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Nigel Farage gives Theresa May ultimatum - give us hard Brexit or we'll OUST you

Nigel Farage gives Theresa May ultimatum - give us hard Brexit or we'll OUST you

NIGEL FARAGE predicted Theresa May and Philip Hammond could be ousted from their roles leading the United Kingdom if they cannot deliver a satisfactory Brexit for the country.

PUBLISHED: 00:01, Tue, Dec 27, 2016 | UPDATED: 11:50, Tue, Dec 27, 2016
The outspoken politician warned that despite Britons voting to leave the European Union, business is still “not finished yet” as he urges voters to keep up pressure on the Government.

Mr Farage helped lead the momentous campaign which saw 17.4million voters choose to ditch Britain’s membership of the bloc, overcoming then Prime Minister David Cameron and his close ally former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

In the wake of his stunning defeat, Mr Cameron stood down as leader of the country, leaving Conservative party members to opt for Theresa May to fill the void in No.10, she would go on to select fellow Remain campaigner Philip Hammond to lead the economy.

While discussing the Government and his belief in their ability to deliver Brexit, Nigel Farage cast doubt on the two politicians leading the apparent charge.

Nigel Farage, Philip Hammond and Theresa MayLBC

Nigel Farage attacked Theresa May and Philip Hammond's ability to deliver Brexit
We’ve got a Prime Minister who, on the greatest political decision of our lifetime, was on the wrong side.  He told LBC: “We’ve got a Prime Minister who, on the greatest political decision of our lifetime, was on the wrong side and gets rewarded with being Prime Minister – It’s a funny old game politics, isn’t it?”

Moving on to Chancellor Philip Hammond, the 52-year-old believed he is “exactly the same”, and went as far as to say “nobody has heard of him” in the scathing attack.

Mr Farage added: “We had a political revolution on June 23, the majority of the people that voted, the high turnout, voted against what they were told by the Bank of England, the International Monetary Fund – despite all of that we had this revolution.

“The problem is with the exception of Cameron and Osborne, all of the same people are still in charge – they’ve just been moved around the chess board a little bit.”

Mr Farage claims the Remain Government remains intact apart from David Cameron and George Osborne.

The former Ukip leader then voiced his concern over the Government’s credentials, adding that Britons could vote for yet more “radical change” when they take to the ballot boxes during the next general election.

He continued: “I look at America, where the revolution is complete. Trump doesn’t just win, he now appoints people from outside the world of politics to get on with running the country.

“Perhaps this is unfinished business. Perhaps, we’ll come to a general election in 2020 with more radical change needed.”

The prominent Leave campaigner also accused Mrs May of being too indecisive with Brexit, which has allowed challenges from Remainers, attempting to hold up, or even, block Britain’s EU divorce altogether.

Mr Farage said: “My concern is this: She’s been Prime Minister for basically six months and we’re having to wait on a Supreme Court decision, that will come in the middle of January and we’ve got the French aristocrat, former European commissioner Michel Barnier now dictating timetables to us. “None of this needed to happen if she’d been decisive and declared Article 50”.

Discussing the amount of time that Britain has wasted between the historic referendum in June and the proposed date of March 31 to start formal exit negations, he declared: “I think that is far too long.

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“I don’t expect her to put on the table her negotiating strategy but I would like to see some real clarity in terms of where we are going.

“I think, frankly, at the moment there is a lack of leadership and I think because of that we’ve got the Cabinet contradicting itself every single day.

“Let’s wait and see, but if she’s as successful as Prime Minister as she was as Home Secretary we’ve got a bit of a problem.”



I favor Theresa May, but she is dragging the inevitable out too long, allowing the Remainers and the ´global elite´ time and opportunity to spin juridical cobwebs around Brexit,delaying the exit indefinitely. I fear triggering Art. 50 will entwine us further in juridical tussles, both with the High Court of the UK as well as that of Brussels.

And NOW, a SECOND legal attack to stop Brexit arising from the hands of Gina Miller  with UNLIMITED funding from the ´global elite´.   Proves more and more my statements above.


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