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Brexit: Poking the EU rattlesnake - Bilderberg update

Brexit: Poking the EU rattlesnake; Will ‘MIGS’ get the message?

by Karen Cacy - Jun 27, 2016 0 177

Will George Will, that ineffably effete Member In Good Standing (MIGS) of the Establishment and his friends get the Brexit message?

This may not end well. The people in Britain and the supporters of Donald J. Trump have poked the rattlesnake with a stick. After a long winter of discontent, the people—remember? the ones dragged out to be glorified whenever a vote is needed—are speaking.

The no longer silent majority have seen some light and are going for it. But taking on banks, the Bilderbergers, the mainstream media and the other “ins” is no small matter.

Can it even be done sans bayonets?

The latest sign of a burgeoning war, following the English vote to leave the European Union, is the high visibility exit of conservative columnist George Will from the Republican Party. At least temporarily, he is taking his marbles and going home.

Brexit reenergizes Texas succession talk.

He will wait the populists out until his class takes back the GOP and purifies it, and it will again listen to him and take his advice.

Dana Perino, former press secretary to George W. Bush and married to a Brit, said recently on Fox News’ “The Five” that Britain’s exit is about more than just what’s being reported. She offered a brief story about an immigrant in a British prison for a terrible crime he committed.

After he served his time for his crime, Brits wanted him sent back to his country of origin. But the EU bureaucrats blocked them because the man had a girlfriend in Britain, and being sent away would be too hard on him.  Donald Trump, opening another golf course in Scotland, was again in the right place at the right time. He joined the English as they rejoiced about their populist defeat of the pocket-hanky suits in Brussels.

Over here he regularly boosts citizens over their minders, throwing kerosene on the fire and extolling the virtues of limited government, the very opposite of what internationalists want to establish. Trump supporters, given hope, begin chewing through their cages, putting the establishment on notice that their days are numbered.

Peggy Noonan, the usually sage Republican commentator, a former Republican speechwriter par excellence, has been teetering on the edge of populism for some time. However, she attended this month’s annual Bilderberg meeting. She entered the heart of the beast and took tea with them. She listened as they spun their vision of how the world should be. To benefit them. But always, of course, for the people’s own good.

Predictably, what followed was a long diatribe against the populist Trump in her Wall Street Journal column. She took issue with a friend who insisted to her that Trump was the next Reagan. How dare she put that GOP icon’s name in the same sentence with Trump’s? Noonan quickly jumped over the early years, comparing Reagan’s union leader years and his time as California governor with Trump’s years as a working capitalist. As she informed us, the two cannot be compared.

Oh, really?

In her criticism, Noonan may have given the elite’s game away: “Capitalism, bad. Public duty, as practiced by professional politicians, good.”  Capitalists should be seen, not heard. They should make their money, fund their leaders and shut the hell up.

Trump’s pride in his success is particularly galling to those who would outlaw anything smacking of winners and losers.

Life experience, particularly when it makes a business profit, is best done quietly and out of sight. Success and profit, after all, in 2016 America are the antithesis of fair and equal. The propagandists forget that in America, only opportunity is guaranteed, not outcome.

Brexit and Donald Trump: The message against globalization

Ayn Rand must be turning over in her grave. Her entire life was devoted to combating greed. But not the greed as it is used these days by our, pardon the expression, greedy leaders. Indeed, she battled for the heart and soul of greed. She understood the purity and truth of the individual.

She understood that before one can help others, one must first help oneself and those closest.

Money is the way innovators keep track of their work. It is nothing more than a benchmark. But, in their catbird seats, leaders deny that fact. In their corralling speeches to “the people” they claim that they are on our side.

These leaders have a great act going: Money is bad (except when it lands in their own accounts). Innovation and personal initiative are good, but only when they are not flaunted, as Trump does.

Let us turn to George Will, that effete Member In Good Standing (MIGS) of the Establishment. Each Sunday, he delivers his political sermons, praising whom he deems worthy and trashing anyone he does not. Sensing the danger to MIGS early on, Will has been using his podium to attack Trump, the upstart.

Will, like his fellow MIGS, will not go quietly. After all, leadership is a serious matter, best left to the MIGS. You must enter the club humbly, toil in its back rooms for many years, and pay allegiance to the club’s exclusive claim on truth, justice and the American way.

But what is the American way? Is it the people’s pride in their country’s achievements? Is it the daring and bravery of the individual? Is it one man’s rights? Or is it something else entirely?

What has America become in its short lifetime? We are seeing seeds of our past in the recent populism of Trump on the right and of Bernie Sanders on the left. Or are they both closer to the middle?

Republican, Democrat factions revolt against Clinton, Trump

We want to be proud of the men who founded our country, of the inventors and innovators. Yet, those in power want to be the ones to tell us who is worthy.

As the MIGS of the establishment react to the people, in Europe and America, seemingly they have the recent past on their side, going forward. They own most of the media. They are entrenched. They are capable. They know where the keys to the kingdom are kept and where the bodies are buried, having buried many themselves. They have had things their way for a long, long time. Nationalism, that pesky and troublesome outdated concept is on the wane.

Conspiracy theorists posit that the current chaos in the world is largely created and managed by the MIGS, so that they might enter from stage left and fix the world for us.

If indeed there is any truth to that crazy theory, or even a part of it, the managed chaos of the “ins” has been getting away from them recently.

They would have us believe that they, like George Will, are retreating to their dens to wait out the storm. But if you believe that, you also will believe that a rattler, when poked with the stick, will just take it and quietly slink away.

More likely, he will coil himself into a tight little circle, raise his head and strike quickly and with great power at the stick holder. Do not bet against the rattlesnake or the MIGS. They have their ways. And it’s certain they will not go quietly into the night.






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