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The impact of TTIP on education would be effectively irreversible.

The impact of TTIP on education would be effectively irreversible. 


The conservative Cato Institute argues that ‘the coming revolu­tion of cross-border trade in education has enormous benefits, and governments should resist protectionist demands that will slow progress’. As negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership continue it is evident that it poses a real threat to high quality public education

  • The TTIP is a comprehensive trade agreement being negotiated between the European Union and the United States.  The aim is to reduce or eliminate barriers to trade in goods or services.
  • Negotiations began in 2011 and are ongoing, with the latest round which took place in July 2014.
  • Foreign investors will have the right to sue governments for loss of profit resulting from public policy decisions through an Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism. 
  • Barriers to trade would include valuable social standards and environmental regulations, such a labour rights and food safety rules.
  • TTIP covers all sectors including health and education, which are currently exempt from free trade agreements.  TTIP would introduce a new wave of privatisation to public services.
  • Multinational companies would have the right to bid for health and education contracts in the UK.   Local government procurement policies in support of social or environmental goals would no longer apply.
  • TTIP could entrench privatisation, as governments which attempt to regain public control would risk being sued by multinational companies. 
  • In the US for-profit education organisations have sued the government over regulations that could damage their profits. 
  • Governments could be sued by ad hoc arbitration tribunals for loss of profits resulting from public policy decisions. A sovereign government’s power to protect its citizens would be limited.  
  • The EU would be opening up education services to free trade with the US.
  • TTIP would lead to the expansion of for-profit education companies in UK schools.
  • The impact of TTIP on education would be effectively irreversible. 
  • The stakes could not be higher, so be informed, the links below provide further detail.
  • Lobby your MP and MEP to raise your concern about TTIP and to demand that education be exempt from TTIP.
  • Spread the word about the threat of TTIP.  

"TTIP is correctly understood… as an assault on European and US societies by transnational corporations, seeking to remove regulatory barriers to their activities on both sides of the Atlantic." John Hilary, War On Want




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