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Is the Pope betraying Christianity?

Is the Pope betraying Christianity?

The Pope says that ISIS’ conquest of the Middle East is just like Jesus sending out his disciples.

I must have missed that bible chapter where Jesus’ disciples behead people, force them into sex slavery and make them pay a tax on pain of death if they refuse to convert.

When will the Pope actually behave like a Christian by defending Christianity instead of constantly undermining it?

The Pope´s speach :>


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Very strange behavior of the Pope lately.  He also have close connections with Peter Sutherland  (also called The Devil´s Advocate) and have made him a special envoy of the Vatican to oversee the waves of immigrants/refugees flooding into Europe. Peter Sutherland was also appointed by United Nations for the same role.

They are both in favor of creating a future mixed race of humans with no adherence to their country and without democracy. The result will be a slave like race with a mix of Arab and African genes which will suit the global elite´s plan for their New World Order which will have ONE religion only,and the Koran will replace all other faiths,

There has also been rumors that the Pope is planning to go into early retirement this year.

To be announced during his visit to Argentine at their Centenary celebration.

Sounds crazy,yes,but we shall have to keep this under consideration and keep our eyes open.

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