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The Bilderberg Group - TTIP conference today in the Austrian Tyrolean alps

Message sent to the Editor of the Telegraph 08.06.2015

Why the secrecy about the important meeting of the Bilderberg Group in the Austrian Tyrolean alps,close to the G7 location? This is a group of the most successful and wealthiest people in the world which are planning a New World Order with enormous consequenses for the people of Europe. 

Your Chancellor of the Exchequer,a member of the group for 10 years will be there as well as David Cameron. Discussion will encompass the new TTIP free trade agreement. The Bildeberg Group is also part of the infamous Illuminati. I know the group OWNS your paper but you owe it to the people to keep them oriented.

None of the Norwegian papers have a word about the Bilderberg Group meeting.
The Telegraph is my favourite newspaper and I am very disappointed to see this omission and cowardice of your Editor.

P.S. I am a retired Norwegian citizen living in Brazil. I lived and worked in London for some 20 years and always appreciated the British freedom of speach and their sense of justice.





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