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Muslim migrants raping women & children - European men must stand up for their values


European men must be men and stand up for their values!

Paul Joseph Watson

Nearly 100 women claim they were touched up, harassed and robbed by a large group of men at the main train station in Cologne New Years Eve.

This case is about:Germany
"A completely new dimension of crime." Describes the Cologne police scandal that has rocked Germany in recent days, according to news agency AP.

At 21 o'clock New Year's Eve,the police received reports that a group of a few hundred young men threw fireworks into the crowd outside the main train station. During the next few hours,at least a thousand people had gathered in the area, the unrest escalated, and before midnight the police decided to close parts of the station.

Shortly after midnight, the first reports were received that groups of men had abused women who tried to cross the crowd. The number of men are described from 20 to several hundred.

The majority of perpetrators the witnesses described as of Arab or North African origin, informed the police at a news conference Monday, according to the renowned newspaper Die Welt. The large newspaper compared the incident with mass atrocities that happened in Tahrir Square in Cairo.

So far, police have received at least 90 reviews of the case, which deals with around 80 aggrieved. At least a quarter of them come from women who claim they were subjected to sexual harassment or abuse, reports local newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger. Even a civilian policewoman were touched up her panties.

- We expect more reviews and urges all victims to come forward, said Heidemarie Wiehler from the federal police on Monday news conference.

- A large number of sexual assaults happened there. Women were touched up and attacked, said Cologne police chief Wolfgang Albers.

Also in Hamburg, several groups of between five and 15 men have molested and robbed young women during the New Year celebrations, according to Bild Zeitung. Police Spokesman Holger Vehren state that they have so far received six reviews, but that probably are more victims who have not come forward. Police have launched an investigation of sexual harassment, theft and robbery.

Interior Minister of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Social Democrat Ralf Jäger, said police must react hard to set a deterrent precedent.

- We can not tolerate groups of North African men organize themselves to subject innocent women to sexual assault, he said according to Die Welt.

Victim: - Was touched up everywhere
The men in Cologne, which witnesses described as intoxicated,picked out their victims randomly and acted "totally without inhibitions."   Sunday, five arrested.

The German regional newspaper Express spoke with one of the victims, which will only be named as Katja L. (28). She says that she was going through the station with three other friends, when they met at the crowd according to 28-year-old exclusively consisted of men of foreign origin.

- We went through this group of men. Suddenly I felt a hand on my bum, then the breasts, until I was finally touched up everywhere. It was a nightmare. Although we were beating and shouting, they never stopped. I was desperate and I think I was touched up around one hundred times during 200 meters, says 28-year-old.

She and friends eventually managed to contact some policemen as they came through to the arrivals hall. They took the girls seriously, but Katja informs that it was impossible to identify exactly which of the men had abused them. The 28-year-old´s New Year's party was suddenly over.

- The celebration ended. I was devastated, angry and scared at the same time.

She adds that she is glad that she was wearing a pair of trousers and jacket. Other women, according to Express have experienced getting tights, skirt and panties ripped off.

Warns against racism
The incident, according to several German media already led to several serious attacks against refugees and foreigners in social media. Much of the persecution is directed against refugees who have arrived in the country recently.

Cologne police say they are working to identify the men who were in the area. They reject, however, that it was a case of refugees.

According to them, several of the men who stayed in the station were acquaintances of foreign origin, who have previously been involved in drug sales and pocket thefts near the station.

- They have nothing to do with refugees from various war zones who have come to Germany in recent months, says an investigator to Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger.

Many now fear that New Year's attacks will recur during the city's giant carnival in February. Authorities responded to have better camera surveillance and more police on the streets.

- But every group of people can not be pursued by the police. Then we will lose what makes Cologne Cologne, said police spokesman Michael Tame.

WORRIED: Cologne mayor Henriette Shrimp has called for an emergency meeting on the situation. Creates special group.

In recent days, the Cologne police in several press releases indicated that several of the perpetrators were primarily interested in stealing valuables from the victims. They would have touched up women as a diversion, to make the job easier for accompliced pickpockets.

The town authorities say they are taking events very seriously and have already appointed a Special group to investigate the case. The big German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes that the town's mayor, Henriette Shrimp, has called for an emergency meeting on the situation Tuesday.

A few months ago survived Shrimps even after being stabbed by a neo-Nazi who was dissatisfied with the mayor's commitment to refugees.

The commander of the Cologne police, Wolfgang Albers had Monday following comment to Die Welt: - It is a totally unacceptable situation when such offenses are committed in the city center.

Last week, a 7-year-old girl was raped by a north African migrant in a German park, a story that has received little media attention.

The video below, which has received over a million views on YouTube despite being “age-restricted,” reveals a dark side to the behavior of the migrants that is not being broadcast on major western TV networks.

Since nearby Sweden opened its doors to mass immigration, the country has become the rape capital of the west, with cases skyrocketing by 1400%. Around 77.6% of the rapists are identified as “foreigners”.

As we reported last week, a school in Germany which turned over its nearby gymnasium to house migrants is warning girls not to wear shorts or skirts so as not to offend migrants and provoke “attacks”.

Germany plans to accept 800,000 migrants before the end of the year. In what many complained was a measure that should have been implemented weeks ago, the country re-imposed border controls yesterday.



Our own newspapers and TV mention nothing about it. We have had similar episodes in Norwegian asylum centers which are silenced by order of our government in order to keep people in ignorance. This is the pure treason !!

European men have become feminized to the extent they are no longer able to defend their women from a Muslim culture which does not respect woman or pacifism and only understands violence similar to their own. In other words,´turning the other cheek´ is unknown in the Muslim world. 


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