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To those still unhappy with the new President elected by the people. Trump was the ONLY chance to send a powerful message to the Bilderberg Group,the ´global elite´and their Illuminati masters.

It is now ´PAY BACK TIME´ for the global elite who has funded and instigated the human catastrophe of the European immigration wave.

People like Peter Sutherland,made a special refugee representative for BOTH the UN and The Vatican,what an irony, doing his utmost to convince Europe to forget their national adherence,their culture and democracy in favor of millions of would-be immigrants from an incompatible culture and religion forming a future basis for their planned NWO.

Coudenhove-Kalergi in his book,describing the make-up of this NWO explains the result as a mixture of Arab/African ethnicity similar to the slaves who built the pyramids for the Pharo´s. Chasing Arabs from the Middle East and Negroes from Africa into a Europe with a dwindling population of it´s own,conforms exactly to his ideas of ´PRAKTIKAL IDEALISMUS´.
The US,under the influence of Illuminati have caused the wars in the Middle East,as well as the creation of the brutal ISIL terror organization to SCARE and CHASE the people into Europe, thousands drowning on their way across the Mediterranean.

Represented by the evil billionaire George Soros,Illuminati used the Soros Foundation to set up organizations in Africa and the Middle-East to cajole and tempt ANY African desirous of
bettering his existence to leave his family and country in pursuit of false promises of riches in Europe.

Soros even had special little booklets and fliers printed in Arabic with instructions on how to travel,who to contact,what to avoid etc. Including the thousands who either died at the hands of unscrupulous human-smugglers or drowned in unsuitable crafts on their way across the Mediterranean, multiple thousands followed across the borders and into a defenseless Europe,unable to cope with the vast numbers.

Then we have the arch-enemy of them all,Illuminati puppet, Angela Merkel, who opened ALL doors to ALL comers on behalf of Europe,before even consulting with other member states. Did you know she even received the Coudenhove-Kalergi Price for human integration?

There are many many other culprits from the ´global elite´ who shares the guilt and should also be made to pay for this human catastrophe with thousands of lives lost,and more to come during the uprisings and violence still to come,not to mention those who will succumb to the coming EXTREME winter weather in Europe without adequate shelter.

All this suffering of human kind is described in detail in Coudenhove´s book and dogma from the 20´s,which,not unexpectedly is now BANNED in Germany.

So,I think we should concentrate on HOW we are going to make these villains PAY FOR THEIR SINS. 

Firstly, ALL African immigrants and others roaming from their country without just grounds,such as danger to their lives, should soonest possible be transported back to their countries,given a sum of money as compensation,and to recover in their own country.

All immigrants deemed to have justification,should be given a temporary stay, and to be returned to their countries of origin as soon as it is considered ´safe enough´.

The cost of all the above,plus all cost incurred by Europe to accommodate the immigrants should be ENFORCED from the illegally gained fortunes of the above mentioned associates and anyone else belonging to the Bilderberg, The Club of 300 and Illuminati.

ANY participants of these crimes against humanity should be taken to court and judged.

As for trade agreements like TTP etc. Trump is totally against them and will have them removed.   I am sure Trump would not disagree with me.





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