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The Popes Bilderberger guru proposes a classless society of slaves

The Popes Bilderberger guru proposes a classless society of slaves

‘The world’s responsibility’

He is also a member of Opus Dei ,the most controversial group in the Catholic Church today. To its members it is nothing less than The Work of God, the inspiration of Blessed Josemaría Escrivá, who advanced the work of Christ by promoting the sanctity of everyday life. To its critics it is a powerful, even dangerous, cult-like organization that uses secrecy and manipulation to advance its agenda. At the same time, many Catholics admit knowing little about this influential group. Moreover, because of the dichotomy of views on the group, and perhaps because of its influence in Vatican circles, it is difficult to find balanced reporting on Opus Dei.
On Oct. 5, Sutherland ruffled feathers with an interview published by the United Nations in which he claimed the refugees currently flooding Europe from Syria and the Middle East are the responsibility of the world under the United Nation’s 1951 Refugee Convention.
“They’re the responsibility of the United States, of Canada, of Latin America and of Asia, as well as Europe. Proximity doesn’t define responsibility,” Sutherland said. “The world has to get its act together with regard to what is happening in North Africa.”
Sutherland’s ideas on migration trace back to an interview he gave the BBC in June 2010 in which he said the European Union should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity of its member states, arguing that the future prosperity of many EU states depended upon them becoming multicultural.”
The BBC further reported that Sutherland told a House of Lords committee that migration was a “crucial dynamic for economic growth” in some EU nations, “however difficult it might be to explain this to the citizens of those states.”
Sutherland, according to the BBC, gave a lecture to the London School of Economics, where he is also chairman, arguing there was a “shift from states selecting migrants to migrants selecting states” and the EU’s ability to compete at a “global level” was at risk.
He added that the EU states should stop targeting “highly skilled” migrants, insisting that “at the most basic level individuals should have a freedom of choice” about whether to come and study or work in another country.



Peter Sutherland is a spokesman for the Bilderberger Group,an association of old,rich and powerful men with an agenda for total world control through a New World Order. He is also a spokesman for United Nations,created by the Bilderberg Group.

Their plan is to create a classless society of slaves without any national adherence, democracy or human rights. Their main weapon is civil-wars and terrorism on a scale of cruelty hitherto not experienced in Europe. The effect being a mass exodus of predominately people of the Muslim faith, into a European society with a culture unable to integrate,causing even further conflicts and terror.

The Bilderberger oligarchs are well on their way to achieve their goals,having for many years also managed to place their disciples in important governmental positions both in the US as well as the EU and other countries around the world.

Although Peter Sutherland proposes a classless society on a poverty level,having removed the middle classes,he should consider the possibility of the people,when they realize the truth of his scheme,might turn the table on him and the Bilderberger Group, demanding FULL equality,removing also the upper class of the immensely rich and make them work for their living.



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