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The Otium Post


The pieces of the TTIP world domination are carefully put in place by selected lobbyists.

The pieces of the TTIP world domination are carefully put in place by selected lobbyists.

The outline of the TTIP puzzle is starting to reveal it´s ´Butterfly effect´ originating many years ago.  A few smaller stones at first by different names,testing and learning the reactions of the opposition,then placing well trained lobbyists with legal backgrounds in all important desision making areas in Europe,making sure their message influences those who will eventually make the final desicion to join the TTIP Free-Trade agreement.

Norway´s democratic way of living has been the envy of people around the world without
freedom of speach or human rights in general.  Our labor organisations has regular, peaceful meetings with NHO the Norwegian Trade Organisation.

Through massive protests and boycotts against stores importing goods manufactured by child labor or injust labor conditions,or imports of goods containing harmful substances, we have contributed to the welfare of our own as well as people in other countries.

Unfortunately,we can already see actions by our own government preparing for submission to the many unacceptable  conditions demanded for membership.

I have posted a dozen or more warnings against the TTIP found by ´Googling`the Internet,and hope my fellow countrymen, already installed in their mountain cabins to celebrate with Easter eggs and the latest crime novels,to also find the time to go through my postings regarding TTIP and give them some clear thoughts before returning to your busy working days with little time for in-depth,serious considerations about our future.


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