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Is Angela Merkel Europe´s Evil Spirit? Or Who Is Managing Her?

Is Angela Merkel Europe´s Evil Spirit? Or Who Is Managing Her?

NEW.EURO-MED.DK - Posted on September 28, 2015 by Anders
Abstract: The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, is the EU’s most powerful person and is, sadly, thus influencing the fate of all other EU countries. She has made the career of a wind bag: Spyess for the STASI and agitator and propagandist for the Communist FDJ. Her father was the “only one” who  defected  from West to East Germany. He had the nickname “Red”.

She’s Rotary club member. Rotary is an arm of Freemasonry for those who are women and do not want to go so far as Freemasonry – but Rotary originated from  Freemasonry, and its spiritual father is the US Illuminatus, Benjamin Franklin. Some of its emblems have the Masonic logo (compasses and square). As with Freemasons, the initiates have to swear on the Rotary Constitution (state within the state).

These clubs are paving the road for the NWO as well as the Masonic lodges  – that’s why the clubs are  just as international. Endlessly, Merkel makes the sign of the Mother Goddess, the spouse of Lucifer.

So, what constitution does Merkel´s loyalty  belong to: That of the communist NWO Freemasonry or that of Germany?

Merkel’s recent behaviour clearly points towards the NWO: She invited the Muslim world to come to Germany, to “help people in distress”. She takes no account of the fact that the majority is not refugees but economic migrants. When these migrants arrive, her Germany throws German citizens out of their homes – to make them refugee camps – and demands vast amounts of her guests to be hosted by her neighbors!

Of course, the German Socialist and President of the European Parliament, Schulz, agrees:  “Mercy and human decency must motivate our political decisions.”
This old-fashioned word, mercy, was otherwise long ago abolished by the Socialists. It is only used by Christ, whom the EU rejects with all strength, and Masons!! 

The Daily Mail describes how Germany is in a state of siege – with appalling conditions in the refugees camps -so far about 2000 of them with an inflow of 100 migrants per hour. In Munich, a camp is called the largest brothel in the city – and  rapes, even of children, are taking place repeatedly. Locals feel insecure – have been ordered to adapt to the customs of Muslims (Dhimmitude).

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