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What is the role of Freemasons here in Brazil?

What is the role of Freemasons here in Brazil?

Seems to be a lodge in every small town in the North (self.Brazil)

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Grande Oriente do Brasil is a huge masonic body, with over 1700 lodges.

Grande Oriente do Brasil:
The Grande Oriente do Brasil is a masonic body in Brazil. It was founded in 1822. It has 1700 lodges with around 100,000 members. It is within the tradition of Anglo-American Freemasonry.

(Anonymous opinions)

Brazilian freemasons are highly racist and conservative from my experience. They are mostly middle-class men congregating to exchange influence and serve self-interest. Differently than in other countries, the Brazilian lodges never provide meaningful services to their communities nor their members are interested in civic activities -- to the contrary, they often have huge prejudices towards the poor. The very fact that they call lodges as the equivalent of "stores" in Portuguese tells tons about their motives.
It's like a church, except they embrace all religions. It's like a community where they help one another.

That's pretty much it. one of the few good answers here ^

I find this conversation very interesting. I'm trying to find information about Brazilian freemasons and their politics. I came across this article, written by one of them, where their support for the Military Dictatorship is stated I would like to know more about their political support today, f.ex. in relation to Dilma.

Some of my family is from a small towns in the center of SP state. basically if you wanna be in power in some of these towns you have to be a mason.

They keep it to themselves whatever they do, so it is hard to answer this question. You won't hear a lot about them. When I take the bus or subway to a city I visit often, I always see too freemasons lodges. And that's it. That's all I know from them. The "regular people" won't hear a lot about them. If you do some research you can find some stories, but I would rate those stories as stupid rumours. And the Protestant Chritians are always behind those stories, so I don't take those very seriously. (They always have some story about how a celebrity made a pact to become famous. Their storiers are not the most reliable or factual)

I'm not a free-mason but I read a lot about related stuff. They're not that secretive. It's just that... if people saw their rites without knowing the real meaning and purpose, they would judge and wrongly classify what they do. So they just keep it to themselves and disclose information only when you have enough knowledge and theoretical background to understand the symbology and meaning behind things. I'm not sure if most of them do this but some offer free visits to their places. And you can find a lot of books on freemasonry and occult-related things online. You just have to know where to look and ignore the dumb "Illuminerti Nu WOrLd OrdEr OmG" paranoia.

I never saw anyone talk openly that he/she is a freemason. So they way I see it, I would say they have a kind of secrecy. But people here can have a lot of prejudice, so I don't really judge them for that. I really don't know what happens in their lodges and I honestly don't care (not in a rude way, I'm just saying I'm not curious about it). 
I know there are books about freemasonry, but they all seem pretty general. I don't know of a book that could answer OP's question of "What is the role of Freemaçons here in Brazil?". We always heard how some US President was a freemason, or how famous person x or y was a freemason, but I never heard this about any Brazilian, so we can't even create theories/guess what is their role in Brazil.

I'm not sure if most of them do this but some offer free visits to their places.
I don't doubt what you are saying. However, their lodges don't look very inviting. I guess you would need to know one of them in order to visit, right? Still something secretive they way I see it. And I'm not saying this is a bad thing, I'm just saying it is not that open.
You just have to know where to look and ignore the dumb "Illuminerti Nu WOrLd OrdEr OmG" paranoia.

Yeah, that paranoia is ridiculous. But I still think there are not many resources talking about what is their role here in Brazil. If you know/find something about it, please share!

edit: just found this:
"A independência do Brasil foi decretada e solicitada a Dom Pedro I em uma sessão Maçônica realizada em 20 de agosto de 1822. Este dia é dedicado ao Maçom brasileiro.
O Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca, iniciado na Loja "Rocha Negra" de São Gabriel, Rio Grande do Sul, proclama a república em 15 de novembro de 1889."

The source does not look very reliable though.

I do believe though that the group of people that frequent masonry are a "political club" and they might have an agenda. Think of this like a high-society posh horse race get together. All rich influential and important people in the same place. You wouldn't say the horse race is evil or that it has plans, but the people that go there talk to each other and have ideas.
I think masonry in some places is like this. Specially in Brazil.

Masonry itself has nothing to do with Brazil, England or Japan. It's more like a personal growth thing. But if the people that go there have a certain mindset then maybe people will start judging. I remember a history teacher saying this. "The Institutions aren't evil, but the people running them might be" (he was referring to the Catholic Church during Inquisition) and I think this applies here as well.
*I'm sorry. I'm typing this from my phone. Excuse the poor English and eventual grammar errors.

Yeah, that's what I believe too. It is not that surprising that someone came up with that whole Illuminatti conspiracy when you consider the people that type of people that may be freemasons. (I'm not saying I believe the conspiracy, just saying it is not that surprising)

Yeah. This is why I'm not that interested in joining them. Unless I'm sure the lodge's purpose is more spiritual then political. I prefer to study along other orders.
One thing we can refer to is the "Religious Question", a crisis between the Catholic Church and the Brazilian Empire regarding clergy and church fraternities.
Catholicism was the state religion; like the Portuguese and Spanish monarchies, the Imperial government could appoint church officials - and by the time of Pedro II the freemasons had a growing presence in the Brazilian church. Due to the Papal ban on Freemasonry, some bishops decided to protest against those masons and have them removed from church. Because of their attempt to overpower the State, they were arrested. This clash of interest was ultimately beneficial to the Republican cause in the following decades.

As a remark, Several sources like this one link our current vice president, Michel Temer, to Freemasonry.
I've always had the impression as an outsider that, if they really were oh so awesome and good for humanity as a whole, they wouldn't need all the secretiveness bullshit.
That being said, I know a handful of Freemasons myself, who are not related by anything but their seemingly weird cult. They are all, no exceptions, in powerful positions, with varying degrees, in smaller towns and heavily involved with politics and equally varies degrees of corruption. Makes sense they're so secretive and evasive about their real intentions.


List of famous past and present Freemasons in Brazil


1. Ademar de Barros (Ex - Governor - SP)
2. Alcaeus Necklace (Former Governor - RS)
3. Aldo Rebelo (Political)
4. Aleijadinho (Baroque Genius)
5. Almir Pazzianotto (Former Minister - Sarney government)
6. Alvarenga and Ranchinho (Dual Grit)
7. Alvaro Dias (Senator - PR)
8. Antônio Carlos Magalhães (Former Governor - BA)
9. Antonio Palocci (Political)
10. Baron de Maua (Political and Industrial)
11. Baron of Rio Branco (Diplomat)
12. Basilio da Gama (Author)
13. Benjamin Constant (Father of the Republic)
14. Bento Gonçalves (Revolutionary Gaucho)
15. Bob Nelson (Singer)
16. Campos Sales (4th President of Brazil)
17. Carlos Gomes (Classic Songwriter)
18. Casimiro de Abreu (Author)
19. Castro Alves (Poet)
20. Cipriano Barata (PROCER Independence)
21. Ciro Gomes (Former Governor - CE)
22. D. Pedro I (1st Emperor of Brazil and Liberator)
23. Delfim Moreira (10th President of Brazil)
24. Diodorus of Fonseca (1st President of Brazil)
25. Divaldo Suruagy (Former Governor - AL)
26. Duque de Caxias (Patron of the Army)
27. Macedo (Evangelical Pastor)
28. Eleazar de Carvalho (Conductor)
29. Eneas Carneiro (Medical and Political)
30. Ernesto Geisel (29th President of Brazil)
31. Spyridon Amin (Political)
32. Fábio Júnior (Singer and Composer)
33. Fernando Collor (32nd President of Brazil)
34. Gabeira (Political)
35. Fernando Henrique Cardoso (34th Pr., Brazil)
36. Floriano Peixoto (2nd President of Brazil)
37. Francisco Cuoco (Actor)
38. Francisco Dornelles (Political)
39. Frei Mug (Revolutionary)
40. General Osório (Great Military)
41. Genival Lacerda (Singer)
42. George Savalla (The Clown Baldy)
43. Geraldo Alckmim (Governor - SP)
44. Germano Rigotto (Ex - Governor - RS)
45. Gilberto Kassab (former Mayor of São Paulo)
46. ??Gilliard (Singer)
47. Gilmar Mendes (Ex-President of the Supreme Court)
48. Golbery do Couto e Silva (Military)
49. Gonçalves Ledo (PROCER Independence)
50. Hermes da Fonseca (8th President of Brazil)
51. Hipólito da Costa (Patriarch Press BR)
52. Jaime Wright (Presbyterian pastor)
53. Quadros (22nd President of Brazil)
54. João Batista Figueiredo (30th President of Brazil)
55. João Caetano (Theatrical Actor)
56. João Paulo Cunha (Ex-President of the Congress) 57. Joaquim Nabucco (writer and abolitionist)
58. Jose Bonifacio (The Patriarch of Independence)
59. José de Alencar (Writer)
60. José do Patrocinio (Abolition)
61. José Lins do Rego (Writer)
62. José Roberto Arruda (Former Governor - DF)
63. José Serra (Former Governor - SP)
64. José Wilker (Actor)
65. Julio Prestes (Political)
66. Lamartine Babo (Musician and Composer)
67. Luis Eduardo Greenhalgh (Political)
68. Lindomar Castilho (Singer)
69. Gonzaga (The King of Baiao)
70. Luiz Vieira (Singer and Composer)
71. Machado de Assis (Author)
72. Manoel da Nobrega (TV Producer)
73. Mário Covas (Ex - Governor - SP)
74. Marques de Sapucai (Politician and Lawyer)
75. Michel Temer  (President of Brazil)
76. Milton Gonçalves (Actor)
77. Mozarildo Cavalcante (Senator)
78. Ramos Nereus (20th President of Brazil)
79. Newton Cardoso (Political)
80. Nile (7th President of Brazil)
81. Orestes Quercia (Ex - Governor - SP)
82. Oscarito (Comic Actor)
83. Father Antonio Feijoo (Regent of the Empire)
84. Paulo Maluf (Former Governor - SP)
85. Pedro de Toledo (Leader of the Revolution of 32)
86. Pinheiro Machado (Lawyer and Politician)
87. Pixinguinha (Musician and Composer)
88. Prudente de Morais (3rd President of Brazil)
89. Quintino Bocaiúva (Former Governor - RJ)
90. Renan (President of the Senate - AL)
91. Roberto de Carvalho (Musician. Husband of Rita Lee)
92. Roberto Jéferson (Political)
93. Roberto Marinho (Owner Globo)
94. Roberto Requiao (Senator - PR)
95. Rodrigues Alves (5th President of Brazil)
96. Roger Avanzi (The Clown Picolino)
97. Rui Barbosa (The Eagle of the Hague)
98. Sérgio Vieira de Melo (Diplomat)
99. Silas Malafaia (Evangelical Pastor)
100. Theophilus Ottoni (Political)
101. Tiao Viana (Governor - AC)
102. Tiradentes (Hero Conspiracy)
103. Tonic (Tonic Double and Tinoco)
104. Valdir Raupp (Senator - RO)
105. Wenceslas Brás (9th President of Brazil)
106. Vicente Celestino (Singer)
107. Vinicius de Moraes (Poet and Composer)
108. Waldemar Seyssel (Teasing The Clown)
109. Washington Luís (13th President of Brazil)
110. Zé Rodrix (Singer and Composer)

Research conducted by Ir? Sebastian Wagner Pereira Alves.
Worshipful Master of the Masonic Lodge No. 4246 Master Chico Abilio

Middle Border -PI. Confederate to GOB


“Secret Societies lurking the judiciary”

by Luiz Guilherme Marques

We know the existence of international secret associations whose real goals are immeasurable enrichment of its members, the conquest of power and world domination by whatever means that may be needed, either honest or dishonestly. They intend to eliminate gradually the governments, leaving them in place, the members of these associations.
Famous are the Illuminati, the Skull & Bones, Bilderberg and the CFR, the experts saying that the World Bank and International Monetary Fund were created by one of these associations.

Part of these societies, are people from the financial world, senior officials, business leaders and influential people, including a member of the Supreme Court of the United States.
Its members are subjected to a cruel initiation and keep the commitments of secrecy and absolute fidelity, naturally fearing penalties up to their death.

These associations sponsor elections, laws, international treaties and everything to facilitate their control over national wealth. It is based on power greed, and are more focused on dominate than cooperation for the advancement of collectivity.

These people are in all fields of human endeavor , including the judiciary itself, which may happen that some can get to participate in some secret society for criminal purposes.
Not all men and women who excel in local, regional, national or global scenarios act with idealism and fueled by noble intentions.

It might certainly happen, that acts of the judiciary, legislature and executive favour foreign capital to the detriment of national interests, resulting in the impoverishment of our people.
The fact that the IMF try to establish parameters for the reform of our judiciary is very significant.  Some people might find this kind of thing a fantasy of a thriller movie, but it is the most real truth.

Therefore, in the case of the judiciary, it is important that the selection of judges is the responsibility of the judiciary itself, by public application for entering a first instance and internal promotion to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th, by abolishing the 5th constitutional and choices by the Governors of State and President of the Republic.

Until this happens, we can have unpleasant surprises in the prosecution of some cases and editing of any binding precedent highly detrimental. I’m not saying here that we have in this somebody’s Brazilian Judiciary linked to one of these societies, but it may be that we will have it.

Jus Vigilantibus: “Secret Societies lurking including the judiciary” (translate it with google)

Blog Anti Nova Ordem Mundial: Original Blog Entry in portuguese


Brazil just another country in the Illuminati grip

Brazil coast
Ive rewritten and corrected this article many times. But here it is. In my journey through the various Illuminati controlled nations we have now come to South America. So lets take a look at Brazil, with the official denomination, “Federative Republic of Brazil” what more can be said about this the largest country in both South America and the Latin American region? Well for one thing it is the world’s fifth largest country, both by geographical area and by population. And it is the largest Portuguese-speaking country in the world, and the only one in the Americas. As all the other speak Spanish mostly.
But in fact, the very “so-called” Brazilian Federal Republic (as it is called) was founded by and controlled by Illuminati-Jews through their agents, the Freemasons who infiltrated the courts and the Brazilian armies. These forces together with local farm owners (all Freemasons) were the responsible for the fall of Monarch in Brazil, the best government the country had in its history and “the fact o” builder of the nation as it is. Does this sound interesting?
Editor’s note: Officially, Jews make up only .05% of the population of Brazil, roughly 100,000 Jews in a population of 192 million.
What is very, very curious and found in reports written by journalists is the fact that almost 98% of what they normally write about in this topic, is in many cases based on the ideas of the journalist called “Olavo de Carvalho”, who is in fact one of the best journalist in Brazil (the best as Brazil can have nowadays).

But the truth is that the situation in Brazil is just as bad as in USA or Russia. And if we look back at President Lula da Silva during his reign, it was the same story as in other country’s, when part of a communist party took Brazil into the arms of the New World Order.
Many Nations Totally Dominated by Illuminati. But If you want to know what are the countries that are NOT controlled by the Zionist Illuminati. As you all know by now
Palestine was accepted as member state of UNESCO. Israel was furious about it. The USA, following the will of Israel, voted against the admission of Palestine in UNESCO. This link will give a hint at least who’s in or who’s out. Also who’s a total puppet or not.
Because during Lula`s time he betrayed his own country several times. When he gave away much of Itaipu for ex? To Communist-led Paraguay. (Itaipu-One of the largest dams in the world. It is on the border and Brazil paid for everything.) He pardoned debts from Bolivia. He gave much aid to Venezuela. He also created a huge Indian reservation on the border with Venezuela, a no-man’s land that is open to any kind of incursion and is a threat to Brazilian sovereignty, since it spreads into Venezuela. It is another supranational country. And not to forget every thing he did for the greedy capitalists, as the leaders of 12 South American nations formed a regional body aimed at boosting economic and political integration in the region.
At a summit in Brazil, they signed a treaty which created the Union of South American Nations (Unasur).Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said the move showed that South America was becoming a “global player”. Same as to be the capitalists own parrot? So never mind the RED or the BLUE talk that’s just illusions. It doesn’t matter if your red or blue. Its only about if you measure up to Illuminatis requirements or not.
And LULA did, as Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of York awarded Lula the Chatham House Award for bringing peace to the continent ! Yes, the man supports drug dealers, terrorists, capitalistic pigs and a Marxist revolution in the continent and is regarded as a man of peace? Chatham House is a well-known Illuminati Think Tank. Lula became the official court’s jester.
So this sort of set the rules for the politicians to come in Brazil. And just recently I read that several Politicians now facing an investigation in Brazil’s biggest ever corruption scandal. Am I surprised?
Brazil’s supreme court has recently approved the investigation of dozens of senior politicians, including a former president and leaders of congress, for alleged connections to what prosecutors call the country’s biggest ever corruption scandal. In total, 54 people are to be investigated by the attorney general, including 21 federal deputies and 12 senators though that figure is expected to grow as evidence is gathered on corruption involving the state energy company Petrobras.
So Brazil is also just another nation with Illuminati Jewish parrots?
You could say that every politician in Brazil is a “Illuminati” parrot and you should not forget then, that everyone in Brazil (consciously or not) has become an Illuminati-Jew parrot because Jews control the Federate Republic and the Central Bank since its birth. Illuminati-Jews control the press and they control the TV since a long time ago. No one can escape from this kind of mind cage. It is much more brutal and much more mind-boggling than Russia ever was. Which at least is on a recovery mission from the Illuminati grip. Compared to the US which is beyond ALL help as it seems like now.
So understand the real scenario, based on my private study of these two Illuminati created systems I can say that both are illusions presented on the stage trying to lure people (the few ones that could make some kind of resistance to even just denounce the Illuminati-Jewish dominion in Brazil) from the truth. They probably are Illuminati supporters because they work for the Jews. And people can actually believe that they are awaken as clear as daylight, but still be a unknowing Zionist supporter. This is how the system is built. On deceptions.
Freemasonry and its Structure
Freemasonry is a well-known Jewish secret society built on deceptions and is functioning to seduce the upper class and richest Christians to help the Illuminati-Jews to “rebuild the Temple of Solomon” which in Talmud and the Cabala is described as “making the Jews the rulers of the people’s of the earth as God commanded,”  Of course, the only people who would benefit from rebuilding the “Temple of Solomon” again are, of course, the Illuminati-Jews.
In their hatred against EVERYTHING the Church and Christianity, the Illuminati-Jews built such a sophisticated weapon that the only enemy one can see is the tentacle of the monster, not the beast in its entirely. So, if you are smart enough and you wake up against Religion, Capitalism or Communism you start fighting against it, not against those who actually feed the  tentacle of deception. So I hope you see how this game works? You simply can’t know WHO you are supposed to fight.
Brazilians are brainwashed?
Unfortunately that is the case for most Brazilians. After decades of Capitalistic and Communist indoctrination (on schools, universities and the media and the churches) even thou some Brazilians are starting to “wake up” from the “Matrix”. But as soon as these well-intentioned Brazilians start to search the truth they reach just another tentacle of the beast. They start to fight against the Capitalistic-Communist tentacle with religious or liberal weapons, which are of course just another tentacle of the beast to smash any possible thinking they are the true Christian resistance against the Talmudists who are in fact the rulers and commanders of the banks, the media, the press, the Capitalistic-Communists, Priests and the Freemasons.
And DON’T think that the only divine intervention or a miracle that can save the poor Brazilians comes from some god? Because there is no god or gods either. Don’t even belive a good-hearted and Catholic devoted to help people for centuries, from being smashed by the Illuminati-Jews. Anyone that goes against them is taken care of!
What has never been explained to Brazilian news readers. Is that when you are trying to figure out, why these people not only are apprehended and convicted as criminals? And why they never get the answer about it, is because it is written in the Talmud, Jews must never be judged against the acts and crimes against the nations or people. Because among themselves they are not even considered human beings. This is why we never saw any Illuminati-Jew or Freemason or Priest will be judged by their crimes against people. Do you see the trick?
The well-studied and well-educated journalists like Olavo de Carvalho is aware of this fact, of course. They are not sinning by ignorance, no they are sinning because they are intended to lie and hide the truth from well-intentioned people from the fact that they are in imminent attack from the Illuminati-Jews deception.
Disappearing Children?
Missing Children in Brazil
Journalists never mentions the absurd number of children that simply “disappear” in Brazil. They mentioning 50.000 deaths each year (which in fact can be even more), but never mentions the almost equal number of children “disappeared” each year: 40.000 “disappearances” as an ex. Why? Because we know these children’s destiny: Is as human sacrifices for pagan and satanic cults like those kept in secrecy by the Cabalists-Talmudists Preiests and the Freemasons for centuries. And the vast majority of this children “disappearances” happens at the capital’s area: Brasilia. Curious fact, indeed.
That’s why Brasilia is known as “the capital of the new spirituality” from the “new agers”. Well: in fact, there are none of the “new” in this kind of “spirituality” as the Catholic Church knew it and did not fight against sending these poor bastards as input for its own monstrous and revolting activities. That is why Brazilian Federal Police is now a secret political police. Not only to protect the Capitalist-Communists and their coreligionists, but guaranteeing that these magicians and breed of snakes can do what they want and no one will ever take any notice of the fate of these children and these satanic child murders.
I wonder who`s more monstrous, each Capitalist-Communist defender or their activist are worst, because a Capitalist-Communist activist can serve as a puppet by ignorance without noticing the facts behind the agenda. Or the journalist’s sin is worst because they know but keep quiet and let it happen?
At the end all there is to say is, Well done! Because with capitalism or communism, it is always the greed that creates the corruption. Brazil is not the land of milk and honey. No, it’s just as dirty as the rest of the Nations ‘ Illuminati get their hands on. Believe me!



(link to Illuminati revelations)

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