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European Parliament to pass resolutions on TTIP and CETA

European Parliament to pass resolutions on TTIP and CETA

February 16th, 2015
by Cornelia Reetz

Two resolutions that could have an impact on TTIP and CETA are currently being discussed in the European Parliament. Firstly, there is likely to be a resolution on ISDS (investor-state dispute settlement, special tribunals for use by corporations) in March. There is no draft of the text yet.

We are concerned that this resolution might signal the Parliament’s willingness to accept a reform agenda on ISDS.

The European Commission has been trying to make us believe that the negative impacts of ISDS in other treaties can be solely attributed to errors that could be resolved through reforms. For instance, proposed improvements include an increase in transparency, permanent arbitrators and more concrete formulations to ensure the protection of environmental, consumer or worker protection. However, such reforms are not enough. There is absolutely no need for exclusive rights for corporations! In the EU, the US and Canada there are functioning regular courts which can be invoked in cases of dispute. Furthermore, there are hardly any cases of discrimination or expropriation against foreign investors in these states anyway.

Should there be a resolution on ISDS in the European Parliament, it is likely to describe the conditions under which the European Parliament would agree to a Trade Agreement (CETA or TTIP) containing ISDS. With such a resolution at this point in time, the Parliament seeks to influence the EU negotiating position for ISDS in TTIP, currently under review by the European Commission. Since the spring of 2014 the Commission has suspended negotiations on ISDS with the United States, for the criticism was so heavy that the Commission was forced to make reform proposals and conduct a public consultation on the subject. Regardless of the fact that 97% of consultation participants rejected ISDS altogether, the Commission remains committed to a reform agenda. The European Parliament may influence this process with a resolution that would be, even if not legally binding, politically significant for the Commission because only the EP can approve new trade agreements.

We demand that the European Parliament must take seriously the results of the ISDS resolution and reject the inclusion of ISDS in all future trade agreements.

The second EP resolution deals directly with the TTIP agreement. There is already a first draft prepared by the Trade Committee. In the coming months this draft will be discussed and further developed in the various committees of the Parliament. In mid-May the final vote on the resolution will be taken in the plenary meeting of Parliament in Strasbourg.



Oppdatert for en uke siden..

Hva med Norge´s forhandlinger via EØS ?

Les hele TTIP avtalen i.flg. Wikileaks :

Grunnet den farlige ISDS avtalen som er en forutsetning for medlemskap i TTIP må vi FORLANGE folkeavstemming da de fjerner alle sosiale goder samt våre arbeidsvilkår.

Dette er en ulv i fåreklær !!


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