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Peter Sutherland - The Devils Advocate - Bilderberg Executive

Peter Sutherland - The Devils Advocate - Bilderberg Executive

Peter Sutherland,a Bilderberg ally,is one of the main, powerful 
oligarcs,responsible for the European migration catastrophy.  

"Guilt is like a bag of fuckin' bricks. All ya gotta do is set it down." 
(Quote from The Devil´s Advocate film)

Did you know that the UN organization which elected Peter Sutherland as the Chief UN Representative responsible for the European Migration from the Middle East,was created by the Bilderberg Group?  NATO is another Bilderberg creation.

Very little is heard from the media about the real cause of the Middle East civil wars,caused by Bilderbergs creation and support of the cruel ISIL terror group,causing mass evacuation of entire populations into Europe,causing chaos and unrest,in order to remove all national allegiance and adherence,creating a uniform,faceless population in preparation of their planned New World Order where we will all have an existence as slaves of a small group of powerful,evil men,craving total world power.  

People have been warned about the plans and influence of the Bilderberg group for several years but have chosen to ignore it as fantasy and rumors. NOW,you are starting to see the true face of this powerful organization of evil,wealthy old men.

A major migration crisis has arrived,do we accept the NWO?

Having achieved many of their planned goals,they are now sitting back to let the internal unrest proceed in Europe until it has destroyed itself and is ready for the next stage of dismantlement.

Why are we just sitting here,letting it all happen?  Why not turn the tables on these evil old men,and take the fight to them personally?  Bring them out of their hiding places and show the world for what they really are.  Enemies of the world and messengers of the Devil himself.

Why not give them some of their own medicine? Remove all your savings and most of your current accounts from your bank and invest in a home safe.  

Postpone any major purchases you have planned and ONLY use small shops for your daily purchases,NOT the large supermarkets.  It will not be long before they will start to scream and will be in a better state for negotiations.   

Don´t forget, the PEOPLE have the purchasing POWER.

If you don´t believe it,please read through all previous articles in The Otium Post and the true face of the Bilderberg group and their harbingers will appear to you.


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