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David Cameron´s present negotiations with the EU Commission is a hoax

David Cameron´s present negotiations with the EU Commission is a hoax

David Cameron,as well as the finance minister of the UK and Germany,both belong to the Bilderberg Group.

His opposite in the discussion, as to whether or not Britain is to remain in the EU, is the European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker,who is also a devout Bilderberger. And so is Donald Tusk, President of the European Council

As this obviously becomes a ´done deal´,the discussion becomes a farce and a hoax.

It´s about time we stop the rapid advance of Bilderberg´s New World Order and throw some spanners in their works.  BREXIT would definitely be a serious blow to their advance.

Don´t you realize,BOTH sides of the UK - EU discussion are already in agreement. To keep... and destroy EU and Europe as we know it. All the chief negotiators are Illuminati/Bilderberg supporters.

A second,vital step is to obtain a durable peace in Syria,even with international military control,allowing the return of the millions of Muslim refugees from Europe in order to rebuild their country with aid from the rest of the World.   This is the ONLY way to avoid genocide in Britain and save the culture and democracy of the rest of Europe.

I guess our elected politicians have other,more sinister plans, which makes it necessary for our people to react before it is too late.

If you are still in doubt,for God´s sake read through the many warnings which has been posted  in The Otium Post and other  Internet articles.


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