wisdom and foresight.
Adnan Sakli had his hands around the throat of the “beast”and it is essentially dead but will not realize it quite yet. In essence, he still has his hands around the throat of the beast even after his death because his accounts are essentially frozen. He was waiting for them to show up at the negotiation table. They never came. They are afraid that their games and criminal activities will be exposed. They know only a parasitic form of life. Unable to create anything of real value for themselves they are committed to living off the efforts of others.
This press-release is provided to the people to ignite the flame of inspiration and motivation in a time of deep tribulation. A battle of epic proportions is being waged on humanity. The one side represents full-spectrum dominance and slavery, while the other represents full-spectrum vitality.
Full-spectrum dominance or vitality?
Humanity has essentially lived on a form of “prison planet”for thousands of years. The nature of the prison we all are born into is a certain set of physical, social and psychological limitations. These limitations serve a certain purpose and that is to develop enough awareness to extend self beyond those limitations. This is the hidden spiritual aspect to human evolution. We keep on coming back until we “get it right”. The Earth has been a place of experiential learning through trial and error.
You can say that somehow, along the way, the program became high-jacked. Free choice became very highly manipulated free-choice, what we call “democracy” today. Socially speaking, humanity is on the verge of self-destruction at a number of levels like pollution of our entire environment, endless wars and infrastructure collapse. Simultaneously, the Earth itself is evolving energetically beyond the comprehension of most people.This energetic evolution will only support a cooperative, supporting self and others, collective form for life. The time-span for this evolution is currently un-known.
The parasitic way of life is serving self at other’s expense. It is easy to identify, the boundaries are very clear. We all have a“moral compass” that can be “remagnetized” to point towards honoring the truth and that which is good for self and others.
The Politicians have always talked about the difficult path to peace, while they simultaneously are waging their economic wars at many different and varying levels. The motivation for profit is always for self at the expense of another. It is a social meme that has been indoctrinated into your minds from your historic past.
There are good reasons that the state takes responsibility to educate their young children. Their education serves the purpose of sustainability of economic slavery at the price of struggling to reach self-actualization of your individual and collective potential. The entire system is run from the Roman Catholic Vatican simply taking over the rule of the earlier Roman Empire. Your royalty families were created by the Vatican and enforced by the Vatican. The Vatican controls all commerce through the Universal Post Union held in Switzerland. From these centers of power fascism is the ruler. That is to mix business with politics for the benefit of profits. Secondary powers are also present all over the planet and these are constantly waging war with each other.
This is why humanity must take back their de jure nations and create constitutions that honor the truth, sovereign free will under responsibility and the value of life. As a planet of many nations, we need to create a new council of united nations, where wisdom, integrity and devotion to create, reinforce and defend long-term vitality is a prerequisite. A higher council with representation and responsibility to their nations can together discuss the issues of how to use money in the future. With such a foundation the restoration of the people of the planet can launch a new foundation for anew and self-sustaining social structure that is also self-determined. I am convinced that this is also the will and testament of Adnan Sakli. This is the key to releasing the funds that are available for global abundance.
His earlier demands were that, “Nations must prove to me that they can take care of their people, their land and their neighbors. I will release funds to make that happen, When I am convinced that they can and are willing to keep their promises, I will release my control.” Sounds like a good deal for the people. He was very aware of the fact that the burden of debt is enslavement. It was his desire to release humanity from that enslavement.
Why its so difficult to get any hard news about Adnan Sakli
When Adnan was kidnapped in Italy there was only a short story that said the following:
Rimini, 27 May (AKI) – Italian police in the northeastern city of Rimini on Thursday freed a Turkish-American businessman who had been kidnapped two weeks ago. During his captivity, Adnan Sakli, a banker, was forced to sign over documents that could have been redeemed by the kidnappers for 27 billion euros.
As a ransom, the kidnappers demanded that Sakli sign over 27 billion euros in credit lines, Sky Italia reported.
Police in the city on the Adriatic coast said they had arrested nine Italians and one Ethiopian during raids.
Investigators kept the kidnapping of the 55-year-old businessman a secret while they worked to free him.
Adnan did not need, nor want to advertise the vastness of his accounts. He led a quiet life, as he said it, “a boring life” and was not visible in the press.There is another reason why nobody knows about Adnan Sakli, while everybody knows about the Rothschild and Rockefeller families. If the press let you know than the politicians would have no excuses to proclaim the need for austerity,costly loans and slavery to polluting energy systems and outdated transportation and communication infrastructures.
Adnan was an “outsider” from Turkey. He did not behave like other investors. He was also stone cold to negotiate with. He did not engage in pissing contests. So as long as you don’t know that his funds exist, the longer the plantation can continue their slave trade. The rest is up to you.
How do you make your voice heard?
All past experience has led me to understand that the current powers that be intend to keep you so busy and distracted with superficial events, even tragedies that you will never come around to thinking for yourself. You will never question the fact that you live in a legal fiction where your name is spelled in ALL CAPS to indicate that you are the living dead. You will never question why your birth certificate is a valuable document and why we always have to “work for money”.
As the most intelligent form of life on this Earth, humans are the only ones that have to pay to live here. Does that not strike you as odd?
Your responsibility and authority has been assumed by your commercial governments for a price. That means you have to follow their rules.You are born into this system of a “social contract” without ever having read the contract itself. You were a bit too young to understand when your birth certificate was issued. How can it be that it is a “benefit” when you can in fact not opt out and say I chose to be free, thank you. I choose to take my responsibility and authority seriously. I choose to stretch my abilities and learn to do new things for self and others. I choose to live from the inside-out instead of living in a reality created only from words.
Are you willing to take responsibility? You have that even though you might want to give it away because you always have to live with the consequences of your choices. You have been brainwashed into believing that competition is necessary, natural and good for human evolution. That is a lie. Competition is a waste of energy. It can only create artificial rules,regulations, friction, resistance, conflicts, dysfunction and dis-ease. Your body has vitality only when there is no competition within your body. The same is true with your psyche, your relationships and social structures. Simply observe nature with new eyes. You will discover symbiosis and an interactive chain of cooperation beyond your wildest of dreams.
You are trained to think of “peace” and “normal” as a standard. Reflect on the wisdom of replacing that with, “vitality” and“extra-ordinary”! When enough people on this Earth get the message, there will be no problem turning this “ship around” in the middle of the night.
This is what Adnan says he has done:
I built the first wind park, Floating hospital for emergencies, Floating power plants, Desalinization parks in the deserts, We plant 6 million trees a year, I built the floating emergency homes for disasters, First environmental agriculture, introduction of the hydrogen cars into the market, Construction 90 % of China, Science parks, fund the arts around the world, Fed the hungry when they were in need, stopped wars from happening,rebuilt most of the Pacific rim, UAE, South and central America. All before I was 40.
Computers for the kids in underdeveloped countries, the intelligent blackboards for the schools that had no teachers, Satellite communications that converted languages to local language, The 1000 dollar lap tops, The WIFI networks, Mobile phones in Africa so the people could do business to feed there families instead of driving 3 days to make a meeting. Animal farming.
Roads, hospitals around the world – It seems like what ever comes to mind I have done it. Consulted president, kings, on what to do. They used to call to ask directions of the situations.

They never said that they were the heads of state of the kings and queens of countries. They called the plumber to fix their problems.For many years I did. When Mother Teresa needed money for food she called me and I got it for her. Then she got me mad because she didn’t want to teach work skills, saying it was good for the soul to suffer.
All my good work got hijacked by crooks named BUSH and company. The triple B Group. Bush, Baker and Bradley. They screwed it all up.
My note: Adnan recognized that the Bush family was behind 9/11 after gold that was stolen from the vaults, was melted down in Indochina to be re-stamped. A part of the cache was take to UBS to be entered into the system. It was discovered that it was the dragon gold stolen from the Twin Tower Vaults. The agents were killed and the gold was melted down again with the proper owners stamp, back to China, held by Adnan Sakli.
Mike Cechanowicz 14.3.2014



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