The Otium Post

The Otium Post


We Reveal the People and the Intention Behind The Migration Apocalypse

Who and what is behind the planned migration apocalypse into Europe and the USA?

"Codex Alimentarius Austriacus"
"Who controls the food chain,controls the people!" 

The Bilderberg mindset is expounded in every form of media. Critical thinking is deemed subversive. Careers are built upon unvarying propaganda. Resistance seems futile, but is it foolish? Is it possible to turn down “The Constitution of Europe” anymore than to dissolve NATO? The media condescends with a singular voice. It is up to the populist to prove them wrong. The entire basis of cabal power rests upon the apathy of a perceived inevitability. As long as a fictitious legitimacy is never disputed, the plutocrats extend their rule. A supranational federation at all times conflicts with any meaningful definition for self-determination. Any defense of the superiority of the “world community” fosters the tyranny of the New World Order. Who do you believe, the media or your common sense?


The invading migrants return our 
hospitality with arrogance and violence.


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