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The Illuminati and The One World Government - Updated

The Illuminati and The One World Government

Imaginary future arab/negro race,mind controlled in Illuminati`s New World Order


Telegraph update today 15/01/2016

Jean-Claude Juncker 'quite sure' of solution to British EU demands
'I am quite sure that we'll have a deal - not a compromise, a solution, a permanent solution' next month, says European Commission President.

(Juncker admits eurozone nations face chaos and economic decline. Planned by the Bilderberg Group many years ago as the aftermath of the predicted migration crisis into Europe. Juncker is an ardent follower of the Bilderberg Group who set him up as the President of the European Commission.)



Good description of the background, development and the methods of the Illuminati.

I have mentioned several times in other comments,the way Illuminati/Bilderberg always plays two horses and set one faction up against the other ,talking always with two tongues.

Illuminati planned and created the Middle East carnage by their chosen ISIL assassins, scaring the whole population of Iraq and Syria over their borders and into Europe with the loss of thousands of lives lost en route.

They were using the Arab hopes for an Arab Spring or a new Arab caliphate to murder thousands of their own race and religion, cleverly promoted through the press and TV to start an immigration avalanche into Europe in order to remove all ethnicity,national adherence,culture and democracy,to create a homogeneous slave race in preparation for their planned New World Order.

“The ‘brilliant’ plan of the Illuminati was to create a thesis and its opposite called the antithesis. The process would repeat itself until the desired outcome. Out of the battle between the two would emerge the synthesis.” Thesis, antithesis and synthesis. “Out of the battle of chaos would come a new order reminding us of the Masonic slogan ‘Order out of Chaos.’

What surprises me is that few people seems to be aware of the fact that  Juncker is an ardent follower of the Bilderberg Group who set him up as the President of the European Commission.

The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Peter Sutherland,UN and Vatican Representative of European Migration, as well as the German Minister of Finance are all ardent supporters of Illuminati and their New World Order, who´s mission is to destroy and dismantle the cohesion and democracy of the European countries.

The synthesis of this unbelievable contradiction will be the slave and master existence of the New World Order. So WHY is Britain presently in negotiation with the leader of the self destructing European Commission?

We must immediately work for lasting peace in Syria and Iraq,in order that ALL the people may return to rebuild their countries. Giving the Muslims  permanent asylum, will on the other hand destroy our country within 20 years,given a birthrate relationship of 1.3 to 8.

I am very concerned that already now,we are seeing much dis-concern among the thousands of young Muslims  already given shelter in Norway,as well as a growing distrust from the local population,worried about the security of their families.   A ticking bomb,waiting to explode.


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