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Forget Article 50! Britain can IGNORE Lisbon Treaty and quit the EU NOW, top lawyer claims

Forget Article 50! Britain can IGNORE Lisbon Treaty and quit the EU NOW, top lawyer claims

BRITAIN can ignore the Lisbon Treaty and quit the EU immediately without even activating Article 50, an international law expert has claimed.


Ingrid Detter de Frankopan has called for Britain to leave the EU without activating Article 50.  Ingrid Detter de Frankopan said Theresa May and her Brexit ministers were wasting time getting bogged down on Article 50 details - and claimed the UK could leave the 28-country bloc today if it wanted to. 

The veteran Swedish lawyer told MoneyWeek she was becoming increasingly frustrated at the unnecessary delays in formalizing Britain’s European divorce. 

She said: “Despite my best attempts, everyone has been deaf to the painstakingly simple course for the United Kingdom to take: don’t trigger Article 50 at all.

“It is, however, absolute nonsense.”

The lawyer has urged Theresa May to quit the EU as soon as possible
She claimed Article 50 itself made no mention of the requirement to trigger it to leave, and said the technical aspects could be interpreted by the country’s own constitution. 

Ms de Frankopan said: “Since the United Kingdom is singularly fortunate in this situation that there is no written constitution, the UK is clearly free to act in any way it sees fit and proper. 

“It is important to stress that there is no need for any agreement at all with the EU.”

52 per cent of British voters chose to leave the EU last summer
She said the UK held all the power in exit negotiations and claimed Brussels was attempting to bluff its way to a good deal. 

She said: “Immediately after the UK referendum on 23 June 2016, the president of the European Parliament, Martin Schultz, insisted, the UK government should contact the EU by Tuesday 28 June to indicate its intention to leave. 

Ms de Frankopan said Britain did not need to activate Article 50 to leave the EU.  “Why this haste? I should have thought the EU would be pleased to receive a massive sum every week from the UK.

“The EU needs the UK far more than the UK needs the EU and we have nothing to gain from ‘discussion’ or further ‘agreements’ – unless such agreements are with non-EU states such as the United States, India, Brazil and China. There is the future."


European Union knowingly deceiving and betraying the British people into European rule




The EU claims setting up a European joint army will help protecting their borders etc.

Don´t like the ´etc´ which also includes martial law and abuse of individual democracy and freedom. Ironically,Angela Merkel was the one to hold the doors open to unlimited immigration from ANYWHERE. Now she has realized the consequences and the danger threatening both Germany and Europe as a whole.

With ISIL being chased out of their illusionary ´Arab Kalifat´ they could easily train and arm the millions of immigrants already in Europe. We will end up with either Angela Merkel´s illusionary FOURTH REICH or we will have EURABIA.

P L E A S E Theresa May, RESCIND the treaty of 1972 NOW and DO NOT trigger Art. 50 which will impose in-numerable new laws and traps locking us in to the EU for years to come.
The above article substantiates my earlier claims, as do similar comments from the new possible leader of UKIP, as well as a comment made by one of the 11 High Court Judges who in December will rule on the appeal against the right of the Government to decide the method of leaving the EU.

The High Court Judge expressed that the Government have the right to MAKE treaties as well as BREAK treaties without authorization from the House of Commons,House of Lords, or our High Court.

Triggering Art. 50 on the other hand,will ensnare the UK in legal processes in both the UK as well as the EU.


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