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Corruption is rewarded and honesty becomes self-sacrifice (ref. TTIP)


Quote of the Russian-American philosopher Ayn Rand (Jewish, fleeing the Russian Revolution, who came to the United States in mid-1920), showing a vision knowingly:

When you realize that to produce, you must obtain the permission from those who do not produce anything; When it is proven that the money flows to those who trade not with goods, but with favors; When you realize that many get rich by bribery and influence rather than by work, and that the laws do not protect us from them, but, on the contrary, it is they who are protected from you; When you realize that corruption is rewarded and honesty becomes self-sacrifice; Then you can say, without fear of making mistakes, your society is doomed.”

Ayn Rand



Very wise words,describing the TTIP freetrade agreement EXACTLY!!

The quote is also very valid for Brazil at the moment,struggling with the enormous corruption at government level,particularly via Petrobras.  A new,honest government is badly needed!!


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