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NO MORE! European voters deliver BRUTAL verdict on Brussels chief's EU superstate dream

NO MORE! European voters deliver BRUTAL verdict on Brussels chief's EU superstate dream

EUROPEAN voters tonight delivered a brutally blunt message to chief eurocrat Jean-Claude Juncker as they urged him to drop his mad dream of an EU superstate and hand back powers to member states.

PUBLISHED: 22:41, Wed, Nov 30, 2016 | 

Most voters in the EU do not want more political union, according to a poll
Populations across the bloc demanded that the power hungry Brussels boss scales back his meddling in individual countries’ affairs as they handed a stunning rebuke to the out of touch euro elite. 

Even in Germany, the ideological cradle of the whole EU project, voters are now sick to the back teeth of creeping federalisation and are increasingly demanding that their futures be decided in Berlin, and not in Brussels.

Eurocrat who wants EU SUPERSTATE to run for Parliament presidency
Britons STILL want to quit EU and other states are poised to join us

The shock results come at a time when the EU is facing an unprecedented popularity crisis, rebellious electorates across the continent increasingly turning their backs on snooty europhiles in favour of anti-establishment parties. 

Brussels is facing a fight for its very survival with far-right chief Marine Le Pen on the march in France and the anti-EU Five Star Movement, which wants and end to the euro currency, flying high in the polls in Italy.

A graph showing support for ever closer union

Even German voters want more powers back from Brussels

A graph showing faith in national politics

Trust in national politics is also at desperately low levels.
Panicked eurocrats have been scrambling to head off the populist uprising on their doorstep, and tonight voters unequivocally issued their demands if any faith is to be restored in the flailing European project. 

In eight of twelve member states surveyed by respected pollsters YouGov people expressed a strong desire to see more powers repatriated from unelected Brussels bureaucrats to national Governments that represent their interests. 

Unsurprisingly the urge to restore sovereignty was strongest in Britain, which has just voted to quit the EU, but eurocrats will be alarmed by the fact that eurosceptic sentiment is almost as widespread in a host of other countries. 

More than four in ten voters in Holland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and France want to see an active rolling back of the EU’s controversial policy of ‘ever closer union’, demonstrating a stunning lack of faith in the unelected euro elite.

The era of an increasingly powerful European Union may be over. And even in Germany, the Brussels project’s staunchest and most vociferous backer, 38 per cent want Angela Merkel to ask for more powers back from eurocrats - the same figure as in neighbouring Poland. 

YouGov observed: “The era of an increasingly powerful European Union may be over, with the desire for EU powers to be returned to member states the most popular point of view in eight EU nations.

“In no country was the belief that the current balance of powers is about right the most popular answer.” 

In contrast support for the path the EU is currently hurtling down - the ever quickening political amalgamation of member states into one United States of Europe - is woefully low all of those countries.

Brexit aftershocks: Who's next to leave the EU?
Britain has voted to leave the EU. So who's next? We look at which European countries want to hold their own EU referendum.

Frexit, Nexit or Auxit? Who will be next to leave the EU

Frexit: Leader of the French National Front Marine Le Pen has pledged to hold a French referendum

Nexit: Dutch far-right Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders pledged to make the EU membership a key issue in the next general election

Nexit: A whopping 88 per cent of people polled by a top Dutch newspaper said they would be in favour of an in/out vote along British lines

Auxit: Former right-wing Austrian Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer said his country should have a referendum within a year

Pexit: Law and Justice leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski said 'The conclusion is obvious. We need a new European treaty'

Swexit: Before Brexit, Swedish MEP Peter Lundgren said Denmark and Sweden were already 'on the brink' of quitting, suggesting a 'Nordic trading bloc' led by Britain could be born

Only four of the countries surveyed - Italy, Lithuania, Spain and Romania - want to see closer union between member states, and in none of the 12 countries did voters think that the current balance of powers is acceptable. 

The few member states in favor of greater meddling by Brussels were also the countries which recorded the lowest levels of satisfaction with national politicians in the same poll, indicating that their desire for ever-closer union may be borne more out of despair than affection for the EU. 

In Italy, in particular, eurosceptic sentiment is running extremely high with 33 per cent of people saying they would leave the EU tomorrow if a vote were held - around the same level of Britons backing Brexit just before David Cameron announced the EU referendum date. 

But despite the populist revolution unfurling before its eyes Brussels is sticking steadfast to its superstate dream, recently unveiling plans to complete a banking union across the eurozone and controversial proposals to set up an EU army to rival NATO.




EU have since had a meeting WITHOUT the UK and DECIDED to create an EU Army already from next year and have made a starting deposit of 67 mill. Eur.

EU now also have talks about making a new Brussels law to make demonstration and violence against the EU,a punishable offence, similar to Martial Law.

Juncker and Merkel again shooting themselves in the foot,increasing the opposition against the creation of a European Superstate. 


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