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Pawns In The Game - Illuminati and NWO - ebook by Admiral Willian Guy Carr

Ted Gunderson FBI Whistleblower Killed By The Illuminati

Here is a TRUE story of international intrigue,corruption, graft, and political assassinations, the like of which has never been written before. It is the story of Illuminati and how different groups or atheistic- materialistic men have played in an international chess tournament to decide which group would win ultimate control of the wealth, natural resources, and man- power of the entire world. 

It is explained how the game has reached the final stage. The International Communists, and the International Capitalists, (both of whom have totalitarian ambitions) have temporarily joined hands to defeat Christian-democracy. The solution is to end the game the International Conspirators have been playing right now before one or another totalitarian-minded group imposes their ideas on the rest of mankind.  NWO.

The story is sensational and shocking, but it is educational because it is the TRUTH. The author offers practical solutions to problems so many people consider insoluble.

Ted Gunderson FBI Whistleblower Killed By The Illuminati

At the end of the money trail... the greedy banksters...the cause of it all through the ages!!



A real eye-opener and a very topical listing of the evil forces which commands most of the world today through Illuminati,Bilderberg and Masonic organizations as cover-ups.

You simply HAVE to read this book by Admiral Willian Guy Carr about the evil global elite which have been sucking the life-blood from humanity since the year 1752. You will notice their game-plan is always the same and you will clearly detect their fingerprints in the present day events. You will also view two videos,one from the author and the others from Ted Gunderson,a famous CIA chief who was assassinated by the Illuminati in 2014. Take the time to understand what is going on. Remember, OMISSION is also a sin.
The book is in eBook format, (link above) and I recommend using AIReader which can be downloaded from the Internet gratis.


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