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Who are these contemptible hypocrites trying to block Cameron's EU deal?

Who are these contemptible hypocrites trying to block Cameron's EU deal?

Nigel Jones. 12:52PM GMT 18 Feb 2016.

Even the Prime Minister's meagre demands are too much for some European nations, who prefer to see Britain shackled to a corpse

David Cameron's much-vaunted "renegotiation" of Britain's EU membership terms seems to have run into a last minute snag or two. Or rather, four.

"What all these states have in common is a fear that if Britain succeeds in smashing or even loosening the shackles that bind it to the fast-decaying corpse of European union, that will set off a 'contagion' of other states wanting to follow the same path"

 Even as he goes head to head with our EU partners at a last-ditch summit in Brussels, a leaked discussion document shows four states are likely to stand against his feeble tweaks to the Union's ground rules. However thin, weak and watery Cameron's gruel may be, even this seems too much for our EU friends to swallow.

Our nearest neighbour France – with whom our relations since 1066 can best be described as fractious – is predictably the most vociferous and petulant in its opposition to Cameron's flimsy tinkering. Emulating De Gaulle's rejection of Britain's first fatal bid to join the Common Market in the early 1960s, President Francois Hollande has stamped his petit pied and cried "non!" to any idea that the slow-mo car crash that is the eurozone can be refashioned closer to Britain's desire.

France, of course, is notorious for only obeying the EU's edicts when it suits her, and the whole course of the community's history from its foundation has been a story of pandering to Paris's wants and needs – from the Common Agricultural Policy (aka a racket to protect French farmers) to giving France a ruinously expensive and quite unnecessary second seat of the European Parliament in Strasbourg (although the great Euro talking shop already had its home in Brussels).

Brussels is the de facto capital of the embryonic European superstate that is the ultimate destination of the EU gravy train. The city is also the actual capital of Belgium, the second country to squeal against the temerity of Dave's minuscule demands. Naturally this artificial state, cobbled together by the great powers in the 19th century and perennially divided between its French-speaking Walloon south and west and its Flemish-speaking north and east, shares France's objections to any "reforms" of the sclerotic institutions that have made Brussels such a prosperous city for the bloated bureaucrats who live and dine there.

The Bilderberger pals agreed with each other to continue destroying Europe

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Comment from a true Brit prior to the forthcoming Brexit vote in June

Argue all you like about all these various economic points and advantages, the real question to be put to Gt Britain if indeed we are still Great Britain, is do you as a UK citizen>subject want to have a sovereign nation with a sovereign parliament?.You know like the one we had for the last 1000 years with which we created English common law , habous corpus , constitutional monarchy, magna carta the glorious revolution of 1689 and a free parliament ruling over free people in a national representative democracy .

We´ve also done a few other things too like invented 58% of the worlds modern inventions the first industrial revolution created three new large countries from scratch . oh yes an built the largest empire the world had ever seen ( but that last bit is not very popular these days is it) we also had the largest economy in the world up until the second world war.

Our system of government and our common law have been copied throughout the entire world even in the USA but not in Europe which still has Roman Law.

England indeed Britain had not had a war on its soil since the battle at Culloden.

Europe had constant wars in this time , never had a working democracy except (possible with France which had a bloody revolution which resulted in another despot Napoleon) the rest were all despotic regimes and absolute monarchies , after which came surprise surprise, a European war the first of which we saved France at the cost of all our young men and then surprise surprise again another despot, world war two in which we saved France again at the cost of all our cities, our young men and our world standing , our empire , our trade , and handed it all to America "our friend"?

Then we joined the EU like some sick dopey puppy who had lost his bone .

Its all a bit like the USA asking Britain to come over to new York and take over again as the whole independence thing they realized was a big mistake ,and they want to be a British colony again , be ruled from London without representation and have the tea tax reimposed.  
Its simple if you want to live in a free country and vote in your preferred party and MP to a parliament which will fight your corner and get your policies implemented then vote OUT.

If you want to elect a party and a MP and an MEP so that the MP can win your preferred change in parliament by a strong majority only to hand it to the MEP who will be out voted by 27 other foreign MEPs who will say stuff your preferred change Then vote IN 

Clear everybody ??



It would be a grave mistake to stay in the European Union,`shackled to a corpse.

EU is a creation of the Illuminati/Bilderberg faction, who's mission is to destroy Europe.

They´re all Bilderberg buddies, I´m afraid it´s a done deal !!

Clear speech from Peter Sutherland,a close Bilderberg associate.
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