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EU plan for ‘superstate’ after Brexit Disclosed

EU plan for ‘superstate’ after Brexit Disclosed

By lionsground -  Jun 30, 2016 0 167

EU plan for 'superstate' after Brexit Disclosed

Brexit will have lead the political leaders of the European Union to have drawn up a controversial plan for a European ‘superstate’.

According to the plans, which have been leaked to the Polish news channel TVP Info, the 2
7 remaining EU countries would become part of a huge superstate. If the plan becomes real the individual Member States of the European Union would no longer have army, penal laws, central bank and tax system. Those powers will be transferred to Brussels.

In the plan you can read that the European Commission may itself start the levy of tax,and may spend at its own discretion, by which in fact the European superstate is born.

Not a Good Solution

The countries would also no longer be allowed to determine whether they allow refugees or not. “Our countries have a common destiny and common values that pave the way for even closer cooperation between our peoples,” although the proposal. “We are for that reason striving for a political union in Europe and invite the new Europeans to make part of it.”

The superstate plan, which the German and French Foreign Minister worked on it in secret, has in Poland led to some commotion. Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said: “This is obviously not a good solution because a lot has changed since the creation of the EU. For that reason I want to talk about it to see if this is the right recipe in the context of Brexit.”

Ghost partition of the EU

The British people chose last week to leave the European Union. The political leaders of the EU are concerned about the increasing anti-European sentiment in other countries. In France and Eastern European countries have different political parties all called upon to hold similar referendums.

A few weeks before the European Brexit the Minister Donald Tusk said already that the citizens of Europe have little appetite for a federal Europe. “European people don’t share the euro-enthusiasm,” he said. “The specter of a division of the EU is haunting Europe and the prospect of a federal Europe does not seem like the best answer.”

Preparation of the Superstate Has Started

It looks like the cleanup has already begun. The European Commission wants to put national parliaments offside. In the Lisbon Treaty is the role of national parliaments in the context of the European Union described. In the Lisbon Treaty is stated, the European Parliament and national parliaments should decide together how within the EU, effective and regular cooperation between the various parliaments can be organized and promoted. 

Democracy is attacked.

By putting the national parliaments offside, the IPEX is no longer in force. IPEX, the inter-parliamentary platform for the exchange of EU information, makes sure the parliaments of the European Union provides the opportunity to exchange EU-related documents.


A separate EU army? Britain's exit could accelerate old plans

(Aftenposten - WARSAW ): NATO warns against unnecessary competition and waste of scarce military resources.



When Donald Trump becomes the President of the USA,he will not spare much investment on NATO,I am sure.

Now the global elite, (George Soros) has a good opportunity to ´Divide & Conquer´ between the new EU army and that of the UK.

(link to Illuminati revelations)

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