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What The Dollar's Collapse Will Mean To The World

What The Dollar's Collapse
Will Mean To The World

By Bruce Porteous
Over the last few days, there has been a number of articles in the media about the steady decline of the $US against the Euro. While many economists have forecasted the possiblity of the dollar declining against the Euro for sometime, most do not comprehend the significance of this. Some believe that the decline of the dollar against the currencies of American's trading partners will help correct the USA's trade deficit, and the dollar will stop falling when the trade imbalance is corrected. However, the evidence is that the opposite is happening - the $US has declined 40% against the Euro over the last 2 years, and during this time America's trade deficit has continues to deteriorate.
There is now nothing the USA can do to prevent the collapse of its currency, and its economy. It has no reserves to support its value, and has the most indebted country in the world, is dependant of the credit from America's former enemies. Over the last couple of days, both Russia and China have said they will be switching their considerable dollar reserves into Euro. This will only hasten the lack of confidence in the dollar, creating a global lack of confidence in the currency, and setting into free-fall. It will soon bring about the total collapse of the dollar, and the American economy.
The collapse of the dollar will throw the world into a global depression. Those nations with large external debts will not be able to trade sufficiently to earn the income to service their debts, and will slide into bankruptcy. The economies of New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the UK will also totally collapse, as a result of their indebtedness and not being able to service their borrowings. It will result in the Anglo-Saxon nations facing abject poverty, our people facing starvation, and a total break-down in society. Crime will become rampant. Law and order will cease to exist. Disease will become widespread.
The Asian economies, which have depended upon American trade, will also be severely affected. However, they will recover after a period, but only after considerable political and economic turmoil.
The EU will be in a much better position to survive the coming economic chaos. An influx of capital into the Euro zone by those selling dollars will provide the funding for rebuilding the economies of the new United States of Europe. However, the collapse of the $US will still severely affect the already depressed German and French economies. The resulting economic turmoil will create the need for the acceptance of a strong EU leader, who will be able to make the necessary political and economic reforms to enable Europe revive their economies. Those nations that accept the new EU Constitution will come under the control of this new leader, creating Europe as the world's new Super Power.
The Euro will become the world's only reserve currency, creating the means for the new United States of Europe to become the dominant economic power in the world. The new Europe will be able to dictate the terms on how the global economy should be run. They will take over the administration of America and Britain, placing the Anglo-Saxon people in bondage for repayment of their debts.
Americans do not appear to comprehend the bitterness that has grown around the world as a result of their illegal invasion of Iraq. While once Europeans looked up to, and admired America; today it is held in utter contempt for its arrogance and warmongering. Anti-European comments in the American media have only added to this hostility towards the US. America's attempt to impose its version of government on the world, its hypocrisy in claiming to be the moral leader of the world, while flooding the media with degenerate filth and garbage, has bought upon it disgust and contempt that few Americans can comprehend.


Dollar collapse - worst scenario:

Dollar collapse and Euro explained:


The largest – and yet underreported – factor behind the Baltimore riots is America’s poor economy and it’s only going to get worse, according to former presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul.

“We know about the militarization of the police and their overreaction in the drug war,” he said Thursday onthe Alex Jones Show. “We also noticed that some people who are on the receiving end of excessive police force are overreacting too and people can get pretty nervous about that as well, but the big, overwhelming thing that drives the problem in the inner city is back to economics.”

“If we had a thriving economy, the problems in the inner city wouldn’t be there, but when you have an entitlement system, Keynesian economics and the Federal Reserve fixing it up for the rich to get richer and the remaining part of the middle class, the upper middle class that might be remaining, the rich even go after them to tax them to try and keep this [system] going.”

“One thing for sure, we don’t know when this is going to end, but it will end,” Dr. Paul continued. “There’s never been a paper currency that lasts for an indefinite period of time; they always end and this one [the U.S. Dollar] has gone on for way too long, it’s bigger than ever.”

“There’s never been a fiat currency like the dollar in our world as it is today.”

The U.S. economy slowed to a crawl in the first quarter of 2015, growing at only 0.2% in comparison to 2.2% in the last quarter of 2014.

“There is a huge bubble with the dollar,” Dr. Paul toldCNBC on April 14. “It’s not so much that the dollar is a great currency; it’s the fact that nothing else is any better.”

“The fundamentals are a disaster and the economy is in bad shape when you have more than half the people hardly making ends meet.”

Thus it’s no coincidence that the rioting in America today coincided with a collapsing economy.


No wonder the TTIP free trade agreement is beeing hurried through before the end of 2015. Using the EU as a liferaft in their escape from a sinking currency.

This has nothing to do with the average american,which are great people,but the 2% which has controlled the american economy and banks for many years. Their untamed greed  is now causing a total collapse of the world system as we knew it.

For God´s sake,DO NOT sign the TTIP freetrade agreement which is a scam that will destroy us all.  



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