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Or,Is Erdogan simply an unpredictable isolated corrupt dictator wildcard?

Is Erdogan simply an unpredictable isolated corrupt dictator wildcard?

Posted on December 7, 2015 by Anders

Crypto-Jew Recep Erdogan: Restoration of The Osman Empire with Western Technology. 

Putin an Obstacle
Abstract: In the Middle East, a strange game is unfolding: all against all. Recently, Turkish President Erdogan – probably in agreement with NATO – shot down a Russian bomber aircraft in Syria. Turkey blocks Russian warships from passing through the Bosporus strait.

Turkey invades Syria and Iraq at will in order to secure Erdogan´s illegal sales of ISIS-oil to Israel and NATO countries. Therefore, it is important for him to protect his ISIS friends.
Here he has common interests with the alleged owners of ISIS: Wall Street Bankers, Dick Cheney, Jacob Rothschild and others. Nathaniel Rothschild exports ISIS oil via Turkey

What else drives this man?


He and his wife are Jews, according to a Turkish study, but still fanatical Sunni Muslims – like the satanic Sabbatai Zevi Dönmeh Crypto-Jews, e.g. Atatürk, who formed secular Turkey which Erdogan is now reversing.

By means of Western technology, Erdogan aspires to become the ruler of all Sunni Muslims – to restore the Ottoman Empire. Here he would clash with Netanyahu’s utopia of Greater Israel. However, these two utopias have now been spoilt by a third Jew, Vladimir Putin´s presence in Syria.

Henry Makow, Wayne Madsen, Veterans Today assert Erdogan to be a puppet of Jewish intelligence and Dönmeh circles in the army and the police – as well as the CIA.

I cannot confirm that through my research – there even seems to be serious tensions with Israel and the Mossad after the Mavi episode and the shooting of 5 Mossad agents in Turkey in 2012.. The United States is gravely concerned over Erdogan’s willfulness. But all this may be part of the Hegelian dialectics.

This man is difficult to gauge. Allegedly, he has acquired nukes from Israel – and also has 50 US B61 nuclear bombs stationed in Turkey, Erdogan allegedly having easy access to them.

The leader of the Lebanese orthodox party Masarik Roderick says that Turkey is now the main sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East – and that Erdogan ist the terrorist leader. 
That is not the case. This title must be ascribed to the USA

This makes this unpredictable wildcard dictator very dangerous for world peace.

PM Erdogan commented on the term “moderate Islam”, often used in the West to describe AKP and said, ˜These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” (Jihad Watch 2 Sept. 2007).

Incredible things are taking place in the Middle East: NATO member Turkey shoots down a Russian jet bomber  Syria, where at the invitation of Pres. Assad Russia is chasing the barbarian IS(IS)/ISIL/Daesh established, financed, trained, equipped by the US/NATO/Saudi Arabia and led by Israel´s Mossad. Well, now Putin has “persuaded” the US to give up its cause in the first place for the Syrian war: to oust Syria´s legal President Assad – and fight alongside with his army against its own child – the IS(IS)!?

Turkey is accused by Russia to illegally import ISIS-stolen oil from Syria for sale at the black market – to NATO countries i.a. Turkey denies, of course in spite of Russian evidence. Then Turkey sends soldiers illegally into both Syria and Iraq, not to fight her ally, ISIS, but to protect their oil fields so that the lucrative oil import can go on – and to fight the PKK with assistance of the Kurdistan Republic being prepared on the basis of theft of big chunks of sovereign Iraq and Syria. However, Acc. to Veterans Today 6 Dec., Turkey immediately withdrew from Iraq on meeting threats of military action from Iraq and Iran.  At the same time, Turkey blocks the passage of Russian war ships through the Strait of Bosporus – and NATO sends Warships into the Black sea!

Erdogan An arson seems to be at play: Turkey´s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a person who has made himself a real autocrat. He is a fundamentalist Turkish Sunni Muslim  ruling  a NATO member country with a geopolitical paramount geography.

What makes Erdogan really dangerous is that he has an ambition: He wants to restore the Osman Empire! For a start, he has just  built himself a magnificent palace with 1000 chambers for his own greater glory – sultanlike.

What forces are driving Erdogan?

I: MacLeans 5 June 2015: On the scale of modern day commemorations, the May 30 celebrations marking the 562nd anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul by Ottoman Turks was truly epic. Crowds estimated in the hundreds of thousands converged on an open field on the outskirts of the city, where they were treated to jet planes streaking overhead, trailing red and white smoke, the colors of the Turkish flag. An Ottoman-era marching band led a 478-member honour guard, dressed in traditional Ottoman uniforms osman-guard.

The event, organized by Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Posters depicting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan roared in bold letters:  “Resurrection again, rising again.” “Re-establishing Turkish dominance over Sunni Islam is the backbone of Erdogans foreign policy.”

The Atlantic 5 April 2015: Tripoli and Thessaloniki, Basra and Beirut, Sarajevo and Sana’a all once had in common is that just a little over a century ago they were all part of the Ottoman Empire. A second thing they all have in common is that until just a few years ago they harbored a certain disdain for Turkey … due in large part to the aforementioned empire. But Today, they watch Turkish shows, and purchase Turkish groceries.

From the 2:45 Min. mark, you can see an interview with the Turkish Pres. Erdogan and later author Ergün Poyraz with German text. In the book “The Children of Moses“, Poyraz shows that both Erdogan and his wife, Ermine,  are “converted” Jews .

II: Modern Turkey: a secret Zionist state controlled by the Dönmeh – in conflict with Erdogan.

Veterans Today /TASS 2 Dec. 2015:  Turkey’s support of ISIS is more understandable if we recall Wayne Madsen’s 2011 explanation that Turkey is run by secret Jews and serves the Zionist goal of a greater Israel. Like Bolsheviks and Zionists, the Dönmeh are Illuminati i.e Satanists, Freemasons.

The Donmeh sect of Judaism was founded in the 17th century by Rabbi Sabbatai Zevi, (right) a Kabbalist who believed he was the Messiah but was forced to convert to Islam by Sultan Mehmet IV, the Ottoman ruler. Many of the rabbi’s followers, known as Sabbateans (Satanists), but also “crypto-Jews,” publicly proclaimed their Islamic faith but secretly practiced their hybrid form of Judaism.

Many Dönmeh, along with traditional Jews, became powerful political and business leaders in Salonica. It was this core group of Dönmeh, which organized the secret Young Turks, the secularists who deposed Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II in the 1908 revolution, proclaimed the post-Ottoman Republic of Turkey after World War I, and who instituted a campaign that stripped Turkey of much of its Islamic identity after the fall of the Ottomans.

Theodor Herzl, co-founder of Zionism demanded Jerusalem – but the Sultan declined. Then the Dönmeh ousted him.

Kemal_Ataturk,One of the Young Turk leaders in Salonica was Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey.

The Dönmeh may have numbered no more than 150,000 and were mainly found in the army, government, and business. However, other experts suggest that the Dönmeh may have represented 1.5 million Turks and were even more powerful than believed.
It was Ataturk’s and the Young Turks’ support for Zionism, the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, after World War I and during Nazi rule in Europe that endeared Turkey to Israel and vice versa.

Israel has always been reluctant to describe the Turkish massacre of the Armenians by the Turks in 1915 as “genocide.” However, more evidence is being uncovered that the Armenian genocide was largely the work of the Dönmeh leadership of the Young Turks. They drove Greek Christians out of Turkey.  Today a colony of Dönmeh still live in Istanbul.

III: Jewish intelligence services  govern Turkey today
Henry Makow 1 Dec. 2015 by Borticine (Jewish author) See the Wayne Madsen Report 2011.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, right, is (or rather was)  a puppet of the Illuminati Jewish-controlled Gülen movement led by Fethulah Gülen ??, left,
who financed Erdogan’s pseudo Islamist “Justice & Development” Party with CIA drug money. (But now they are adversaries – Gülen in asylum in USA).
The whole “Arab Spring” Islamist movement is modelled on Turkey, a Mossad-CIA state, run by crypto Jews. Illuminati Jews still control Turkey by using Military Puppets.

Bortcine: The Judaist Imam Fethullah Gülen’s servants asked me to join their Judaist Muslim Sect. Fethullah Gülen has been working for the CIA since 1964. Their sect is the biggest in Turkey. They rule AKP (the governing Justice and Development Party), Turkish police, army & intelligence agencies and much more.

I refused. I researched Terrorism, New World Order, 9/11 and more. I noticed that I was being followed by some strange men. They were spies of the Illuminati Jewish-controlled Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT).

I was expelled from the university by the order of the Turkish Military Forces.
In Turkey, the MIT are behind all political assassinations. They created and supported all terrorist groups.

By now, around the World approximately 90% of the Intelligence Agencies are controlled by International Jewry. MOSSAD, CIA, MI6, SVR, MIT etc. Jews have to act in secret because they have been planning to destroy humanity so they must hide their aim

Turkish Intelligence Agency and Turkish Military Forces killed a lot of politicians, police chiefs, soldiers, journalists etc… Illuminati Jews still control Turkey by using Military Puppets (Dönmeh). Turkish Military Forces were former Jewish Servants and Judaist Imam Fetullah Gülen’s Islamic Sect is the new servant of Jews

IV: Erdogan and Terrorism
Sputnik 4 Dec. 2015: Leader of the Lebanese orthodox party Masarik Roderick Khoury said: ” Now Turkey is the main sponsor of terrorism in the region.” “The name of the real leader of the terrorists is Tayyip Erdogan.
The others like Mossad-agent Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi [Daesh/ISIL leader – died in Israeli hospital. However, this has been dispelled by US Secr. of Defence  Carter] and al-Qaeda are just his servants. Al-Nusra Front also carries out orders from Turkey.”

Al-Baghdadi and other ISIS leaders are Jewish – and the name ISIS is stated to be derived from Mossad and really means Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Veterans Today /TASS 2 Dec. 2015: According to the official, about 2,000 militants, more than 120 metric tons of ammunition and some 250 vehicles have been redeployed from Turkish territory to Syria over the past week.

Veterans Today 28 Nov. 2015: Turkish Journalists: Erdogan Has Been Sleeping with ISIS from Time Immemorial. The journalists were arrested for having revealed “state secrets”: Syrian weapon deliveries on a very large scale to ISIS.

Putin has said in Public that the Turkish government is involved in illegal oil trading with ISIS – and has shown G20 leaders photo proofs. From the very beginning in 2012, Isis has had a safe haven in Turkey. His daughter was active for a field hospital for ISIS fighters in Southern Turkey

V: Erdogan’s oil interests
Kopp Online 5 Nov. 2015: The press attache of the Iraqi Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, told the Sputnik that the IS is organizing smuggling of Iraqi oil  that will be transported abroad  in the province of Nainawa.

On Saturday afternoon,  the official Iraqi press statement followed: “We have confirmed that thousands (others say 150!) Turkish troops, whose numerical strength is about one tank battalion, have invaded the Iraqi province of Nainawa with tanks and armored vehicles. Iraq threatens military response

The following map  is from Veterans Today


According to Life News, On November 26, several Turkish units  intruded into Syrian territory and occupied the 50 meter high hill valley Ziyab.
where they made the construction of fortifications. Two days later, three tanks, two armored personnel carriers and several armored SUVs. arrived on the site.
The fortifications secure the tanker convoys with Syrian oil which are smuggled from IS-fighters across the border.

VI: Turkey is a nuclear power

Veterans Today 2 Dec. 2015: 1) Not only are there American nuclear weapons in Turkey, with up to fifty B61 nuclear bombs in Erdogan’s hands with limited oversight, Turkey is that other nuclear power in the Middle East along with Israel, and the two of them have been working closely together since the 1940s
2)  Israel marketing nuclear weapons to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Germany and others.

Erdogan does  not seem to be  under the influence og the Gülenists or the Dönmeh – although asserted by Wayne Madsen,   Makow, and Veterans Today.  In the military he has apparently cleansed  his enemies. He may be a Jew and he may be under Illuminati influence. But it is not clear how. And after Israel´s  Mavi boat massacre  his relations with Israel are not the best. Erdogan is even antisemitic.

The relations with Israel´s Mossad are especially straines after Turkey shot 5 Mossad agents in 2012. The CIA does not seem to have much influence on Erdogan which is of  great concern to the  US.

ISIS is the hub of this criminal warfare under dishonest pretexts.Who own ISIS?

Acc. to Veterans Today the following persons stand behind ISIS:

Greater_israelErdogan does support ISIS – and so its owners.
This is a very complicated game – but Illuminati Hegeliean antithesis-people also promote the Illuminati cause: One-world governance – just like Putin does.

It turns out that Nathaniel Rothschild from Kurdistan distributes ISIS oil via Turkey and Israel!! He must have an agreement with Erdogan: Money may be the common interest

Crypto-Jew Erdogan´s Osman Empire clashes with Netanyahu´s aspiration for the Greater Israel. It was part of the Osman Empire.

Apparently, Russia has spoilt both dreams by its intervention in Syria. Or is  Jewish Pres. Putin helping to establish Greater Israel – left?

Putin´s fraction of orthodox Chabad Lubawitsch Jews does not seem  intent to establish  greater Israel, to be the hub of the world, until after the Coming of their Antichristian ben David Messiah. And that will only happen after Rothschild´s Minor Israel has been destroyed (Ezekiel 38,39, Jeremiah 25:29 on) – by the prince of Rosh. The conflict between the Rothschild and Putin fractions of Jews is already going on.

Or is Erdogan simply an unpredictable isolated corrupt dictator wildcard?



Jeeezzzzz...  what a confusing mess.  Understand it,who can?

Divide and conquer!!   
The age old Illuminati concept to increase the wealth of the global oligarchs.

(link to Illuminati revelations)

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