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Soros Argues Case For Global Slavery

Soros Argues Case For Global Slavery 

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Imagine you were one of the elite ruling class who felt entitled and destined to rule the world and was covetousness of the collective wealth of the middle and upper lower classes of the world’s societies. You would instinctively justify and rationalize your lustful acts to pillage others as your elitist rights. After all, they’re only peasants by your standards and aren’t worthy. They don’t know how to create wealth and would only mess it up. Most don’t even know which fork is for salad. It’s your mission and duty to systematically pillage and confiscate their wealth, to consolidate it into your hands. But how would you go about it?

It’s a matter of transferring the wealth rather than destroying it, of moving it from a location, both physical and in ownership, that is supportive of the middle class to one where it is maintained by slave or very low-wage labor. The slaves are compensated in a manner consistent with their low status, the former middle class moves increasingly towards the lower social positions and the “savings,” the money that would have been “wasted” in supporting the middle class transfers to the elites.

There are two main methods of creating the social change needed to eliminate the middle class, by dictate and by economic manipulation and both are intertwined in the globalist plot. Taxes, a central bank and mandated wealth redistribution are critical pieces of the puzzle. Forced global compensation and restrictions in the name dirt and water worship and sacrifices to the sun and wind gods, the climate hoax, are helpful in that regard as well.

But society has to be broken down in order to rebuild it in the globalist model. The United States and Europe in their present forms must cease to exist. In order to achieve that component to their plot, the social fabric of our society and culture must be destroyed. The easiest way to achieve that objective is through the large influx of a replacement population. In America, Latinos have provided the numbers, but they are less prone to being socially disruptive. A true agitating force must be imported that is non-assimilating, adversarial and dogmatic in their beliefs and hatred of America. Islam fits that bill perfectly.

George Soros is a key player behind that drive to destroy America and Europe. He took his message of deception and misdirection, the self-denial of the obvious that is critical for his and the globalists’ success in destroying our Western society to the public. It’s similar to an outreach he made in November of last year in which he published a five point argument for supporting his global invasion.

This year Soros has the same goal, but presents it in a “seven pillars” format. Soros addressed what he described as the tragedy of nationalism, of people rising up in defense of their nations in the face of his orchestrated invasion. He decried the “tragedy” of Brexit and similar movements he labels as being xenophobic nationalist movements.

He warns against the threat of  “selfish immigration” policies, where individuals of each nation place their national interests first. His global takeover doesn’t happen if sufficient numbers of people don’t agree to commit national suicide. The “selfish people” of France, the Netherlands, and Germany could destroy all of his hard, sinister work.

Soros laid out his “seven pillars,” a good roadmap of what to be on the watch for as we face his anti-middle class, anti-freedom, anti-Western and anti-American onslaught.

On October 10th Soros wrote in the online publication

Firstly, the EU must take up a considerable number of refugees directly from the front-line states, namely in a safe and orderly manner. Secondly, the EU needs to regain control of their borders. There is hardly anything that alienated public awareness and frightened as scenes of chaos.

Thirdly, the EU must open up sufficient funds to finance a comprehensive migration policy. It is estimated that at least 30 billion Euros are needed annually for this purpose for a number of years.

Fourthly, the EU needs common mechanisms for the protection of the borders, the decision of asylum applications develop and to resettle refugees. A single European asylum procedure would reduce the incentives for asylum tourism and restore trust between Member States.

Fifthly, it requires a voluntary coordination mechanism for the resettlement of refugees . The EU cannot force Member States to accept refugees, they do not want, and they cannot force the refugees to go to places where they are undesirable.

Sixth, the EU needs countries hosting refugees to provide stronger support, and they must be more generous in their approach to Africa. Instead of development aid in a way that they benefit from their own needs, the EU should offer a real “big solution”, which focuses on the needs of the recipient countries.

The last column is the long-term creation of a welcoming environment for economic migrants. Given the aging population in Europe outweigh the problems associated with migration benefits the cost of integration of migrants significantly.

Soros outlines what is a totally unjustified destruction of the European nations, a template that will be adopted by the United States under a Hillary Clinton takeover. There is no legitimacy to this invasion. It is a conspiracy among the globalists and their puppet regimes to destroy the nation states and the middle class of the West, to turn the world into a society of elites and those who serve them.

This may be the solution in the eyes of the anti-America global manipulators, but we patriots in the civilized world see things differently, more clearly. The solution involves the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States and the subsequent arrest and prosecution of the most vile criminals on earth. They’re familiar names such as Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Jeh Johnson, Valerie Jarrett and George Soros.





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