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Rise of The New World Order - Bilderberg forging their sword in Syria

This book was conceived, researched, written and edited by the author. This is my first attempt at a book and my editing certainly isn't professional grade, but the information you need in order to know what is really happening in our world is contained within, so please keep this in mind when you are reading what I have assembled here. You will probably have to read this book more than once in order to fully "awaken", that is, to fully connect all the dots in your own mind of what I'm laying out. The dots do connect. Just to be clear, some of the information in the front of this book will make more sense after learning more about those aspects contained later in the book. Each time you read this book through, the connections will become more and more crystal clear, until you see things in our world aren't really as they seem. This book is not to be taken lightly for certain. What is in this book is highly disturbing to say the least, and it was never my intent to scare or anger anybody, but it is what it is. The contents within are the definitive explanation of a real-life nightmare that instead of going to sleep to, you wake up to.




If you want to learn the truth behind the Bilderberg Group and their New World Order,I would urge you to read this ebook you can download from Kindle. 

I am astonished to see how it answers the major problems the world is encountering today and what is still in store for mankind.


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