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Hillary Clinton,Illuminati Watchdog - There are no coincidences

Illuminati Watchdog
There are no coincidences

Posted by Bruce at 9:49 AM - Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hillary Clinton: The Illuminati's 9/11 Stooge

Since becoming First Lady in 1993, Hillary Clinton has always managed to stay in the spotlight. Upon leaving the White House in 2001, she made a quick move to the U.S. Senate and later became Barack Obama's secretary of state after her failed presidential bid. When it comes to the question of whether or not she is Illuminati, there is little doubt. Her law degree from Yale and a seemingly unlimited access to powerful positions in the U.S. government confirm that. What is open for speculation is her role in the organization and how she fits into the establishment of the New World Order.

During Bill Clinton's administration, rumors abounded that Hillary was the one who was really in control, and she has stood by her husband's side since the dawn of his political career. The Illuminati likely paired these two together, realizing that Hillary needed Bill's charisma to attain her a national profile. For the most part, Bill was a vehicle to promote the order's true stooge. After all, he has what she lacks, an ability to connect with ordinary people. Without this, Hillary could not be a contender for national office.

What we find most terrifying about Mrs. Clinton is her proximity to 9/11... and by that we mean both 9/11s. In 2001, she was the junior senator from New York, and during 2012 she was the secretary of state. Her close association to the attacks on the World Trade Center and Benghazi indicate that the Illuminati wanted her in a position to ensure that affairs proceeded smoothly.

As a senator, Hillary could advocate support for her state, which she wasn't even from, as well as crush any would be dissidents or truthers in Washington such as Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Even Clinton's election in 2000 was shady. She had never even lived in New York and managed to defeat a relatively unknown candidate after Rudy Giuliani withdrew from the race (the Illuminati needed for him to remain as mayor of NYC during 9/11). Indeed, Hillary's rise from First Lady to senator appears to be a carefully orchestrated scheme.

With Mrs. Clinton on Capitol Hill and George W. Bush in the White House, the Illuminati had its players in all of the right positions. No one could present a challenge to this fearsome lineup of deception. The sole voice of McKinney was quickly squashed when she put forward evidence that Washington was not being honest.

By 2012, the world had drastically changed. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were coming to an end, and Barack Obama was seeking his second term. Hillary also had a new job, secretary of state. In this position, she oversaw America's diplomacy and was the chief officer for all of the country's embassies (That included their security). On September 11, 2012 Al-Qaeda killed America's ambassador to Libya along with three others in a roadside attack. In the past, security had always been strengthened on this day, but Clinton demurred on making sure American installations were prepared to ward off any threat. Was this a deliberate action on her part? We believe it was.

The Illuminati intended the Benghazi attack to reinvigorate Americans' hatred of Muslims. This is evident in the government's initial blame on protests against a depiction of the prophet Mohammed on Youtube. The explanation had a dual motive. It served to promote the stereotype of all Muslims as fundamental jihadists and to keep people from making incendiary remarks on the internet. As with the World Trade Center attack, Hillary Clinton was once again in the right place to ensure the operation's success.

Currently, this career politician is setting her sights on another White House run. Whether or not she gets there will be up to the Illuminati (We suspect that the 2014 Bilderberg meeting will discuss this). The secret order has many more disasters planned in the coming years, and Hillary has served well in key positions for past deeds. If deemed appropriate, she will continue to serve for many more.

Another thing to take note of is her campaign logo. The "H" with an arrow passing through it looks more like an airplane flying into the Twin Towers. This is a new way for her to broadcast who she really is. The Illuminati loves to hide in plain sight, and Hillary's campaign signs are just one of a multitude of ways that the order does it. Do not be fooled for one second.

Whether or not you decide to vote for Hillary in the coming election doesn't matter. The Illuminati decides who will win well in advance, although one thing makes us curious. If she is not selected in 2016, will she rebel against the order? Her rejection in 2008 probably resulted in numerous promises for the future. Of course, the secret order will break them if it's convenient and ruin her if she protests.


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