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“Secret Societies lurking in the Brazilian judiciary?”

“Secret Societies lurking in the Brazilian judiciary”

By Luiz Guilherme Marques
Anti Novo Order Mundial
15 Setembro 2009

We know the existence of international secret associations whose real goals are immeasurable enrichment of its members, the conquest of power and world domination by whatever means that may be needed, either honest or dishonestly. They intend to eliminate gradually the governments, leaving them in place, the members of these associations.

Famous are the Illuminati, the Skull & Bones, Bilderberg and the CFR, the experts saying that the World Bank and International Monetary Fund were created by one of these associations.
Part of these societies, are people from the financial world, senior officials, business leaders and influential people, including a member of the Supreme Court of the United States.
Its members are subjected to a cruel initiation and keep the commitments of secrecy and absolute fidelity, naturally fearing penalties up to their death.
These associations sponsor elections, laws, international treaties and everything to facilitate their control over national wealth.
It is based on power greed, and are more focused on dominate than cooperation for the advancement of collectivism.

These people are in all fields of human endeavor , including the judiciary itself, which may happen that some can get to participate in some secret society for criminal purposes.
Not all men and women who excel in local, regional, national or global scenarios act with idealism and fueled by noble intentions.
It might certainly happen, that acts of the judiciary, legislature and executive favor foreign capital to the detriment of national interests, resulting in the impoverishment of our people.
The fact that the IMF try to establish parameters for the reform of our judiciary is very significant.
Some people might find this kind of thing a fantasy of a thriller movie, but it is the most real truth.
Therefore, in the case of the judiciary, it is important that the selection of judges is the responsibility of the judiciary itself, by public application for entering a first instance and internal promotion to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th, by abolishing the 5th constitutional and choices by the Governors of State and President of the Republic.
Until this happens, we can have unpleasant surprises in the prosecution of some cases and editing of any binding precedent highly detrimental.
I’m not saying here that we have in this somebody’s Brazilian Judiciary linked to one of these societies, but it may be that we will have it.



This article is from 2009,I wonder what´s happened since with further infiltrations of Illuminati and Bilderberg?  Our new President Temer is a high grade member of an occult Masonry and is in close contact with the leader of a Portuguese Masonry association.

How many others have infiltrated our government?

(link to Illuminati revelations)

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