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How Donald Trump Figures into the llluminati's 2016 Election Plans

How Donald Trump Figures into the llluminati's 2016 Election Plans

Every week since the Donald has filed, I've heard stronger and more incendiary comments against immigrants, war heroes, and women; yet predicted consequences continue to elude the controversial candidate. In fact, the opposite is happening. Mr. Trump continues to gain support. His poll numbers are rising faster than a souffle on steroids, and his popularity knows no bounds leaving me to ponder what all of this means. 

Initially, I thought that Hillary Clinton would capture the electorate. She's an established Illuminati candidate and a conspirator for both 9/11s (World Trade Center and Benghazi. Her campaign logo also indicates this connection with the arrow flying through the two vertical lines of the "H" which more closely resembles a plane flying into two towers than a letter. Given the imagery and her past, I figured she was an obvious favorite by the secret order. 

Then Trump entered, which came out of nowhere. And what makes this so perplexing is that he is a senior Illuminati member. He's one of the guys who pulls the strings from the shadows. Now, he's shaking up the political scene by offsetting the establishment candidates. What could the purpose of all this be? 

One theory is that he has run afoul of the secret order and is "going rogue" to show what he can do. This would explain his unusual campaign strategies and the media's relentless pursuit to assassinate his character. He's so familiar with standard political brainwash that he knows how to break through it and get a message across. Maybe, he had a falling out with the Bilderbergs or wanted to go with an alternate plan for introducing the NWO. Regardless of the reason, he could become a real spoiler if elected.

Another idea is that he is the Illuminati's main choice and is intended to usher in Armageddon. This would fit with his aggressive personality and jingoistic foreign policy. Instead of diplomacy, the Donald would negotiate with smart bombs and tactical nuclear missiles, exactly what's needed to end the old order and begin the new. Can you imagine Hillary dropping the nukes and ordering legions of tanks into endless war? I don't think so either. 

A third possibility is that Trump is merely a shadow for the order's "real" candidate, and given how much press he's getting, this is also a viable explanation. There Ire 17 Republican presidential hopefuls at the beginning, more than I've ever seen. One of them will become the nominee and maybe win the general election. Trump's bombastic campaign may be little more than a screen for someone like Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz to cement his allegiance with the Illuminati honchos. It certainly wasn't Jeb Bush who withered when insulted by Trump. 

As of now, I have a better idea as to what Donald Trump's true purpose is. Now that Super Tuesday has come and gone, I see the mainstream media is steadily heaping on the attacks. Just check out every single news outlet. They can't disparage the man enough. This is definitely a sign that he is not the Illuminati's pick. At first, the order thought it could use the Donald's maverick campaign to its advantage, but that has clearly changed. The Illuminati is now desperate to stop him and have aligned every last entity it has to do it whether it be Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, or the BBC. They have even called upon their old pawns Mitt Romney and John McCain. All of them agree on one thing, Stop Trump!

Just take a look at Marco Rubio's heartless rhetoric. He's little more than a talking head for the Illuminati. He has no record in the Senate and literally did nothing while he was the speaker of the Florida House. He's little more than empty promises veiled by a despicable Illuminati agenda. 

I feel the same way about Ted Cruz. The man definitely must have taken the oath of the Illuminati while he was at Princeton. To understand what he is all about, you need to look back at his tenure as a clerk in the Supreme Court. While there, he was far more calculating and analytical than he is on the campaign trail where he pretends to be religious in effort to con voters. 

Trump, on the other hand, has broken ranks with the Illuminati. In an effort to defeat him, the order has summoned all hands. It also makes sense that Jeb Bush was the Donald's first primary target. The Bush family has some of the strongest Illuminati's ties in the entire world. Trump was playing it smart to destroy Jeb's credibility on all fronts before a single vote could be cast. 

If elected, Trump will restore our country by ending the globalization of America which is mongrelizing our civilization and ruining what makes us great. 
I am proud to say that I stand with Trump!

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