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Bilderberg´s hinted clues to “The World in 2015”

The magazine The Economist published an issue named “The World in 2015”. On the cover are odd images : A mushroom cloud, the Federal Reserve in a game called “Panic” and much more.

I wouldn’t normally dedicate an entire article analyzing the cover of a publication, but this isn’t any publication. It is The Economist and it is directly related to the world elite. It is partly owned by theRothschild banking family of England and its editor-in-chief, John Micklethwait, attended several times to the Bilderberg Conference – the secretive meeting where the world’s most powerful figures from the world of politics, finance business and media discuss global policies. The outcome of those meetings is totally secret. It is therefore safe to say that the people at The Economist know things that most people don’t. For this reason, its “2015 prediction” cover is rather puzzling.

The bleak and sinister cover features political figures, fictional characters and pop culture icons that will surely make the news in 2015. However, most importantly, it also includes several drawings that are extremely symbolic and allude to important elements of the elite’s Agenda. Here’s the cover :



The Bilderberg Group are known to leave hidden clues and hints as to their predicted (planned) future. It´s either some masonic rules which makes it incumbent on them to leave clues as to the nature of their planned future,or perhaps it just amuses them?

Many previous upheavals and catastrophies were predicted years before the event.

Strange for a serious publication as The Economist to feature such a front page,but then again,it is owned by the Bilderberg Group.  

Here´s MY attempts:

The difference between the grey/white faces and the colored once would be meaningful if it was not for ´the odd man out´. Churchill is the only dead person among the grey/white faces, and Napoleon is the only dead person among the colored faces.

The Chinese holding the battery,could mean a change in political POLARITY.

The boy holding the model plane stares aghast at the panic of the world,falling dollar,ISIL etc.

The ghost viewing a holiday magazine could indicate NO HOLIDAY until you are dead!!

Alice is looking at the ILLUSION of the world represented by the Cheshire Cat.

The helicopter spraying seeds/fertilizer/GM on the boy below eating GM canned food.

The Pied Piper enticing away all the young people - Our migration crisis

The Earth representation shows an apprehensive West and a hopping mad East.

The cloud of smoke represents a missile caused atom bomb incident (or more)

I attempted to interpret the Chinese text at the top,which produced the following:

Dagger in I) a. Bu Xi Xi Xi U r F 0) employ "a 4 * 7U. It 'a dagger in Chinese stone J r 卓莎 under dagger copies. The Bu Ya '/' 7> fly eve future J dagger blade, q Ah Bu Xi "sub dragon for the right positions 5J perilous rescue workers to .111 on the eve of Bu I work with the whole political edge," a force, BU 7 Ya force overnight "row Qin Shi strains only Lord"

Nikkei BP people, the eve of Japan eyes turn Well knock Exclusive
Bp agency strange day.

Perhaps they are all having fun with us?



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