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The entire narrative that major western media outlets have crafted around the migrant crisis is a complete fraud.

Paul Joseph Watson

Here are five things the media won’t report about the refugee crisis.

1) The majority of the migrants are not Syrian families fleeing from war and ISIS persecution. Of the 50% who claim to be Syrian, in some areas 90% don’t even have documentation to prove it.

UN figures show that 72% of the migrants are men, with just 13% women and 15% children.

Many of these people have nothing whatsoever to do with the Syrian refugee crisis.

Once they reach the safety of countries that refuse to shower them with free cash, they head straight for welfare havens like Sweden and Germany.

Why is the media ordering us to accept these people in the name of “feelings” and humanitarianism when most of them aren’t even fleeing war, they’re fleeing to a higher standard of living – which will be funded by European taxpayers?

2) Major TV news networks will only broadcast footage which shows the migrants in a positive light.

Smiling, laughing children, happy mothers, exuberant fathers.

The tragedy of the drowned Syrian boy, the truth behind which was completely misreported for days in order to elicit unquestioning sympathy for the migrant invasion.

What they won’t show is migrants hurling rocks as Hungarians, stealing from charitable Europeans, assaulting old ladies, smashing up towns, or chanting “Allahu Akbar”.

They won’t broadcast images of jihadist rebels who fought with ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliated groups arriving in Germany as migrants.

Why is the media hiding the kind of footage that would sway public opinion on this issue, unless they’re complicit in the cover-up?

3) In the name of tolerance, we’re being told to open the floodgates to waves of people who are completely intolerant of liberal, western values and principles.

Since Sweden opened its doors to mass immigration,rapes have skyrocketed by a staggering 1400%, with most of the culprits being immigrants.

The problem of no-go Muslim ghetto areas where police, ambulance and firemen are attacked by mobs continues to worsen across Europe.

Last month, four major welfare organizations in Germany warned that Muslim migrants were raping women and children at a camp in Hessen.

Did you see CNN, BBC or Sky News cover this? No, they were too busy obsessing over a Hungarian camerawoman who tripped someone up.

Did you see them report on a school in Germany that has ordered girls not to wear shorts so as to avoid being raped by migrants located in a nearby gymnasium?

Why is anyone who even questions the logic of allowing millions of people from a completely different culture to flood Europe with no assimilation plan whatsoever, immediately denounced as a racist or a xenophobe by the media?

4) EU countries are exploiting the migrant crisis to import huge numbers of people who will eventually vote for more big government and more EU bureaucracy.

The claim that Europe needs huge numbers of immigrants for cheap labor is a complete myth. Look at Sweden – 58% of welfare money is paid to immigrants.

The Czech Republic, which didn’t open its borders to mass immigration and maintained a stable population number for 100 years, has the fastest growing economy in Europe.

Why aren’t European countries incentivizing their own populations to have children, not opening the floodgates to an army of welfare scroungers and potential jihadists?

5) This migrant crisis wouldn’t exist in the first place if our NATO powers hadn’t armed and funded jihadists in the Middle East and North Africa to topple secular governments.

Instead of spending money on bombs and guns to fuel civil wars, let’s invest in infrastructure and help raise the standard of living in these poorer countries.

But instead of pointing this out, the media is now using the migrant crisis as an excuse for more military intervention, which will only exacerbate the refugee problem.

Why have major western media outlets insisted on excluding all of these factors from their coverage of the migrant crisis?

My previous two videos on this issue have received a combined total of 6 million views on YouTube & Facebook.

Clearly there’s a huge appetite for someone to tell the truth about what’s actually going on.


I blame the the leaders of the EU countries,the EU Commission AND the press they have gagged for many years,keeping the population unaware of what was going on behind the scenes. We are now starting to see the disastrous results of the Bilderberg Group´s plan for their New World Order they have been hiding from the public.

Have you noticed how the Bilderberg members are encouraging the EU countries to accept more and more refugees,stating it is very good for our countries. The leader of the EU Commission,the finance ministers of Germany, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer.

The EU and NATO´s pathetic efforts to stop the ISIS atrocities in Syria and Iraq,and Bilderberg´s active support of ISIS have caused the bloodshed and horror  causing whole populations to escape to Europe in sheer panic. This was all planned many years ago to disperse a large volume of people with opposing cultures into Europe in order to create a faceless population without national adherence or democracy as slaves for a handful of powerful oligarchs in their New World Order.

Of course I also feel sorry for the large number of genuine refugees,escaping the decapitating ISIS executioners in panic,which we are duty bound to care for without inviting them into our house,but direct/transport them to suitable temporary camps in the nearest peaceful neighborhood with a similar culture,from where they in due course can return to their duty of reconstructing their own country.  Any entry permission to entry the EU countries must be of a TEMPORARY nature and no one must be given permanent citizenship or national passports.

It is a world responsibility to negotiate,establish and run these large encampments in peaceful neighboring countries with similar cultures.

Many caring people around the world,have in spite of the government and media´s efforts to hide their dark secrets behind closed doors,been able,little by little to discover the outlines of Illuminat/Bilderberg´s evil plans for mankind and are trying to wake up the people against this atrocity against liberty and human rights.  I have listed the most relevant,best informed of these articles they have published on the internet in both text and video formats,often with my own commentaries.

Wake UP people or end up as ´mongrels of the street´ with no home of your own.



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