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The evil free-trade agreements of TISA - TTIP - TPP offered by Illuminati/Bilderberg

The evil free-trade agreements of  TISA - TTIP - TPP suggested by Illuminati-Bilderberg

This is a repeat of a comment I made regarding a recent article in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. I have a great respect for the author of the article,Signe Navarset who was not afraid to call out about 'the Emperor´s new clothes´.

Fortunately SOMEBODY sees the light, otherwise most people remain unaware of the dangers of this TTIP agreement and what kind of 'people' are behind the agreements and what their main motives are.

I have long tried to inform our people about the background of the 'oligarchs' sitting behind these PRIVATE organizations, Illuminati and the Bilderberg Group, by spreading The Otium Post blog to as many as possible.

I have also repeatedly sent e-mail's to both government members and members our parliament, where I ask them urgently to look into the facts behind this 'Trojan Horse' agreement, but, unfortunately, no response from anyone.

We are dealing with a ancient, very evil organization, the Illuminati, who for generations have worked to corrupt mankind by putting countries and people against each other to create war and misery to their own financial gains. Illuminati delegates lower grade masonic groups in their pyramid to initiate actions against the people of the world population which both destroys and corrupt their lives, always at the economic gains for the oligarchs.

The Bilderberg Group was established in 1956 and has since worked intensively to infiltrate governments with people from their own organization spreading the 'right' philosophy in their area. All newspapers, TV stations, Google and all Hollywood's film studios, not to mention ALL banks, are subject to the Bilderberg Group´s demands. No wonder then that the people as a whole remain unaware of this impending disaster that would totally destroy our individuality, democracy and human rights.

Fortunately, today there are large groups around the world who have seen the light and are informed about what is about to happen. Their members,which today counts millions stage demonstrations in many countries, their numbers increasing day by day. Our governments are elected by the people and may not waive the duties imposed on them by their electorates. Nor can they violate our Norwegian Constitution in favor of rapacious oligarchs who will only assist in destroying our industry and create further unemployment.
Due to the seemingly alluring USA market for Norwegian corporations, they will come to already ´cleared tables´, where conglomerates already have ingested everything they were able to through their hundreds of discount chains. The US economy is on the verge of collapse and unemployment is high. How on earth can Norwegian businesses then have any hope of success here under such circumstances?

The oligarchs have understood that there is little more to gain in the US, but in order to squeeze the last out of a market in free fall, they propose to revoke ALL previous laws of protection, both financially by waiving import duties, and by removal of all health restrictions at both the production of GMOs, and import of goods for sale to the population. 

This demand will also be made of Europe as a condition for membership in this reprehensible TTIP free-trade agreement.

Read also about the degenerate way of life of these oligarchs, belonging to associations that engages in the practices of dark powers, with sexual and occult rituals etc.

One can not seriously make deals with such entities, you may just as well sign the contract directly with a certain man ...

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Please note,when the speakers in the above video talks about USA,they actually mean the USA which gradually,during the past 20 years has been taken over by the Illuminati and Bilderberg Group which has infiltrated all top government and other important positions.

The Bilderberg Group, the creators of TTIP-TISA and TPP even have their own private law-courts and judges which have preference over the courts and legal systems belonging to the countries which have agreed and signed these free-trade agreements.

The Central Bank of US is privately owned by Rockefeller and his Bilderberg companions, representing the world´s elite who are plotting to create a New World Order (NWO)
They also control all the major world banks,the media, and even the entire Hollywood film production.

(link to Illuminati revelations)

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