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New feature film Amerigeddon issues dire warning to Americans,and the World.


Director Mike Norris, son of Chuck Norris, issues call to action to protect America’s freedom

Gary Heavin | - MAY 10, 2016 125 Comments 

New Feature Film AMERIGEDDON Issues Dire Warning To Americans

Dallas, Texas (March 1, 2016) – AMERIGEDDON, coming to theaters nationwide May 13, 2016, has been described as “the movie the establishment doesn’t want you to see.”

Showing what happens when a not-so-future U.S. government conspires with the United Nations to stage an attack on the energy grid, AMERIGEDDON depicts a country ruled by martial law in which citizens are stripped of their constitutional rights and their guns.
A group of patriots fight back and rescue the country from slipping into irreversible chaos.

AMERIGEDDON’s release in an election year is not coincidental. The film illustrates a dystopian future all patriots must guard against and is a call to action to preserve the Second Amendment and stop executive rule by fiat. 

Director Mike Norris, son of Chuck Norris, asks for like-minded Americans to support the film. “The fact that a recent poll showed a majority of Americans are enraged with the federal government points to a frenzy of unrest with the dictatorial way in which our country has been run,” said Norris.
“My family has long been involved in protecting the rights of Americans. We are concerned about the future and and see this film as a call to action. We urge people to join us in theaters and show Hollywood and politicians that true patriots will fight for their rights and want to see their values represented on-screen.”

A collaboration between Norris and entrepreneur and writer Gary Heavin, AMERIGEDDON seizes on fact-based threats and asks the ultimate question, “What happens when government turns on the people it’s supposed to protect?”

Executive Producer Gary Heavin believes the film’s message warning is timely.
“We made a movie that is fun to watch but it is based in reality. In AMERIGEDDON, survivors of an EMP attack on the United States must live in a state of martial law led by the United Nations. American soldiers must decide whom they serve, second amendment rights are curtailed and food, water and survival become our primary concerns—unfortunately, these are all likely scenarios resulting from a very real threat,” said Heavin.

“I believe if we can entertain while we inform, more people will wake up; and if we hope to restore our freedom we must share the truth with as many people as possible.”
Co-written by Norris and Heavin, the film features Marshall Teague (THE ROCK), Annalynn McCord (“Dallas”, “90210”), Dina Meyer (“Starship Troopers”), Spencer Neville (“Days of Our Lives”), Mike Norris (“Walker, Texas Ranger”), Diane Ladd (JOY) and India Eisley (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager”).

About ForeWarned Films: Forewarned Films was created as a joint venture between Mike Norris and Gary Heavin as a platform to produce films and television programs to further narratives that protect patriotic values in a time of great social change that threatens the underpinnings of America.

AMERIGEDDON is the first of a series of planned films and television projects to help protect the country’s freedoms.




How do we interpret this film?

1. A threat from ´the global elite´ if Donald Trump is elected President.
2. They are trying to make people believe it´s just a film,a fantasy,when in fact it is real.
3. Although independently produced by Mike Norris,I hardly think it would have been allowed by the ´elite´ as they own and control Hollywood and all the film industry in the US.

The release,timed perfectly just a few months prior to the presidential election,must in my opinion,be interpreted as a warning to the electorate,if they make the ´wrong´choice.

Although very courageous and noble of Mike Norris wanting to protect patriotic values in a time of great social change that threatens the underpinnings of America, I don´t  think the protesting faction of the population have the resources or organization to fund and create such a controversial film at this time.

Illuminati have on several previous occasions left hidden signs well ahead of the happening, for example 9/11.  Although this time it is TOO obvious, if things are held too close to your eyes,you will not see it!!


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